How Owners Develop Capabilities To Lead Business Model Innovation? I am applying for an admission at a high-ranking school for PhD degree. The doctor wants

How Owners Develop Capabilities To Lead Business Model Innovation? I am applying for an admission at a high-ranking school for PhD degree. The doctor wants a strong research proposal in order if he likes it and then accept me and got admitted to the school.I choose to write about : How can small business owners develop capabilities to enact and lead business model innovation?Required words are 1500 to 2000 words. This is very important and professional writers in PhD only should handle it. This should includes any graphs, tables, simple SWOT Analysis.Please review the attachment How to write a Successful Research Proposal
How can small business owners develop
capabilities to enact and lead business model
An important part of a PhD application for many of our academic
departments is the research proposal. This page provides guidance
on writing and preparing a postgraduate research proposal.
First of all, before making an application you should make sure
that the specialist area that you wish to study is covered by a
member(s) of staff at Lancaster University. You can do this by
exploring our academic profiles – simply search for a theme,
subject or name to see profiles, research activities, details of
current PhD supervision and relation graphs for all Lancaster
Normally a proposal should be between 1500 and 2000 words
and will include the following:
A Working Title of the Topic Area
This should be succinct and descriptive and should do more
than convey the key words associated with the proposed
research. Often titles are stated in terms of a functional
relationship, because such titles clearly indicate the
independent and dependent variables. If possible, think of an
informative but catchy title; an effective title not only helps to
get the reader’s interest, but may also predispose him or her
favourably towards the proposal.
General Overview of Area
This should take the form of a brief abstract of your proposed
general area of study and identify the discipline(s) within
which it falls. You might also refer to the way in which your
own background and experience gives you competences in
your chosen area. It should include the research question, the
rationale for the study, the hypothesis (if any) and the proposed
method. Descriptions of the method may include the design,
procedures, the sample and any instruments that will be used,
where applicable.

Identification of the Relevant Literature
In this section you should develop your proposal to
demonstrate that you are aware of existing debates and issues
raised in relevant bodies of literature. References to key
articles and texts should be made to show that you appreciate
their relevance to your research area. A PhD is an original
piece of research and so you should demonstrate that your
proposed area has not been studied before. So you need to
identify your niche which will lead on to the thesis preparation.
The literature review can often suffer the following problems
so it is important to take these into consideration when drafting
Lack of organization and structure
Lack of focus, unity and coherence
Repetition of information
Failure to cite influential papers
Failure to keep up with recent developments
Failure to critically evaluate cited papers
Citing irrelevant or trivial references
Dependent too much on secondary sources
Key Research Questions
Since you need to demonstrate that the topic can be completed
within the normal time period allowed, you need to
demonstrate that it is manageable, and so focus on key
questions within your niche area.
You need to demonstrate an awareness of the methodological
tools available to you and show some understanding of which
would be suitable for your research. It may be that qualitative
methods, including the analysis of interviews, is appropriate.
Alternatively your approach may involve forecasting or
statistical modelling. In other cases you may be combining
methodologies. You need to specify the approach you feel will
be most appropriate.
Timescale/Research Planning
You need to demonstrate an awareness of the need for
planning and the timescale of the research.
You should include a short list of references to key articles and
texts included in the application.

And finally:
We recommend that you contact your department for guidance
on whether we need a research proposal for your application
Make your topic as specific as possible – please avoid broad
topic areas which would be unmanageable as PhD topics

Describe your research areas in detail – do not use vague
descriptions of research areas
10 tips for writing a research proposal for the PhD in
International Business and Strategy
We receive a high number of applications for the PhD programme in International
Business and Strategy, we reject 90% of these. The information below will guide
you as to how to make your application more successful.
The single most important aspect of your application is your research proposal.
Almost all the applications we reject are the result of an inadequate research
1. Please do not send us a ‘generic’ proposal. We are not interested in
receiving a proposal that you have written for admission to another
university, unless it fits our research interests.
2. We like dissertations that are ‘academic’. Our aim is to train researchers
who are interested in a career in academia, and are interested in academic
publishing. It will give you an advantage if you have published (or tried to
publish) in academic journals. We encourage our PhD students to write
their dissertations as a series of publishable papers. If you want to do a
PhD to enter into a business role, you should probably consider a DBA
instead, which has a more practical aspect to it.
3. Your proposal must demonstrate that you have a good understanding of
the subject that you propose to research. This means that you should
have read (and cited) various core academic contributions to the relevant
4. The International Business and Strategy unit combines a strong
theoretical focus with sound empirical analysis. We are expecting to
see that you have read most of the core contributions to international
business, and that you are familiar with the theoretical traditions of the
5. Examine the publications, both current and past of our staff, and try and
link your research proposal to our current or past research publications. At
the very minimum, it will improve the reception your proposal receives if
you show that you are familiar with the themes in which our staff have
worked on, both presently and in the past.
6. Try and identify a potential supervisor by examining the published
research of our staff. This will greatly enhance the possibility of your
application being accepted – if your proposal fits the research interests of a
specific potential supervisor. This means demonstrating a familiarity with
their research. You may wish to send your proposal to potential
supervisors for comments before submitting an application formally. If
there is nobody in our unit who has worked on a similar topic as your
research proposal, we will probably reject your application. We have
limited supervision capacity, and we only accept students who work on
subjects of interest to us.
7. We are interested in seeing your ability to be analytical and critical in
your analysis of the literature. This means that we are interested
in students who disagree with us, as well as those who agree with our
past work. We like students who extend our own work, even if it takes it in
a different direction.
8. Please ensure that your proposal is well-written, and without typos. Do
not waste your time with complex colour graphics. We are mainly
interested in your ability to communicate well, and to write in a clear and
logical way.
9. Always consider where you will be able to get the data for your proposed
thesis. Demonstrating familiarity with publically available data sets, and
secondary data sources is always impressive. If you have access to firms,
private datasets or archives that will facilitate your research, please
indicate this in your proposal.
We take both an economics and a management perspective. This
means that your proposal should ideally have a section that provides
‘managerial implications’ or ‘policy implications’ of your proposed

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