EN361 Grantham W3 Healthcare Services Instructions of Use Assignment W3 Discussion “Writing Instructions” Writing Instructions Chose a specific product or

EN361 Grantham W3 Healthcare Services Instructions of Use Assignment W3 Discussion “Writing Instructions” Writing Instructions Chose a specific product or service your mock business or organization provides. Write a short description of the product or service including a brief description of the targeted user. Next, create a set of written instructions for how to use the product or service (5-7 steps). You can find an example in our textbook, but your instructions do not need to be so detailed. The initial post by day 5 should be a minimum of 150 words. Grading Criteria Maximum Points In your initial post, clearly present well-reasoned ideas and concepts. 25 Post to at least two additional students or the instructor reflecting on the other participants’ postings. You should actively participate in the discussion. (5 points per response) 10 Total 35 I will have files of prior work to assist with this, thank you Running head: LETTER OF INTRODUCTION
Letter of Introduction
Institution Affiliation
Nadiah Simons-CEO Rockville Inpatient Hospital
1600 Third Avenue
South Birmingham, AL 35206
The Community Members
South Birmingham, AL
Dear Community Members,
Rockville Inpatient Hospital has been established in order to cater for the increased healthcare
needs for the community members in South Birmingham, Alabama. Our objective is to offer
quality healthcare services to over 4000 patients in services such as renal dialysis, chemotherapy,
dental and optical services as well as specialized chronic illness treatment. The organization will
also be in a position to organize medical camps to all the poor neighborhoods. Health education
camps will also be offered regularly on matters concerning healthy eating, physical fitness and
how to take care of the seniors. Other crucial services that are important to the members of the
community are mental health, family support and genetic counseling will be offered.
The targeted user is any community member including children, men, and women, the elderly as
well as the disabled people. There will be specialized caregiving for the respective persons such
as pediatricians, gynecologists and andrologists, as well as the geriatric physicians. Other
targeted users who have been in need of great help are the drug addicts. Rockville Inpatient
Hospital has established a mini-rehabilitation center which will be advanced in due time. The
drugs addicts will be in a position to recover progressively with the help of the highly qualified
addiction specialists. Providing inclusivity caregiving is one of the foremost agenda of Rockville
Inpatient Hospital.
Due to the fact that there has been an outcry from the low-income families who have not been
able to cater for their medical expenses, the hospital has come up with a community benefits
plan. The poor families and even the middle-class requiring genuine medical aid will benefit
from this program which will contain a payment plan for health care services. This program has
acquired the support from the government and the non-profit organizations that advocate for
health care services to persons with financial difficulties. Therefore, every community member
should be encouraged not to shy away from getting services from the hospital.
Nadiah Simons
CEO Rockville Inpatient Hospital
Letter of Introduction to New Employees
Institution Affiliation
Nadiah Simons-CEO Rockville Inpatient Hospital
1600 Third Avenue
South Birmingham, AL 35206
The New Employees
Rockville Inpatient Hospital
1600 Third Avenue
South Birmingham, AL 35206
Dear New Employees,
The newly launched Rockville Inpatient Hospital in South Birmingham, Alabama, will be one of
its kinds due to the advanced services that we intend to offer to our customers. The hospital will
be offering services such as short-term and long-term hospitalization. This includes maternity
care, cancer treatment, as well as chronic illnesses treatment among others. The other services
that will be offered are general and specialty surgical services, x-ray/radiology, and
laboratory services. The hospital will also be offering ancillary services such as audiology,
kidney dialysis, occupational, speech and physical therapy, home health care, nutrition education
and a fitness education.
The targeted users are the primary group, that is the employees in every specialized department
and the secondary group, which is the administration staff managers and supervisors. The other
targeted users are the onlookers such as the senior consultants and the board of directors. Each of
the targeted users will be required to portray positive values and attitudes when offering the
appropriate services. The main objective of each group is to effectively enhance a strict
comprehension of the work dynamics, management practices, and employee satisfaction
respectively. This will lead to the provision of quality services which will enhance and protect
the hospital’s image.
The hospital’s management fully comprehends the importance of compensations and benefits for
each of the mentioned groups. Without the working support from each employee, then, it would
be difficult for Rockville Inpatient Hospital to achieve the set objectives. Therefore, the revenue
generated from the services provided will be used to cater for retirement benefits, medical care
plans, performance bonuses, paid holidays, sick-offs, and paid leave plans. There will also be
short-term and long-term disability benefits package, however; there will be a fixed annual
amount that the respective employees will be required to contribute. Also, in the medical care
benefits, there an annual figure that every employee will be required to contribute.
Nadiah Simons
CEO Rockville Inpatient Hospital
Initial post
The email would have communicated the message in an effectual means without losing
its indispensable particulars through analyzing the roles of sales agents and the landscape of
training that will be exploited. Through this there is the possibility that the message will be
conveyed in an effective manner. The email would be more effective through highlighting only
the essential information because the envisioned individuals will have clear understanding of the
tenacity of the email. Moreover, through highlighting only the vital information, there is the
panorama that the employees will comprehend the prominence of the program with ease.
Sale Agent Training Program
Every company aims to have an increased sales each year. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to have
a training on how to generate sales in the business. Lots of big and famous companies such as
Apple and Microsoft choose agents as form of their training in sales.
The team responsible for sales will team and enjoy this program. The course will run for 80
hours and will transform the employees in to expect through getting sales contracts. This
program is effective since it will train employees to be expects in process of selling, colleague
coaching and other aspects involving sales.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any questions. We will contact you every now and
Yours Sincerely

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