Little Red Riding Hood Assignment Looking back over the Beauty and the Beast tales, which one is the best built story?In other words, which story do you ap

Little Red Riding Hood Assignment Looking back over the Beauty and the Beast tales, which one is the best built story?In other words, which story do you appreciate most the way the story was constructed–either the plot structure or details or character (or side characters). Fully support your answer. 200 words BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
bed of bone
breadth of his imprisonment between the gnawed and bloody bones.
He was pacing backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards
the tip of his heavy tail twitching as he paced out the length
Nursery fears made flesh and sinew; earliest and most archaic of
fears, fear of devourment. The beast and his carnivorous
the key to a peaceable kingdom in which his appetite
if offering, in
He will gobble you up.
not be
and I, white, shaking, raw, approaching him as
me than 1
frightened of
my extinction.
He went still as stone. He was far more
was of him.
I squatted on the wet straw and stretched out my
the air, as if to smell my fear; he could not.
the floor towards me.
hand. I
within the field of force of his golden eyes. He growled at the back
showed me his red gullet, his yellow teeth. I never moved. He snuffed
of his throat, lowered his head, sank on to his forepaws, snarled,
Slowly, slowly he began to drag his heavy, gleaming weight across
A tremendous throbbing, as of the engine that makes the earth
The sweet thunder of this purr shook the old walls, made the shut-
ters batter the windows until they burst apart and let in the white
light of the snowy moon. Tiles came crashing down from the roof,
his purring rocked the foundations of the house, the walls began to
heard them fall into the courtyard far below. The reverberations of
dance. I thought: “It will all fall
, everything will disintegrate.”
He dragged himself closer and closer to me, until I felt the harsh
velvet of his head against my hand, then a tongue, abrasive as sand-
paper. “He will lick the skin off me!”
turn, filled the little room; he had begun to purr.
And each stroke of his tongue ripped off skin after successive skin,
all the skins of a life in the world, and left behind a nascent patina
of shining hairs. My earrings turned back to water and trickled down
my shoulders; I shrugged the drops off my
beautiful fur.
Then she became really cross, picked him up, and threw him
all her might against the wall. “Now you’ll get your rest, you disgus,
ing frog!”
with beautiful, beaming eyes. At her father’s bidding, he became her
well. The next day they would set out together for his kingdom. They
cast a spell on him and that she alone could release him from the
fell asleep, and, in the morning, after the sun had woken them, a
coach drove up drawn by eight white horses in golden harnesses,
with white ostrich plumes on their heads. At the back of the
stood Faithful Heinrich, the servant of the young king. Faithful
Heinrich had been so saddened by the transformation of his
into a frog that he had to have three hoops placed around his heart
to keep it from bursting with pain and sorrow. Now the coach
there to take the young king back to his kingdom, and Faithful Hein-
rich lifted the two of them in and took his place in the back again.
He was overjoyed by the transformation. When they had covered
some distance, the prince heard a cracking noise behind him, as if
something had broken. He turned around and called out:
“Heinrich, the coach is falling apart!”
“No, my lord, ’tis not the coach,
But a hoop from round my heart,
Which was in such pain,
While you were down in the well,
Living there as a frog.
When we left Russia,
dear companion and husband. He told her that a wicked witch had
from countries of cold weather: at home, we are at war with nature
hes down with the lamb. Everything flowers; no harsh wind stirs the
voluptuous air. The sun spills fruit for you. And the deathly, sen
but here, ah! you think you ve come to the blessed plot where the lion
sual lethargy of the sweet South infects the starved brain, it gaspi
“Luuri’ more luxury! But then the snow comes, you cannot
and in this dark, bitter city has caught up with us at last, flocking
escape it, it followed us from Russia as if it ran behind our carriage,
against the windowpanes to mock my father’s expectations of per
petual pleasure as the veins in his forehead stand out and throb.
his hands shake as he deals the Devil’s picture books.
The candles dropped hot, acrid gouts of wax on my bare shoul-
circumstances force mutely to witness folly, while my father, fired
ders. I watched with the furious cynicism peculiar to women whom
they call grappa, rids himself of the last scraps of my inheritance.
in his desperation by more and yet more draughts of the firewater
we owned black earth, blue forest with bear
and wild boar, serfs, cornfields, farmyards, my beloved horses, white
burden all those possessions must have been to him, because he
laughs as if with glee as he beggars himself; he is in such a passion
Two more times the prince heard the cracking noise, and he
Everyone who comes to this city must play a hand with the grand
sure that the coach was falling apart. But it was only the sounds of
seigneur;- few come. They did not warn us at Milan, or, if they did,
dialect of the region. Indeed, I myself spoke up in favour of this
we did not understand them-my limping Italian, the bewildering
oh irony, it boasted no casino. I did not know that the price of a stay
remote, provincial place, out of fashion two hundred years, because,
in its Decembral solitude was a game with Milord.
The hour was late. The chill damp of this place creeps into the
ated itself with a shiver into our parlour, where Milord came to play
stones, into your bones, into the spongy pith of the lungs; it insinu-
My father lost me to The Beast at cards.
in the privacy essential to him. Who could refuse the invitation his
There’s a special madness strikes travellers from the North when
valet brought to our lodging? Not my profligate father, certainly; the
they reach the lovely land where the lemon trees grow.’ We come
to donate all to The Beast.
the hoops breaking off from Faithful Heinrich’s heart, for bis
ter had been set free and was happy.
The Tiger’s Bridet
mirror above the table gave me back his frenzy, my impassivity,
the withering candles, the emptying bottles, the coloured tide of
the cards as they rose and fell, the still mask that concealed all the
features of The Beast but for the yellow eyes that strayed, now and
then, from his unfurled hand towards myself.
“La Bestial” said our landlady, gingerly fingering an envelope with
his huge crest of a tiger rampant on it, something of fear, something
of wonder in her face. And I could not ask her why they called the
+ Angela Carter, “The Tiger’s Bride,” in The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories (New
York. Penguin, 1993). Copyright © the Estate of Angela Carter 1995. Reprinted by
permission of the Estate of Angela Carter clo Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd.
1. A reference to Italy, which was described in a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(1749-1832) as the land where the lemon trees blossom.”
2. French term for the lord of the manor or, in this case, the most powerful figure in the
ad to
single diamond earringperfect as a tear
pling fart of grotte’ Then was still again.
tegranty and confided. My master, he sayt
fra bude up and took from it a lile shegreen
wow hered the tray but he
ked: “Tantivy tantivyla-hunting we will go!”
Med end the action of allop and to my amazement:
ride to the eity.
na Are you not a woman of honour
Helped his hands and my maidservant elicked and jangled
afted the gold clasp on a bed of crimson velvet
Ob moladh Soch hurt Cracked his high-pitched voicelle
down front and reached inside it to fetch out over her synthetic
hem of life. She rolled towards the cupboard where she
I snapped the has shut and tossed it into a corner. This
Ring habit of ail things. My very own riding habit. that
I left behind me in a trunk in a loft in that country house outside
sur mortement must have disturbed the mechanism of the
she porked her arm almost as if to reprimand me, letting out a
Petersburg that we’d lost long ago, before, even, we set out on this
primage to the cruel Seuth. Either the very riding habit my
Very well, said the valet, put out. And indicated it was time
me to visit my hout again. He did not let me wash or comb my hair
on the right sleeve, the ripped hem held up with a pin. I turned
There was so little natural light in the interior of the palace that
the worn cloth about in my hands, looking for a clue. The wind that
printed through the palace made the door tremble in its frame; had
How would not think The Beast had budged an inch since I last
w him, he sat in his huge chair, with his hands in his sleeves, and
the north wind blown my garments across Europe to me? At home,
the bear’s son directed the winds at his pleasure; what democracy
the heavy air never moved. I might have slept an hour, a night, on
of magie held this palace and the fir forest in common? Or, should
month, but his sculptured calm, the stifling air remained just ast
I be prepared to accept it as proof of the axiom my father had
had bern. The incense rose from the pot, still traced the same sig
drummed into me: that, if you have enough money, anything is
Take off my clothes for you, like a ballet girl? Is that all you want
at the pleasure mixed with my bewilderment. The clockwork maid
Tantivy, suggested the now twinkling valet, evidently charmed
The sight of a young lady’s skin that no man has seen before
held my jacket out to me and I allowed myself to shrug into it as if
I wished I’d rolled in the hay with every lad on my father’s farm
away from this deathly palace, even in such
reluctantly, although I was half mad to get out into the open air,
to disqualify myself from this humiliating bargain. That he should
The doors of the hall let the bright day in; I saw that it was morn-
could not tell whether it was day or night.
nature on the air. The same fire burned.
of me?
sfammered the valet.
want so little was the reason why I could not give it I did not need to
speak for The Beast to understand me.
A tear came from his other eye. And then he moved; he buried
his cardboard carnival head with its ribboned weight of false hair
in, I would say, his arms; he withdrew his, I might say, hands from
his sleeves and I saw his furred pads, his excoriating claws.
The dropped tear caught upon his fur and shone. And in my room
for hours I hear those paws pad back and forth outside my door.
When the valet arrived again with his silver salver, I had a pair of
diamond earrings of the finest water in the world; I threw the other
into the corner where the first one lay. The valet twittered with
aggrieved regret but did not offer to lead me to The Beast again.
Our horses, saddled and bridled, beasts in bondage, were wait-
ing for us, striking sparks from the tiles with their impatient hooves
while their stablemates lolled at ease among the straw, conversing
with one another in the mute speech of horses. A pigeon or two,
feathers puffed to keep out the cold, strutted about, pecking at ears
of corn. The little black gelding who had brought me here greeted
me with a ringing neigh that resonated inside the misty roof as in a
sounding box and I knew he was meant for me to ride.
I always adored horses, noblest of creatures, such wounded sen-
sitivity in their wise eyes, such rational restraint of energy at their
high-strung hindquarters. I lirruped and hurrumphed to my shin-
ing black companion and he acknowledged my greeting with a kiss
on the forehead from his soft lips. There was a little shaggy pony
5. A French dance
6. A hunting cry used when the chase is at full speed.
on virtue.
The Pig King
to the people over whom he ruled as King Pig.
how that he was aware of his mother’s
was a wise king, ruling his land so that no one ever
couple had no children and for that reason were much
for a long time in perfect happiness, for their marriage was
rent any she arose and returned to the palace, taking with her the
As soon as the three fairies had fun away. Ersillen woke up, and
Bowers she had picked. Nor many days passed before she knew her
elf to be with child, and when the time of her delivery arrived, she
human being. When tidings of this prodigy came to the ears of the
ve berth to a son with members like those of a pig and not of a
Fair Ladies, if we were to spend a thousand years giving thanks
our Creator for having made us in the form of humans and
kang. he was greatly saddened. Bearing in mind how good and wise
his queen was, he often felt moved to put this offspring of hers to
death and cast it into the sea so that she might be spared the shame
became a comel youth. Nevertheless, to his dying day he was knees
brute beasts, we could still not be grateful enough. This reflection
calls to mind the story of one who was born a pig, but afterward
of having given birth to him. But when he debated in his mind and
considered that this son, whatever he looked like, was of his own
begetting, he put aside the cruel purpose which he had been har-
man highly blessed in worldly wealth, and in his wife, Ersiha, the
You must know, dear ladies, that Galeotto, King of Anglia,
boring, and, seized with pity and grief, he made up his mind that
the son should be brought up and nurtured like a rational being and
daughter of Matthias, king of Hungary, a princess who, in
and beauty, outshone all the other ladies of the time. And Galeotts
greatest care, would often be brought to the queen, and he would
not as a brute beast. The child, therefore, being nursed with the
about him. Although they had been married several years, the
by natural affection, she would caress him by stroking his bristly
put his little snout and his little hooves in his mother’s lap. Moved
back with her hand and embracing and kissing him as if he were a
human child. Then he would wiggle his tail and give other signs to
While Ersilia was walking one day in her gardens she suddenly
felt weary, and, catching sight of a spot covered with fresh
As he grew older, the piglet began to speak like a human being
soothed by the sweet singing of the birds in the green foliage, she
and to wander about in the city, but whenever he saw any mud or dirt
he would immediately wallow in it, after the manner of pigs, and
While she was sleeping, it happened that three fairies who did not
then return home covered with filth. Then, when he approached the
think much of humans walked by. When they beheld the sleeping
ments, defiling them with all manner of dirt. But because he was
king and queen, he would rub himself against their beautiful gar-
together how they might bless her and yet also curse her. When they
queen, they stopped, and, gazing upon her beauty, took counsel
One day the pig came home covered in mud and filth, as was his
agreed to a plan, the first cried out, “I command that no man shall
be able to harm her, and that, the next time she lies with her hus-
wont, and he lay down on his mother’s beautiful robe, and grunted,
“Mother, I wish to get married.” When the queen heard this, she
band, she will be with child and bear a son who shall not have his
replied, “Don’t talk such foolishness. What maid would ever take you
that no one shall ever have the power to offend her and that the
equal in all the world for beauty.” Then the second said, “I command
for a husband, and do you think that any noble or knight would give
prince who shall be born of her shall be gifted with every virtue
under the sun.” And the third said, “And I command that she shall
kept on grunting that he must have a wife of one sort or another.
be the wisest among women, but that the son whom she conceives
The queen, not knowing how to manage him in this matter, asked
shall be born in the skin of a pig, with a pig’s ways and manners,
the king what they should do in this time of crisis: “Our son wishes to
and in this state he shall be constrained to remain until he shall have
marry, but where can we find someone who would be willing to
taken a woman to wife three times.”
she walked
fell asleep.
his daughter to someone as dirty and unsavory as you?” But the pig
take him as a husband?” Every day the pig would return to his mother
with the same demand: “I must have a wife, and I won’t leave
you in
peace until you arrange a marriage with a certain young woman I
saw today. I find her very attractive.”
It happened that the young woman he had in mind was the
daughter of a poor woman who had three girls, each one of them
very lovely. When the queen heard this, she summoned the woman
* Giovan Francesco Straparola. “The Pig King.” in The Facetious Nights of Straparola
trans W. G. Waters (London: Society of Bibliophiles, 1891).
1. The tales in Straparola’s collection are told by a circle of ladies living in exile in Murano
to pass the time during the nights of the Venetian carnival.
• The Tiens BRIDE
your clothes
A និង
a spar
that wounds the retina. There was a
horses manes but did not lift the lowland mists.
to go
painted horses on the wall into whose saddle the valet a
muzzling away at the trompe latt foliage beneath the hooves
ere i se still with winter that it scarcely seemed to flow. The
We came to the bank of the river that was so wide we could not
horses lowered their heads to drink. The valet cleared his throat,
tal horseman he be cluing to her mane like a
about to speak we were in a place of perfect privacy, beyond a brake
lised cloak, came to have bimself aloft a grave grey mare. N.
of winter bare rushes, a hedge of reeds.
Cold, that morning, yet dazzling with the sharp winter
Jou all not let him see you
Imoluntarily shook my head
with us, as if the masked, immense one who did not
Lou must, then, prepare yourself for the sight of my master.
scurrying wind about that seet
ried it inside his cloak and let it out at his pleasure, for it stirres
The ther broke on the pebbles with a diminishing sigh. My com-
A bereft landscape in the sad browns and sepias of winter la
posure deserted me: all at once I was on the brink of panic. I did
mor think that I could bear the sight of him, whatever he was. The
river. Those decapitated willows. Now and then, the swoop of a
about us, the marshland drearily protracting itself towards the we
ing me. This river broke again at my feet. I was far from home.
mare raised her dripping muzzle and looked at me keenly, as if urg-
“You,” said the valet, “must.
A profound sense of strangeness slowly began to possess me
When I saw how scared he was I might refuse. I nodded.
The reed bowed down in a sudden snarl of wind that brought with
knew my two companions were not, in any way, as other men, the
simian retainer and the master for whom he spoke, the one with
it a gust of the heavy odour of his disguise. The valet held out his
winds out of their knotted handkerchiefs up towards the Finni
clawed forepaws who was in a plot with the witches who let the
master’s cloak to screen him from me as he removed the mask. The
border. I knew they lived according to a different logie than hal
done until my father abandoned me to the wild beasts by his human
The tiger will never lie down with the lamb; he acknowledges no
carelessness. This knowledge gave me a certain fearfulness still but
pact that is not reciprocal. The lamb must learn to run with the tigers.
I would say, not much… I was a young girl, a virgin, and therefore
A great, feline, tawny shape whose pelt was barred with a savage
were not exactly like themselves, in all their unreason.
so terrible he must hide it. How subtle the muscles, how profound
geometry of bars the colour of burned wood. His domed, heavy head,
see not one single soul in that wilderness of desolation all around
the tread. The annihilating vehemence of his eyes, like twin suns.
me, then the six of us mounts and riders, both could boast amongst
I felt my breast ripped apart as if I suffered a marvellous wound.
us not one …
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