EN361 Grantham University Week 6 TopShelf Mobile Business Paper Looking at Design Search the web for a business’ or organization’s website that you find ef

EN361 Grantham University Week 6 TopShelf Mobile Business Paper Looking at Design Search the web for a business’ or organization’s website that you find effective (it would be even better if you can find a website of a potential competitor to your portfolio project subject). Share the link to this website, and answer the following questions: What are some particular things about this website that you admire? What could have been done better or more concisely? Could any of the information you see be better represented visually? Are there areas in the website that could be enhanced by adding a chart or table? Discuss the aesthetic properties of the website in terms of white space, font style and color, layout, ease of navigation, etc.Please respond to the initial question by day 5 and be sure to post two additional times to peers and/or instructor by day 7. The initial post by day 5 should be a minimum of 150 words. If you use any source outside of your own thoughts, you should reference that source. Include solid grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling. Grading Criteria Maximum Points In your initial post, clearly present well-reasoned ideas and concepts. 25 Post to at least two additional students or the instructor reflecting on the other participants’ postings. You should actively participate in the discussion. (5 points per response) 10 Total 35 I will attache portfolio in case it helps Running head: PORTFOLIO PROJECT PROPOSAL
Rockville Inpatient Hospital has been mainly established to ensure that the healthcare needs of
the community members of South Birmingham are met. In the following sales project proposal,
we’ll discuss our approach to providing products and services in a more effective and efficient
manner. Efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of the products and services are targeted for
audiences such as drug addicts and the poor neighborhood in the community of South
Birmingham Alabama.
Current Situation
Currently, the Hospital has established a sales training program which is meant to ensure
that the staff in the Hospital are experts in the sales department in terms of selling and other
aspects. This is essential to ensure that the products and services offered by the hospital are
efficient and effective. This can only be achieved by addressing the issues in the sales
department through training as they are the person offering the services and products.
The main objective of the Rockville Inpatient Hospital is to offer quality products and
services to about 4,000 inpatient community members of Birmingham Alabama. Their objective
is directed towards services such as chemotherapy, chronic illness treatment, dental and optical
services as well as renal dialysis. Their objective can only be successful if the products and
services are offered in the most effective and efficient manner. The hospital will also be offering
medical camps to the poor community members as well as mental health, genetic counseling and
family support services. Therefore, improving product and service efficiency is necessary.
According to our research and experience, in order to provide efficient and effective
services and products to our patients, there are several strategies to be implemented by the
hospital. First, the hospital should involve their human resource department in the
implementation of changes which will result in better product and service provision in terms of
efficiency and effectiveness. The human resource could ensure that highly qualified personnel
are recruited to offer quality services and for the current employees a training program will
achieve efficient and effective product and service provision (Levine, 2014). Also, the Rockville
Inpatient Hospital may consider their customers who are mainly the patients by providing
questionnaires based on how they perceive the current service and product provision. The
feedback obtained from this research will help in making the appropriate changes in product and
service delivery to the patients. Also, the organization may make use of technology such as
computers to improve the efficiency of their products and services.
Benefits and Costs
The benefits of improving efficiency and effectiveness in product and service provision
for Rockville Inpatient Hospital is that it will increase customer satisfaction. This is essential in
ensuring a continuance of the organization since if customers are satisfied sales will increase
hence increase the revenue for the hospital. Also, quality products and services will attract more
customers. Effective and efficient product and services will create a positive reputation and
image for Hospital thus attract investment form the government and non-profit organizations
(Gruen, 2016). The costs associated with this proposal of providing highly efficient and effective
products and services will include $1,000 for training per employee. Also, the costs of installing
advanced technology such as computers in the Hospital will estimate to
Rockville Inpatient Hospital has been running hence improving their product and service
providers will be beneficial not only for the organization but also for their clients who are the
patients. Efficient and effective provision of service and products improve social welfare for the
community members of South Birmingham Alabama. Also, the portfolio project proposal is
essential to help in the actual implementation of the change towards improving the efficiency and
effectiveness of product and service provision.
Levine, H. A. (2014). Project portfolio management: a practical guide to selecting projects,
managing portfolios, and maximizing benefits. John Wiley & Sons.
Augusto Cauchick Miguel, P. (2017). Portfolio management and new product development
implementation: A case study in a manufacturing firm. International Journal of Quality &
Reliability Management, 25(1), 10-23.
Gruen, T. W. (2016). Relationship marketing: the route to marketing efficiency and
effectiveness. Business Horizons, 40(6), 32-38.

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