Investigation on A Fashion Buyer Case Study Context:Learning how to adapt to various rhetorical situations is very important when writing in the profession

Investigation on A Fashion Buyer Case Study Context:Learning how to adapt to various rhetorical situations is very important when writing in the professional setting. You must consider the context: why you are writing, who you are writing to, and how you are writing to them. Different fields, journals, organizations, news outlets, etc. will have different expectations for tone, style, format and more. For this assignment, you will be corresponding with a professional from your field. Analyzing the audience will enable your communication to be successful and you may be more likely to receive a response back.

Assignment:For this assignment, you will use the same job position as the basis for your questions that you used for the first assignment. Your purposehere is to practice analyzing your audience and gain a better understanding of their needs and expectations. It is also to gain further knowledge about the company and position you were not able to uncover on your own in the previous assignment by writing and sending an email directly to a professional who might be able to answer your questions.

Step 1: Find 3-4 professionalsin various avenues/positions of your preferred field. These professionals should work in different contexts in the field you are most interested in. They do not have to work in the same company you chose for assignment 1. Do some preliminary research on these individuals.

Step 2:After conducting some research on your initial choice of professionals, narrow it down to one personyou would like to really contact. Conduct in-depth research on this professional to understand their background, training, employment history, duties, and areas of interest.

Step 3:Write an Analytical Memo explaining your findings and recommendations for effectively writing to your specific audience member. Your memo include the following:

Include asynthesis and explanation of what you have learned about this person, the position they occupy, their career background, major concerns/interests, skills and/or training, best way to appeal to them and the best types of information to request from them.
Use a memo formatto write your analysis about the audience member (600-650 words). This should be single-spaced, properly formatted as a memo, and should use headings, lists, and other necessary elements where appropriate.


The professional person I want to investigate is fashion buyer who works in a retail store. You can see the information from the website.


the attachment is the job I want to apply. I want to apply for a sale associate in another retail store called DSM. The person I want to investigation is a fashion buyer in Opening Ceremony. Investigative Report
I am a junior design and economic student who is graduating in June 2019. I plan on
finishing my degree in 3 years in order to pursue a career in the fashion industry as soon as
possible. I believe that working for Dover Street Market as a sale associate will be the best use of
my education. My career investigation research includes the background of DSM company, job
description, my qualifications, and the benefits from the job.
Information about DSM.
Located in a Georgian-era old building on Dover Street in central London, Dover Street
Market is a high-street marketplace run by Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, the founder of
Comme des Garcons, and her husband Adrian Joffe. DSM is not a flagship store displaying
luxury goods, but rather, DSM is described as concept store or department store.
DSM does not only sell under their founder’s personal brand, its inventory includes a
wide variety of fashion brands. The whole idea of DSM was inspired by the now-defunct
Kensington Market in London. Kawakubo simply uses the concept of the “flea market” to
assemble commodities. In addition to a sense of the flea market, the most significant feature of
Dover Street Market is “the beauty of chaos”. The construction of DSM gives a sense of
messiness from in-store space design to store window furnishing. DSM invented an aestheticism
of the fashion trend which is “industrial, anti-luxury” style (Marshall). Shopping for clothings
and products become out of the ordinary in a place with concrete and unfurnished ceilings,
designed to appeal to the retail experience. This atmosphere makes DSM like a design museum
and a SOHO art gallery, reminiscent of the 90s and a return to the culture where artists and
designers collide. You can see the Victorian-style dressing room designed by stage designer
Marco Howell, the mannequins of the artist Emma Hawkins, and the trend magazines of past
decades. As someone who views fashion through the lens of art, I feel that this philosophy
resonates with me because it puts value into the retail experience (Holgate,). DSM pioneered the
idea of a concept store and today it continues to modernize retail and artistic collaboration.
Job description
Like other sale associate jobs in different companies, Sales Associate at DSM is a
position meant to assist customers in the store and provide them with the best services. After
assisting each customer and giving them a great impression of the brand (Jacobs), sale associates
in DSM should also maintain a long-term relationship with regular shoppers and build a client
base. During their work, not only must they understand stockroom and inventory of products, but
an eligible sale associate in DSM should also maintain the orderliness of selling floor and
preserve the tidiness of stock room. Making sure that the fitting room is ready for customers is
also a part of selling floor tidiness. Basic knowledge of analysis and accounting is necessary to
build company’s data collection. Experience in receiving data, checking-off information, and
ticketing in-coming products are also requisite. In conclusion, sale associate in DSM requires a
lot of motivation in fashion. As a representative of the brand and style, associates should reflect
their enthusiasm and dedication through their personal fashion expression.
I believe I meet all the requirements for being a sale associates. I have passion for fashion
and I also have education and experience in fashion design. I have been training in the fine arts
since primary school. I have firsthand experience with pencil sketching and painting using
different mediums. This kind of dedication to art is what makes me a great candidate to work at a
company like DSM. When I went to high school, I was inspired by an activity called recycle
fashion show, this guided me to fashion industry; I even became the head of fashion club in my
high school. The main duty was to create a sense of community with each designer who
participated in the club. I also needed to manage the stage setting, lighting, models’ order, show
budget, and invite list. I made sure that everything in the theatre stayed consistent before the
show. The year that I managed the show, it lasted 2 months from start to end. I learned how to
communicate with people efficiently and politely. This leadership position taught me how to deal
with different type of people to solve problems.
Fashion design skills can also help me understanding stock and retail as a sale associate.
After attending and managing the fashion show, I started to learn fashion design. I even study
fashion design and fashion management as part of my major. Fashion management is aimed at
the development status of fashion marketing brands (clothing, accessories, home brands, etc.),
and helps brands to develop marketing solutions which are suitable for their own developments.
Catching on to viable market opportunities, fashion managers help the brand occupy a larger
market share and to gain visibility of the brand so it profits. This major requires high fashion
sensitivity, excellent judgment, possessing certain clothing tastes, understanding consumers and
the market, and grasping fashion trends. These are all skills that I intend to use in my future
career in the fashion industry. At the same time, I need to master financial knowledge and know
how to balance costs and control budget. As a marketing management student, I want to step into
fashion industry right after my college graduation.
Under the suggestions of the professor, I know that I should save experience in fashion
industry bit by bit before I become a formal fashion manager. My networking is still weak and I
don’t have many funds to start my own business, so entering the fashion market by starting with
a small job is necessary. According Anton Chekhov, “knowledge is of no value unless you put
into practice.” For this reason, I choose a position with a low entrance barrier such as sale
associate, to help me understand the industry.
In DSM I’m not just working to earn an income, but I am also continuing my education
while I am working. Working in an environment with rich fashion culture will give me access to
different aesthetics of fashion. Fashion is made up of huge categories of clothing and style like
athletic, hype-beast, luxury, gothic, bohemian, and etc. It is easy to look for pictures online,
however it is a unique opportunity if I can actually look at a different style in person. This will
enable me to fully immerse myself in the understanding of the relationship between fashion and
the consumer. Also, hands-on experience serves to intensify the connection between style and
fabric. The rich diversity of different styles in DSM will give me the best design lessons outside
of university.
Working as a sale associate in DSM helps me to build a premier platform for my future
career. My career direction is to be a public relations manager in fashion. That requires a very
strong network base and DSM is a great place to build my network. Most customers who shop in
DSM are very fashionable people; these customers may include social media bloggers, fashion
designers, and even celebrities. A excellent sale associate not only maintains a friendly
relationship with all the customers, but also uses those customers to improve spiritual wealth for
the company and build the brand beyond a financial aspect. Moreover, DSM creates
opportunities for artists and designers to collaborate. The diversity in tastes and style will help
familiarize myself with the major influencers in that field. Those people are valuable for their
ability and for their social network influence. In addition, making connections with them will
save me time while transforming my future career. Those who are part of that industry know and
care about fashion, therefore, I am sure they are people that I can work with in the future.
DSM is a community with infinite possibilities. This is a perfect job for a enthusiastic,
aesthetically focused, and responsible student like me. With my skills, experience, and attention
to detail, I will be a great fit for a company like DSM. I would be able to fulfill the goals of
DSM, which is to create an innovative retail experience that increases a sensitivity to art and
style. From this position, I can network and develop a body of knowledge that will allow me to
influence others in the fashion industry.

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