Columbia Southern Marketing of School Activities Executive Summary Proposal Create and submit a word document for the executive summary and introduction se

Columbia Southern Marketing of School Activities Executive Summary Proposal Create and submit a word document for the executive summary and introduction sections of your paper. Executive Summary: Summarize a longer report or proposal, in such a way that readers can rapidly become acquainted with a large body of material without having to read it all. It will usually contain a brief statement of the problem or proposal covered in the major document(s), background information, concise analysis and main conclusions. It is intended as an aid to decision making and it is more persuasive than an introduction. Separate the Executive Summary and Introduction using a page break in the document. Introduction: What is the chief reason you are writing the paper? State also how you plan to approach your topic. Is this a factual report, a book review, a comparison, or an analysis of a problem? Explain briefly the major points you plan to cover in your paper and why readers should be interested in your topic. Running Head: SPORT MARKETING
Sport Marketing
Alvin Hayes
Dr. Monica Sainz
Columbia Southern University
Mission Statement
This marketing plan will be centered on gaining exposure for the T.R. Miller High School
Baseball Program within the secondary school community, in T.R. Miller High School, and
among the alumni members at the organization. The lack of awareness that a high school
baseball team exists within the community in Brewton is the essential issue, and this marketing
plan will address it utilizing various strategies of marketing.
Organizational Objectives
The particular objectives of this marketing plan include increasing the attendance at home
baseball games because of more awareness in and around the community. Incentives will be set
up that will urge the understudies to go to every single home baseball game. The financial
resources that are available to the team will be more because of an enhanced relationship and
rapport with baseball alums, both old and new. These financial resources will be used to better
the image of the baseball program both in the target market’s mind, and the physical picture of
what is seen on the baseball field. Affiliated products will likewise be produced at low costs
from a community vendor and sold on the team’s website, on campus, and at the baseball games.
This will spread awareness for the program by making the team more visible around the
community. This marketing plan will use the team’s webpage as a promotional device keeping in
mind the end goal to maintain a secure connection to the alumni, fan base, and furthermore to
empower understudies from T.R. Miller High School to join the program. Increased interest in
the sport will enhance the school’s image on the field, and furthermore, give the institution a
more significant platform to pull in more fans (Shank & Lyberger, 2014).
Marketing Goals
The aim of this program is to increase the level of awareness around the high school
community and in campuses throughout the state about the T.R. Miller High School Baseball
program. The program hopes to be able to attract a local attendance of at least 500 community
members and also attract more interest from students at the high school. By doing so, the
school’s baseball program will be able to secure the much needed financial boost in order to buy
new kits and equipment for the baseball team. The program aims to attain a sponsorship of
$50,000 so as to achieve the above. The goal can be accomplished through having local fundraising drives by hosting Alumni Baseball games and barbecues. The school’s baseball program
should give itself 10 months to achieve these set targets so as to give the team ample time to
prepare for the next season. This target should be broken down to sub-goals of raising $5,000 per
month towards this effect.
SWOT Analysis
The program’s strengths include having passionate team members who will work hard to
spread the word. Another critical strength of the facility is that all local games will be played on
campus grounds, thus increasing the probability of having a capacity home crowd to cheer the
team on. The team also boasts of a local coaching staff that gives the program a sense of
continuity and helps build a culture that supports team success. However, the team’s weaknesses
revolve around the fact that the program is synonymous with the local community. In addition to
this, there is very little awareness about the baseball team inside the high school campus.
However, private surveys of community locals have revealed that building awareness would
increase local support for the baseball program. Also, the school has a passionate group of T.R.
Miller Baseball alumni, and these could serve as exploitable opportunities for the program. A
lack of financial support and continued unawareness among the community locals are the two
major threats that the baseball program faces.
7 Best Marketing Strategies. (2018). Retrieved from
Shank, M. D., & Lyberger, M. R. (2014). Sports marketing: A strategic perspective. Routledge.
Sports Marketing Research Proposal
Alvin Hayes
Dr. Monica Sainz
Columbia Southern University
Problem Statement
Though the school recognizes and facilitates several sports, lack of awareness that the baseball
team exists within the school community and the Brewton community is the major problem. Unlike
most other sports team including the football team, the baseball team is one of the few teams that
has not yet been recognized by the school community. As a result, most talents go untapped. Lack
of recognition and support from the school administration results to the team losing a lot of
opportunities to participate in any tournament outside the school boundaries which may give it
national or global recognition. This paper aims at addressing and utilizing various marketing
strategies that will make the team gain exposure both in the school community and in the global
market. By the end of the research, the baseball will be able to take advantage of every available
Research Objectives
Baseball team exposure: the term exposure is used to mean giving the team an opportunity to
attend and participate in home baseball games. Exposing the team will help to improve its
awareness in the community. Incentives will be set up by urging every baseball team member to
participate in every baseball game.
Increasing funding sources: lack of capital is also a major issue facing the baseball team due to
lack of recognition by the school administration. When the school recognizes baseball games with
its other games, it will be able to support the team financially hence enabling it to meet and relate
with other teams from which the team will gain more financial sources based on its image in the
Reduce the costs of baseball sports products: Having created a good picture in the community
can make most vendors sell their sports products to the team at a throwaway price as a way of
excelling with the team. As a result, the team will be able to purchase most products at a cheaper
cost via the vendors or the school website.
Promote the school website: Promote the school website: The research will enable the baseball
team to create a good picture in the community. This will in return increase the school website
traffic as most people will be visiting it to search for information about the team. Traffic will also
be increased by the visitors who will be purchasing sports products through it. Having gained the
website a lot of traffic, both the school and the team will enjoy the fruits of gaining global
recognition and also motivate other students to discover their talents (Shank & Lyberger, 2014).
The research will be carried out through scientific design method. The selected research team will
be expected to read and understand the problem statement before kicking off the research activities.
Understanding the problem under research will ensure every member is working towards the same
goal. Having learned and understood the research problem, the team will then formulate some
hypothesis which will couple with the primary objectives of the research. After formulating all the
necessary hypotheses, the team will then move on to collecting all the necessary data. These data
will then be analyzed and interpreted to come up with the right decision that will provide the
solution. (Baton & Phil, 2012).
Data Collection Instrument
Observation: observation as an instrument of data collection will involve the researcher or a
member of the administration visiting the baseball team during its training to capture some
important information. This method will be used to collect important information including the
number of team members, the resources available, and the level of skills of each team member.
Interview: in addition to direct observation, this method helps in gathering information from the
team or the school by picking some members randomly and seek information about the baseball
game from them. This method will help in capturing important information from the members’
Survey: a survey will be conducted on the school website to ensure it accessible to all members
of the school. This will enable the researcher and school administration receives important
feedbacks from as many members as possible to help in making a mastermind decision.
All the above instruments for data collection are both effective and cost friendly. They require very
little or no cost to collect data through them.
Baton, R., & Phil, P. (2012). Research designs in sports physical therapy. International journal of sports
physical therapy, 482.
Shank, M. D., & Lyberger, M. R. (2014). Sports marketing: A strategic perspective. Routledge.
Market Selection
Alvin Hayes
Columbia Southern University
Monica Sainz
Market Selection
Business decisions are important for the improvement of the performance of the
business and this means the focus on the tactics that guide the growth of the business. With
the marketing mix, there is an assessment of the customers that the company targets and the
assessment of the market to suit the needs of the consumers. In the creation of a marketing
mix, there is need to focus on the target market and this involves the description of the
audience and outlining of their profile. The analysis of the consumers and the criteria for
qualifying the consumer’s assists in the identification of their income levels and other
demographics important in the assessment of the location and the size of the market. The
qualifying criteria are important, as there is focus on the goals and the objectives of the
organization and the results that assist in the management of the growth of the company
(Weinstein, 2014). The assessment of the budget of the company helps in choosing the right
marketing mix as this assist in making the decision that focuses on the achievement of the
success of the business.
The measurable marketing needs to enhance the generation of sales and this creates
the need to focus on the realistic operations of the business. The generation of the marketing
strategies is important as it helps to focus on the sustainability of the measures of the
marketing decisions and this helps in increasing the tactics in the marketing strategies and the
determination of the marketing mix that increases the profitability of the business (Husen,
2017). It is important to focus on the specifications of the target market as this creates the
confidence that is needed for the various occasions and the opportunities that enhance the
identification of the needs of the consumers.
The specific techniques to use in marketing are observed from the different
information that the consumers require and this enhances the variation of the options in
reaching out to the target market. The target market is chosen through the enhancing of mix
and the different platforms that enable the loyalty of the consumers in the market. The
observation of the tactics and the strategy to use in the positioning of the products is through
the identification of the characteristics of the market. There is focus on the realities that help
in the creation of the content that drives the marketing efforts (Husen, 2017). The need to
enhance the attraction of the consumers is guided by the different details that enable the
specification of different goals. The need for the optimization of the strategy in marketing is
enabled by the alignment of the customers to the company strategy as this creates the
platform that reaches to the target customer.
Testing the results if the target market is important in the assessment of the adaptive
measures. There is focus on the measures that improve gaining of important data and this
improves the success of the strategies of the company. The focus on the performance
platforms is important as there is an assessment of the campaigns that improve the change in
the organization and the eliminations of the variations that might affect reaching out to the
target market (Husen, 2017). The observation of the budgetary claims of the business
enhances the performance of the organization, as there is an allocation of the budget in
segmentation and positioning of the product.
Husen, S. (2017). The Mediating Role of Product Positioning Quality and Product
Attractiveness Advantage. International Journal of Business & Management Science,
7(1), 1-10.
Weinstein, A. (2014). Target market selection in B2B technology markets. Journal of
Marketing Analytics, 2(1), 59. doi:10.1057/jma.2014.6

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