BUS600 Ashford The Impact of Workplace Bullying Review the Wiedmer article regarding workplace bullying. Develop a two- to three-page APA- formatted paper

BUS600 Ashford The Impact of Workplace Bullying Review the Wiedmer article regarding workplace bullying.

Develop a two- to three-page APA- formatted paper that responds to the following:

Provide a review of the article. Describe the impact of workplace bullying on both the victims and the organization.
Reflect on a time when you may have witnessed workplace bullying. Discuss at least two practices of workplace bullying addressed in the article that were applicable to your scenario.
Recommend at least two techniques from the article that management should implement to provide a positive impact on workplace bullying. Support your response with additional information from the textbook or additional research.

Your paper must be two to three pages (not including title and reference pages) and must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide. You must cite two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment. Running Head: Workplace Bullying
The Impact of Workplace Bullying
BUS600: Management Communications with Technology Tools (MOA1548C)
The Impact of Workplace Bullying
Workplace bullying is an extremely unfortunate situation for anyone to endure. It can impact
the victim physically as well as mentally. Workplace bullying is usually done in a specific and
deliberate way. People who bully others do it on purpose. “Bullies seek to induce harm,
jeopardize one’s career and job, and destroy interpersonal relationships. The behaviors of bullies
harm people and ravage profits” (Wiedmer, 2011).
Workplace Bullying: Costly and Preventable by Terry Wiedmer talks about the different
types of workplace bullying and the steps that can be taken to prevent them. This article explains
some of the characteristics of bullies in the workplace. “Workplace bullying is a pervasive
practice by malicious individuals who seek power, control, domination, and subjugation. In
businesses or schools, such bullying is an inefficient way of working that is both costly and
preventable” (Wiedmer, 2011). It also comes up with different techniques that will help the
company combat bullying and prevent it from the work environment.
Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. They also come with different ranks into your
organization. Early in my career I was witness to workplace bullying although I did not know it
at the time. Unfortunately my manager was the one doing the bullying. He was always
extremely hard on this one salesperson. He would constantly bash him on the way he dressed,
spoke, and how he carried himself. This representative was straight out of college and was
trying his best to keep this position. “Bullies typically target individual(s) they perceive to pose
a threat. Skilled targets are often sabotaged by insecure bully bosses who take credit for the work
of the targets, who are thus not recognized or rewarded for their talents and contributions”
(Wiedmer, 2011).
The Impact of Workplace Bullying
This was a very tough situation because no one wanted to speak up because the manager was
the one doing the bullying. A lot of the co-workers believed he was doing this because he was
insecure about himself and saw that employee as a threat. “When faced with bullying from
supervisors, workers struggle to make sense of why it is occurring and, based on those
explanations, what might be done about it. Typically, targeted workers characterize bullying as
an ongoing, escalating experience they have great difficulty stopping or protecting against”
(McDermott, 2011).
The two techniques that I would use to combat this would be to address reported or suspected
bullying directly and Identify resources and solutions. Addressing the reported bullying would
have been tricky because the manager we reported to was the one doing the bullying. “A
tremendous disconnect often occurs between what employees and employers believe to be the
existence and degree of workplace bullying. To resolve this discrepancy, or at least narrow the
divide, employers must encourage and enable all members of the workforce to report possible
bullying incidents in a timely manner and, even more importantly, ensure an expeditious, fair,
and ethical review and evaluation of suspected bullying incidences.” (Wiedmer, 2011).
Identifying resources would have been a helpful technique as well because other than our
hiring manager we had no one else to go to. The manager knew this and used this to his
advantage. “Employers must establish and publicize systems to support employees and to
address bullying behaviors and interpersonal conflicts” (Wiedmer, 2011).
In conclusion workplace bullying is a disgusting problem that needs to be put to a stop.
People are going through unnecessary stress and are being hurt mentally, physically, and
financially. Workplace bullying is usually done by the people that feel most threatened by
The Impact of Workplace Bullying
someone in the workplace because they are insecure of themselves. “Elimination of workplace
bullying is the responsibility of all employees; however, senior management and executives are
ultimately responsible for creating and sustaining bully free workplaces” (Wiedmer, 2011).
The Impact of Workplace Bullying
Wiedmer, T. L. (2011). Workplace bullying: Costly and preventable. Delta Kappa Gamma
Bulletin, 77(2), 35-41. Retrieved from
Lutgen-Sandvik, P., & McDermott, V. (2011). Making Sense of Supervisory Bullying: Perceived
Powerlessness, Empowered Possibilities. Southern Communication Journal, 76(4), 342-368.
Required Resources
Baack, D. (2012). Management communication
12.2) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from https://ashford.content.edu
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Chapter 8
Ar cle
Wiedmer, T. L. (2010). Workplace bullying: Costly and preventable. Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin,
77(2), 35-41. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.
This article will assist you in The Impact of Workplace Bullying assignment this week.
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Real Arts Media (Writer &Producer). (2011). Managing conflict resolution
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Retrieved from https://secure.films.com/OnDemandEmbed.aspx?
This video presents strategies for managing conflict resolution at work. It may assist you
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