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Barbara Maclure

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Barbara Maclure

Ph.D. Health Sciences Personal Statement



Dear Sir/Madam:

I have loved working with people and having been actively engaged in working within a healthcare facility. Within healthcare facilities, I have worked with children as well as adults with various sicknesses. The goal of helping other people especially elderly individuals and children to regain their well-being or health has been my personal reasons for the past formal and informal education in bachelors’ degree in health science and master’s in public health. The Ph.D. in health science will provide me with the final tools needed to meet the challenges in healthcare while trying to help patients or clients meets their objectives in health. I will be able to face the challenges ahead and be a stronger advocate. This Ph.D. in health sciences will greatly assist me as I plan to work towards my goals. Find my personal statement below:

Education and Professional Goals

My objective is to ensure that I complete my Ph.D. in health sciences to ensure that I have the skills necessary towards ensuring that clients are provided with quality healthcare services in a clean and healthy environment with a reduction in healthcare-acquired infections. Currently, I am conducting research on water and the roles played by the communities towards ensuring that there are preservation and protection of freshwater resources. I have completed my bachelors in health science and masters in public health.


Following the completion of my bachelors in health science and masters in public health, I have been working within a community healthcare facility. My role in this facility is to ensure that there is a clean environment and that patients are free from healthcare acquired infections. I have been advocating for change in the manner in which this healthcare facility is practicing its waste segregation and improvement of quality healthcare with regard to their conduct in controlling nosocomial infections and improvement in procedures and protocols of healthy environmental practices. I have also been educating patients on how to report any unhealthy behavior by the staffs and the observation of the cleanliness, especially proper sanitation to help in improving their health status. I have been walking within the local schools to educate children on some of the clean practices with regard to the preservation of the natural water resources.

Relevant experience

I have experience when it comes to proper hygienic practices, preservation of the water resources, and skills in educating on environmental preservation and protection. I have experience in solving problems, a good communicator, I am flexible and have the ability to work proactively to keep a track record of the present developments in the field and adapting to change in an uncomplicated way. I am a team leader and always love working in groups.


Barbara Maclure

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