Articles related to research interests

Assignment 4: Literature Review



You will use FSCJ libraries search option to find “peer-reviewed” academic journal articles related to your research interests. You will then review the literature, summarizing the research you found in your own words (using at least 8 peer-reviewed academic journal articles as sources and citing them in the text). After your review of the literature, within the last couple paragraphs of your paper, discuss gaps in the literature that your research question may be able to answer and comment on which theories or ideas in the literature might be useful for your research. Decide if you will keep the same variables you identified in Assignment 3 or make changes as necessary. State all 4 of your variables, your main research question, and hypotheses again at the end of the paper. Your literature review should be 4 pages, double-spaced. You should have an additional reference page citing all 8 articles (making the paper 5 pages total).

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