BCJ2201 Columbia Southern Unit VII Juvenile Justice Systems Paper BCJ 2201 Unit VII Assignment Instructions For this assignment, you will assume the role

BCJ2201 Columbia Southern Unit VII Juvenile Justice Systems Paper BCJ 2201 Unit VII Assignment


For this assignment, you will assume the role of a researcher for a nonprofit that examines international juvenile justice systems and/or youth violence. The nonprofit has asked that you complete a profile of two countries (use two of those discussed in this unit).

First, why do we study international juvenile justice and/or youth violence (at least one paragraph)?

Second, select two countries that were discussed in this unit for comparison. Provide the following information in your discussion:

Include the name of the country and an overview of it. You are encouraged to visit https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world… for this information (at least two paragraphs for each country).
Select a region by using the interactive map.
Then, select the specific country you will include in your discussion.
Include a summary of the juvenile justice or youth violence as identified in the lesson notes (at least one paragraph for each country).

Use the attached document template to complete this assignment. Click here to access the template. Complete one table for each country.

I have to comment on 2 of my classmates discussion board Unit VIII

1st one

The concepts of Juvenile Delinquency, taught me how some countries operate their juvenile justice system, slightly different from the United States, however, I believe the punishment of crimes are viewed different in some states. Some states are more severe on their punishment and other states are a little lenient with some major crimes. In my career I will be able to help or mentor juveniles learning some of the behaviors and how to implement therapy as well as referrals to drug and substance abuse treatments. It’s been a great course learning more than I thought was just limited restrictions on laws for juvenile delinquents. I really enoyed the course and learned so much, looking forward to applying all the knowledge for my future endeavors.

2nd one

This course has taught me a lot. I work in a jail and with juveniles as well. Many of the things we have learned in this course will help me with understanding why we have to do certain things certain ways with juveniles. It will make my job easier because I now know some of the ins and outs of the juvenile justice system.

BCJ 2501Uit VIII

I have to comment on 2 of my classmates discussion board and a comment from my professor

1st from my professor

Explain why parents and industries would not qualify as suitable controllers when we are such a free will country?

1nd classmate

Just my 2¢ on this but The internet is another medium by which we communicate with each other. I feel the current laws regulating speech/communication can be applied to the Internet. I was taught many years ago before the Internet when I reference a source I have to use a credible source. I can’t do a paper on nuclear fusion and use my mother and her canasta friends as my resources since they do not have any verifiable standing in the field.

The Internet is no different. We just became more gullible and feel a snazzy website means they must be legit. look how many people fall for the stories on THE ONION. Defamation and libel still apply to the Internet it is just harder to tell who on the internet is the nutjob with the sandwich board and who isn’t.

As for the government controls the international nature of the Internet is going to create a problem. We would have to get multiple nations to agree to legal standards and regulations. This would undermine certain countries whose finances are bolstered by payments from what we deem illicit activity.

2nd classmate

In my opinion the internet is already regulated. People in certain countries, cannot search the same things we can search in the United States. The internet, as far as I know, has parameters builtin to catch key words, like bomb, kill, and other trigger words. This is because of the past attacks on the United States and its allies, when it later found that internet communications had been used to plan the attack. As far as regulating it more, I feel it should be the parents job to regulate internet use for children, I mean I regulate what my daughter looks at online with supervision and password protected log ins. Other than that the government has enough regulating programs out there and what we, as adults, look at, given that it is not to cause problems for someone else, should not be anyone elses business.

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