Columbia Southern University Volunteering Knowledge Presentation Volunteers must be educated about their roles and responsibilities as members  of the fund

Columbia Southern University Volunteering Knowledge Presentation Volunteers must be educated about their roles and responsibilities as members  of the fundraising team for your campaign/event. Create a professional    PowerPoint presentation that will provide volunteers with relevant information    about the organization and will define volunteers’ roles. 
You are expected to use bullets, images, and the slide notes feature (to    elaborate on the information that is present on each slide). Your presentation    should be at least seven slides in length, not counting the title slide and  the   reference slide.
Include the following in your presentation:

Slide 1: The title slide will include the presentation’s title, your name,             and the university name.
Slide 2: Include the organization’s mission statement. 
Slide 3: Outline and define the positions that volunteers can fill leading             up to, during, and/or following the fundraiser.
Slide 4: Outline the time commitment that will be needed (e.g., hours,             days, weeks, months, schedule).
Slide 5: Explain how volunteers can benefit from the fundraising effort.                   
Slide 6: Identify the purpose of the fundraiser (e.g., priorities, cause,             beneficiaries).
Slide 7: List all references in APA style.

Be sure to consider the following as you create your presentation:

Your presentation should show originality and inventiveness, and the             content and ideas should be presented in a unique and interesting way,             demonstrating thorough analysis and development of the topic.
The organization of the presentation should result in clarity and present             logically arranged points to support the proposed solution. Related     ideas         should be well-grouped, and transitions between ideas should     flow         smoothly.
All graphics and texts should be appropriate and attractive and support             the theme and content of the presentation. Background use should be             consistent, appropriate to topic, and not distracting.
Your writing should be clear and concise with excellent use of grammar,             spelling, and punctuation.
You should use APA format for all of your work.

A title page and reference page should be present.

Opinions can be included; however, first person should not be             used Running head: SPORTS FUNDRAISING PLAN: SECTIONS ONE AND TWO
Sports Fundraising Plan: Sections One and Two
Section One
Beneficiaries of the Campaign
The Together Project campaign will not only benefit the baseball team but also the
Brewton Baseball organization, the sponsoring organization, and the society at large. The
baseball team will benefit in the fact that the campaign will promote their individuals’ sports
talents and skills upon the implementation of the project’s objectives.
Additionally, Brewton Baseball organization will benefit from the campaign by
promoting its brand. The Brewton Baseball organization will increase its popularity due to the
level at which the baseball team will attain. The reputation of the organization will enable it to
win more rewards that will assist the organization to accommodate more players, hence
promoting the talents of young people.
Moreover, the sponsoring organization will benefit by increasing the popularity of its
brand. The logo that will be put on the players’ jerseys, jackets, team apparel, and bags will be
advertising the brand of the company. As the baseball team plays in different regions and
countries, the name of the sponsoring organization will be spread all over.
The Proceeds
Since the Together Project campaign is aiming at raising funds for promoting the baseball
team, the proceeds will only be used in the Brewton Baseball program. The primary purpose of
the project is to raise the money to purchase the baseball team equipment, uniforms, and a
clubhouse. After achieving this purpose, the program will also hire a more experienced coach to
train the team.
The sports fundraising event will be held at Brewton Country Club on 19th and 20th July
2019. The Brewton Country Club is large enough to accommodate a large number of participants
since it is more spacious. In addition, several sports events take place in this club, and therefore
people are aware of its location.
Section Two
Importance of the Fundraising Campaign
The Brewton Baseball organization decided to develop the Brewton Baseball Program
after realizing that several young people are wasting their talents and skills. Several boys
between the age of 14 years and 18 years have been murdered due to the robbery in different
communities. Furthermore, according to statistics conducted in our community, at least six girls
in every 100 girls engage themselves in prostitution due to their idleness. The Brewton Baseball
organization has considered those challenges to gather boys and girls between the age of 14 and
18 years to eliminate their idleness as well as promote their talents through baseball sports
(Leonard, 2012). However, the organization is not capable of supporting the players on their own
and therefore has decided to conduct a fundraising campaign to promote talents and eliminate
idleness from the community.
Promote Talents
Through the fundraising campaign, the talents of young boys and girls will be promoted.
Based on the study that the Brewton Baseball organization conducted, it has realized that the
campaign will produce at least three international plays from the baseball team. According to the
information obtained from previously developed baseball programs, three players in every eighty
members become international players.
Eliminate Idleness
Through the help of the funds that will be raised from the campaign, several young
people will be acquired in the Brewton Baseball team. This will reduce the idleness observed in
the community among young people. In this case, robbery among young boys will be reduced,
hence saving their life. More than 50 boys are killed every year in theft. Moreover, the
prostitution among girls in the community will be reduced, since they will be absorbed into the
baseball team. Therefore, fundraising is necessary to help young people in the community since
the Brewton Baseball organization alone cannot manage to support the players.
Leonard, R. (2012). Fundraising for sport and athletics. Morgantown, WV: Fitness Information
The Together Project
Alvin Hayes
Columbia Southern University
The Brewton Baseball Program would like to offer you and your organization the chance
to become associated with The Together Project. Our endeavors are aimed at raising funds for all
new baseball team equipment, uniforms, and a clubhouse which is located off the home dugout.
The event will take place at the Brewton Country Club from July 19th to 20th, 2019. A
sponsorship with your organization would give your company and our baseball program great
Our club presently has a young girls’ and boys’ program for those between the age of 14
and 18 with 89 active members. The Brewton Baseball Program at present has 60 site visits on
its website every month and has a social media audience of about 200 people. We are
energetically dedicated to helping young female and male athletes from the age of 14 to 18
accomplish their dreams of becoming professional baseball players.
Some of our main objectives at the club include teaching the kids how to overcome
adversity, training them on the concept of teamwork, and embracing the responsibility to
themselves and the team. The volunteers and coaches endeavor to encourage appropriate skills
and fundamentals empowering the young kids to take their abilities to greater heights and
potentially secure school scholarships.
Our main source of revenue is player fees which are paid by proceeds from fundraisers,
families, and grants from businesses and generous individuals. Since these funds do not take care
of the majority of the working costs, the team must raise extra funds to pay for gear, field rentals,
training, umpire expenses, travel, team insurance, and also competition charges. This is the
primary motivation behind why we chose to carry out this campaign.
By collaborating with Brewton’s Baseball Program, we will furnish your association with
the opportunity to increase brand awareness by having your organization’s logo on our jerseys
which will lead to more awareness about your company within the community and also bolster
your corporate social responsibility (Fullerton, 2010).
Our sponsorship packages are as follows:

Platinum: $10000 = logos on bags, jackets, jerseys, and team apparel

Gold: $5000 = direct link to your company’s website from our website

Silver: $2,500 = free advertising on our social media platforms
In order to keep on making this rewarding experience a dream come true for the youth in
our community, we are directly reaching out to businesses in the area, families and friends, and
also offering you the chance to support us by turning becoming a sponsor for the Brewton
Baseball team. Team sponsorships benefit the team directly, while corporate sponsorship will be
of benefit to the country club in its entirety.
The Together Project aims to utilize baseball as a platform for engaging the youth in our
community. Kindly contact any Brewton Baseball coach directly should you have more inquiries
about our program, or send an email to Our young men and
women, their families and mentors thank you in advance for your support, and we look forward
to seeing you out at our games.
Fullerton, S. (2010). Sports marketing. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

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