Essay Assignment Instructions

Essay Assignment Instructions





· Compose an essay in current APA format using a title page, in-text citations, and a reference page.

· Answer both questions in each essay with a minimum of 250 words for each question.

· Answer the academic questions using the concepts from the required course materials and reading assignments for this class.


· Biblical perspective questions require the use of the Bible and concepts from the course textbook. Use at least two appropriate scriptures and fully explain the use of the specific scripture. Do not list a scripture or add it to the essay without explaining its use.


· Write in a formal college-level essay style. For this assignment, you may use first person.

· Do not include the essay questions in your submission.

· Include at least one in-text citation per each of the essay questions. A minimum of one scholarly source (either our textbook or a required reading) and the Bible must be included on the reference page.


· Do not include direct textbook quotes. Instead, paraphrase information from the textbook or required readings (using in-text citations).


· Bible quotes are allowed and required.


Essay Prompts



Essay Assignment: Change (Module 5)


1. Assume you have a new position as a counselor. What are four things you can do to ensure that the treatment outcomes for your clients will generalize to settings outside your office?





2. Explain forgetting from a Biblical perspective. Is it possible? Why or why not? Use concepts from the textbook and at least two scriptures to support your answer.

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