Focus on clinical judgment

For this section of the discussion, we focus on clinical judgment and reporting in part 1.  Please see below for the instructions:

About clinical judgment and reporting:

a) Search for “Clinical psychology case writing

AND Personality disorders”

(note that if you want to you may substitute Autism or PTSD or Schizophrenia for “Personality Disorders”)

b) Tell us about a resulting article that has a full text result. You must discuss the article, not just the abstract. Read the actual article and briefly summarize it for us along with your thoughts about it.

Part 2

a) You know from reading the text that rapport is important in therapy. In reference to the relevance of the eye contact and body posturing of both the therapist and the client/patient, access the two sites below and choose something from each of them that you either were not especially aware of or that interests you and discuss it with us (in the case of the first site ways 2, 3, and 5 are relevant).

b) Check your choices out by either observing them or performing them with an acquaintance of yours and describe and discuss the results with us.

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