Employee Rights Violation Description (and Step by Step) this paper should be a fully-developed 1,000 – 1,200-word Rogerian Argument. This essay draft shou

Employee Rights Violation Description (and Step by Step) this paper should be a fully-developed 1,000 – 1,200-word Rogerian Argument. This essay draft should include the following steps: An introduction that clearly identifies both stakeholders, the controversial issue, and thesis that presents the point of contention between the stakeholders and explains a proposed compromise Fair representation of the major stakeholders’ points and evidence that demonstrate your understanding of the value and circumstance of each position (empathy) A discussion of what the two stakeholders have in common (common ground) A single, feasible, and objective resolution that would benefit both stakeholders and potentially work to resolve the issue A defense of why the resolution is workable for both stakeholders and in which contexts the compromise will work and satisfy each stakeholder A conclusion that highlights the main points and considers forward-thinking ideas for research/action A Works Cited pageAt least five sources are required for this Intermediate Draft. Your five sources should include one primary source for each of the two stakeholders (such as information from their websites), at least one credible/scholarly source for each of the two stakeholders (such as scholarly articles that support their arguments or stances), and at least one credible, scholarly source that supports the validity of your proposed compromise. Your instructor will outline the preferred format guidelines for your essay. Helpful HintsThe compromise portion of this Part 2 is often the most difficult. To arrive at a strong compromise or solution, consider the stated goals and concerns of both stakeholders, the current or past solutions they have attempted, and the feasibility of your solution’s implementation. Strong compromises will be concrete and consider both stakeholder’s main goals and concerns. In other words, a single, empathetic solution will be presented that is realistic for both parties. 1. List at least ten stakeholder groups that have a voice or viewpoint on your topic.
USA government, China government, Apple’s suppliers (Foxconn), Apple, China Labour
Bulletin, War on Want, China labor watch, International Labour Organization, Facing Finance
and American Federation of Government Employees
2. Choose four specific stakeholder organizations and write their slogans or mission statements.
You can find slogans or mission statements on the organization’s website. Be sure to cite
your sources.
Apple: Apple is the main stakeholder of the case because it is the produced company and it is the
group which contracting with other companies to produce supply for the production and it try to
provide perfect products in all details.
Apple’s supplier (Foxconn): It is one of Apple suppliers in China. It contributes to help Apple in
the production in China by finding a lot of workers and provide some parts of Apple devices.
Also, it is responsible about its workers as well as Apple itself.
USA government: it is the biggest authority in the USA and it makes laws for every company to
reach the standard requires in the USA or abroad. This includes the things which are related to
workers’ situation and their needs.
China government: The china government is responsible about everything happens in its land.
This includes the situations of its nation inside the factories which are owned by foreign
companies and respecting the workers’ rights and respecting the Chinese regulations.
3. Analyze two stakeholder organizations that seem to have conflicting viewpoints on your
topic. What are their viewpoints, and how are they different?
The two main stakeholders are the Chinese government and Apple because we hear conflict
between their statement. Apple confirm that their factories in China respect workers’ rights.
However, that official authorities in the government says there are violations against
workers’ rights in Apple factories.
4. Stay with your two stakeholder organizations from question 3. What do they have in
common? Describe the goals or values that the organizations share.
Both Apple and the Chinese government seek to arrive to good solutions for the conflicts
which are related to work condition. Apple want to improve the workers condition by
increasing wages, proving safe factories and good accommodations. These are what the
Chinse government want for its citizens.
5. Given the shared goals and values that your two organizations share, describe a part of your
topic that they could both agree on—that’s your common ground.
Apple and Chinese government they are both looking for their benefits regarding for their
common cooperation. Apple want to keep its popularity well and this should happen when is
has a good reputation for the world. For this, it should reply on accusations regarding to
workers’ condition. This also what the Chinese government want from Apple to its nation.
6. Explain how your two stakeholder organizations could achieve a compromise. What would
each stakeholder organization have to contribute to reach this compromise? What would each
stakeholder organization have to give up?
The Chinese government put standard rules for all companies either are from China or
abroad. On the other hand, Apple is a rich company which could apply these barriers and it
must be stricter with the Chinese suppliers to manage everything well. Then, China should
announce reports confirm the condition of workers in Apples’ factories against the fake news
about Apple.
7. What needs to happen to accomplish your compromise? Prove that your compromise will
actually work using research, such as articles that support your logic, that report on a similar
situation in which your idea has previously been successful, or that prove the viability of
your compromise.
For this case, by my reading, there is a big improvement in the situation of workers of Apple
was approved by reports from china in term of wages and accidents in factories. Of course,
applying the standard regulations will help to arrive a fair compromise for this problem.
Thesis statement
In the time that a lot of accusations directed to Apple regarding to workers’ condition,
Apple is working seriously with the responsible parties to provide a perfect ground for its
workers in China.
In the last years, a lot of accidents happened in the factories of Apple in China caused to
deaths and injured people. In the same time, news pointed out that the workers of Apple inside
the Chinese factories live difficult situation and they don’t receive their entire right. For example,
they work for a long time with low wages. In addition, they live in bad accommodations which
don’t apply their basic needs. All of these conflict with the Chinese regulations for work. In
addition, these news harm Apple and its reputation as a perfect and rich company which is
provide incredible products in term of quality for customers around the world. Therefore, this
news was a shock for Apple customers which could threaten the popularity of Apple. From here,
Apple was eager to work with the Chinese government to arrive to a compromise which let
Apple reaches the standard rules of Chinese government and avoid it the criticisms which could
hurt its reputations. China is an important market for Apple which cannot lose it anyway. China
is the biggest foreign country to produce Apple products. Furthermore, China is the biggest
market for Apple to sell its products. Apple alliance with China was a great step for Apple to
reduce production cost and get the love of the Chinese people. However, Apple should follow
the regulations and respect the all.

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