BUS330 Ashford University Week 5 The Passy Foundation SWOT Analysis Finish the marketing plan you began in week 2 and wow your internship bosses! GUIDED R

BUS330 Ashford University Week 5 The Passy Foundation SWOT Analysis Finish the marketing plan you began in week 2 and wow your internship bosses!


Create an APA style formatted Word document that includes at least 3 references outside of the course text and contains paragraphs that cover the topics below.

The length of your marketing plan will vary based on your degree of succinctness. Most documents fall between 9-13 double spaced pages. For more details, including minimum lengths by topic, check out our sample McDonald’s marketing plan.

Note that you’ve already covered this first set of topics in your week 2 situational analysis. Feel free to revise your earlier work as needed.

A description of your selected company/brand
The core products/services they offer
A brief history
Key current competitors
A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, threats & opportunities) analysis
For each, identify and describe a minimum of 3 examples (12 in total).
A description of the product/service that you want to market & SWOT rationale

Now address the additional topics below to complete your marketing plan. Again, reference our example and the identified text chapters for additional context.

Segmentation approach and rationale
e.g., Demographic, geodemographic, behavioral, psychographic, etc.
Target market(s) description
Positioning statement
Marketing mix details
Address each “P” (product, place, price, promotion) of the marketing mix separately and explain your choices. This is the heart of your plan.
Success metrics
Discuss at least 3 metrics you might analyze to evaluate the success of your plan.
International considerations
Identify at least 3 business or sociocultural considerations in translating your marketing plan for use in a foreign market.
Summarize your plan and why it deserves to be funded.
References Five Guys Burgers and Fries Analysis
Vernell Burnett
BUS 330 Principles of Marketing
Instructor Tracy Foote
July 24, 2017
Fries Guys Marketing Brand
Five Guys have been voted best burger and fries in the U.S. Five Guys now have
over 1,500 restaurants around the world and still counting. There are over 250.000
thousand ways to order a burger (Burke, M. 2012).
Five Guys is fundamental in the 1980’s only selling burgers and fries. They started
adding more items to their menu like grill cheese, veggie sandwiches, and Hebrew
Hot Dogs. Their location has no drive-thru with their kitchen is open to the public
to watch while cooking is in the process (Burke, M. 2012).
Five Guys opened their first location in Arlington VA in 1986. The started off with
just Jerry the dad and his five son’s Jim, Matt, Chad, and Tyler. In 2001 they
finally perused the Murrell to invest their business with franchisees. The first
location open in the United Kingdom in 2012 afterward they open another in
Berkshire England. They rapidly expanded their operation across U.S. with Canada
by opening over 1000 location. Revenue over 12.3 million dollars with over 259
thousand plus employee and growing working to improve the operation. The main
office is in Arlington VA which overlooking the Occoquan and Potomac Rivers
they represent the corporate brand.
The brand was design without marketing to bring customers in by word of mouth
and employee uniforms that describes the company name (Vein, J. 2014, May 19).
The operation was design as a fine casual dine-in not a fast food restaurants. Five
design their establishment so that it would be separated from Smash Burger and In
and Out burgers, which have similar characters that are also known for their
burgers and fries.
SWOT Analysis: Strengths
Over 1500 hundred location in Canada, France, Ireland, Kuwait, Saudi
Arabas, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States
reaching an revenue of 244.4 million. Society has proven that the
establishment is something worth working for.
Five Guys peanuts are given out freely to all customer that eat in the
3. Focus on customer feedback with survey and 3rd party inspection auditor for
up keep of brand standard.
Give employee ownership and room for advancement with ongoing training.
1. Menu is limited to only a few item to choose from.
2. The oil Five Guys uses peanut oil which can cause an allergic allergy for the
3. Five Guys need add healthier sandwiches to their menu to increase more
traffic to the operation.
1. Five Guys need add more activities for children of all ages.
2. Using Uber drivers to deliver to the home.
3. Catering to business, after school function, and churches.
4. Investing in a different cooking oil instead of peanut oil.
1. Five Guys Burgers are not healthy for society.
2. Competition: Water burger, Smash burger, and In-N-Out
3. Society economy growth
4. Cross contamination of the cattle can become a problem with the beef.
Based on the SWOT analysis seems like the marking is the biggest
opportunity. All four analysis if carefully thought out can bring more revenue to
the bottom line and grow the business at the same time. Five Guys decided not to
market in society they rather spend that budget on their employees and
management team. Been able to sell a minimum of items on their menu can be a
benefit and a blockage with competitors that sales the same item to society this can
become a threat. Having a third party involve keep structure with the brand and
helps promote safety for society with protecting the brand. Given employee the
ownership and offer advancement is the way to show that it’s not all about the
revenue but what helps push more revenue. Opening more stores in U.S and out of
states help promote the brand and support more traffic from the society
(Management Insight, 2010).
Burke, M. (2012). Five Questions For Five Guys Burgers And Fries Founder And
Owner, Jerry Murrell. Forbes.Com,
Welch, L. (2010). JERRY MURRELL. Inc, 32(3), 76.
Reminick, Joan. 2008. “Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries.” Newsday, (Melville,
NY), March 05. Newspaper Source Plus, EBSCOhost (accessed July 24, 2017).
Management Insights. (2010). Management Science, 56(7), v-vii.
Zaltman, G., Olson, J., & Forr, J. (2015). Toward a New Marketing Science for
Managers. Cornell
Quarterly, 56(4),
Vein, J. (2014, May 19). An advanced marketing analytics cheat sheet for
CEOs (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Forbes. Retrieved from

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