ISOL 533 InfoSec Risk Mangement Business Continuity Plans MAKE SURE to use project templates attached to the post Paper counts exclusing introduction and

ISOL 533 InfoSec Risk Mangement Business Continuity Plans MAKE SURE to use project templates attached to the post

Paper counts exclusing introduction and references

10 Pages minimum maximum of 15 pages

Topics for Risk Management Research Paper and Presentation

The majority of the paper MUST address the highlighted topic below as it relates to Information Security Risk Management. Specific hardware, software, service or systems may be used as short examples but should only represent a small portion of the total paper.

Select one or both of the following topics

1. InfoSec Disaster Recovery Plans, Business Continuity Plans and Continuity of Operations Plans

2. How Analytics is used in Information Security Risk Management

This research paper should include approximately 7-10 Cited Works but MUST have at least 5 Cited Works of which 4 must be

Peer Reviewed. Highlight in YELLOW the Peer-Reviewed works on the Reference page. Also, include all References as the last page of the Powerpoint Presentation (start by creating a heading called “Peer-Reviewed works”, followed by the Peer- Reviewed works. Then create a heading called “All Other works”, followed by the other works).

This research paper should be approximately 15 pages Maximum double-spaced pages (but must be at least 10 pages), using 12-font Times-Roman or Calibri-Body. The Cover Page, Reference Page and any space needed for pictures/images are not included in the required pages.

Once the paper is completed, add an Overview/Executive Summary to the start of the paper. The Overview must contain at least one Hypothesis (see Rubric) and a Synopsis of what is contained in the paper. Include the Hypothesis, under the title, on the 1stpage of the Powerpoint presentation.

For this paper, a Hypothesis is a statement you believe to be true based on the research you conducted. As an example:

“Small businesses are less likely to provide adequate physical security”.

The quality and thoroughness of the paper, as defined in the rubric, will determine the grade assigned. Papers containing the minimum number of references and/or minimum number of pages will most likely not earn a high grade. Research Project Rubric
Project Overview
Justification for
Supporting Evidence
Review of Relevant
Maintains Purpose /

Data analytic plan
Grammar, Clarity, and
References and Citations
Exemplary (3)
Effectively and insightfully develops a set of
testable, supportable and impactful study
The introduction section provides a cogent
overview of conceptual and theoretical issues
related to the study hypotheses. Demonstrates
outstanding critical thinking.
Adequate (2)
Develops a set of testable and
supportable hypotheses
Inadequate (1)
Hypotheses are not testable or
The introduction section
provides a logical overview of
conceptual and theoretical
issues related to the study
hypotheses. Demonstrates
competent critical thinking.
Very little support for the conceptual
and theoretical relevant to the study
hypotheses was provided. Provides
little evidence of sound critical
Provides clearly appropriate evidence to
support position
Sophisticated integration, synthesis, and
critique of literature from related fields. Places
work within larger context.
Provides adequate evidence to
support position
Provides a meaningful summary
of the literature. Shows
understanding of relevant
The project has an
organizational structure and the
focus is clear throughout
Identifies appropriate
methodologies and research
techniques but some details are
missing or vague
Provides little or no evidence to
support position
Provides little or no relevant
The project is well organized and has a tight and
cohesive focus that is integrated throughout the
Identifies appropriate methodologies and
research techniques (e.g., justifies the sample,
procedures, and measures). Data analytic plan
is suitable to test study hypotheses. Provides
appropriate justification for controls. Project is
The manuscript is well written and ideas are
well developed and explained. Sentences and
paragraphs are grammatically correct. Uses
subheadings appropriately.
Properly and explicitly cited. Reference list
matches citations.
The manuscript effectively
communicates ideas. The
writing is grammatically correct,
but some sections lack clarity.
Properly cited. May have a few
instances in which proper
citations are missing.
The document lacks focus or contains
major drifts in focus
The methodologies described are
either not suited or poorly suited to
test hypotheses. The methodology is
under-developed and/or is not
The manuscript is poorly written and
confusing. Ideas are not
communicated effectively.
The manuscript lacks proper citations
or includes no citations
Enter the Title of the Research Paper here
ISOL ??? – Group # ??
Group Members:

Summarize the Overview here

Summarize each of your main topics as
separate slides

Peer Reviewed references:
◦ xxxxxxxxxxx
◦ Xxxxxxxxxxx

Other references:
◦ Xxxxxxxxxxx
◦ xxxxxxxxxxx
ISOL 533
[ Enter Title of Paper here ]
[ Enter Group #
and the names {Last, First} of all Group members ]
Overview / Executive Summary
[Replace this Note and enter an Overview here. The overview should be added after the content
of the paper is completed. The overview should be approximately one paragraph of between
150 and 250 words and summarize the content of the paper. You must add 1-or-more
Hypothesis below (in this case, a Hypothesis is a short statement of what your research
ISOL 533
[Remove this note and enter your paper here. Your paper must be at least 5 pages, 12
font double-spaced and use one inch margins for all paragraphs. The Title page and Reference /
Works-Cited pages are NOT included in the 5-page requirement. Any added pictures or images
are NOT included in the 5-page requirement. Do not add an Introduction or Abstract since these
should be covered in the Overview above.
References are added to the last page (consider using the Citations & Bibliography
feature in the References tab. To customize a citation, right-click it and then click Edit Citation).
There must be at least 5 cited references of which 2 must be peer-reviewed. Highlight in
YELLOW the peer-reviewed works on the reference works-cited page. (see example at end of
this document)
ISOL 533
Last Name, F. M. (Year). Article Title. Journal Title, Pages From – To.
Retrieved from url-1
Last Name, F. M. (Year). Book Title. City Name: Publisher Name. City

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