Integration of pertinent

Due Friday, December 2, 2022, 11:59 PM

Time remaining: 1 day 9 hours

Write a 5-7 page (single-spaced) paper describing your own views of relevant (in your opinion) theorists and concepts in plenty of detail and support from the vantage point of the end of the course.

My aim is for you to create your own theory of personality that you can use in your practice, research, and life. Please use the 5 Tools to help you with this assignment (e.g., Where do you stand on each tool? Do you have a mainstream worldview or are you unconventional in some areas?). The final paper will be more extensive than the initial position paper, requiring more detail and support. It will also include a comparison of your final and initial positions on the questions posed above, an integration of pertinent notes, and some explanation of the problems or weaknesses of your position.

Similar to the initial paper, the type of position you take will not be relevant to the evaluation of the paper. Grades are determined by the paper’s organization, clarity, quality of support, evidence of an awareness of relevant theory construction issues, completeness (e.g., whether you thoughtfully answered all the questions) and writing quality (e.g., spelling, grammar).



1. Time

2. Causation

3. Reasoning

4. Epistemology

5. Ontology

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