Childhood Physical And Cognitive Development

Middle Childhood Physical & Cognitive Development


For each question discuss and explain using 5-7 examples.


1. What activities have you and your child engaged in together

that could promote health and an interest in physical activity?


2. What are you doing to help your child or what would you do to

help a child?






Read this  article and view the videos, then answer the following questions:


What was your initial reaction to these videos? Have you ever attended a Black Friday event? What are some of the reasons you believe people behave while shopping or at a sale event? Are we being manipulated? If so, by whom and how is it being done?

Post initial response of 150-200 words




· Define reframing

· Identify 3 common steps that can be used in managing conflict

· Share with your peers a professional encounter where you had to identify a problem and work through it to find a resolution. What steps did you take? Did you utilize the tool of supervision to assist in the resolution of the problem? If so, how? What was the final outcome?





Click  HERE to view a slide show on social class from a study by the New York Times (close the archived page notification to advance to next side, 4 in total).

write at least 400-600 words on the following:


With the New York Times slides in mind, and what you think you know; think about how social class might impact the life of someone with whom you are working in a hospital, school, or other setting. What should you consider in order to be most effective in helping that person or family?

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