MGMT Multiple Choice Questions The attached file contains some multiple choice questions. Question 11 pts Organization design: encompasses larger elements

MGMT Multiple Choice Questions The attached file contains some multiple choice questions. Question 11 pts
Organization design:
encompasses larger elements that influence structural dimensions, including the organization’s size,
technology, environment, culture, and goals.
gives us the tools to evaluate and understand how and why some organizations grow and succeed while
others do not.
obtains inputs from the external environment, adds value through a transformation process, and discharges
products and services back to the environment.
provides labels to describe the internal characteristics of an organization.
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Question 21 pts
Which of the following is a difference between for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations?
Financial resources for for-profit businesses come from government appropriations, grants, and donations,
while nonprofit organizations are funded by the sale of products or services to customers.
In for-profit businesses, managers focus on improving an organization’s products and services to increase
sales revenues, while in nonprofit organizations, however, services are typically provided to nonpaying
For-profit businesses are committed to servicing clients with limited funds, while nonprofit organizations
have access to unlimited funds to service clients.
In for-profit businesses, services are typically provided to nonpaying clients, while in nonprofit organizations,
services are typically provided to paying clients.
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Question 31 pts
_____ describes who reports to whom and the span of control for each manager.
Organizational technology
Scientific management
Hierarchy of authority
Administrative principles
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Question 41 pts
_____ refers to the tools, techniques, and actions used to transform inputs into outputs.
Organization design
Organizational performance
Organizational technology
Organizational behavior
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Question 51 pts
A(n) _____ design means that an organization is much looser, free-flowing, and adaptive.
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Question 61 pts
At Infosoft Solutions, employees are encouraged to take care of their problems by working with one
another and with customers, using their discretion to make decisions. From this information, it can be
understood that Infosoft Solutions is a _____ organization.
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Question 71 pts
Which of the following types of communication is emphasized by mechanistic organizations?
Lateral communication
Spatial communication
Horizontal communication
Vertical communication
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Question 81 pts
Which of the following is a difference between organization design and organizational behavior?
Organization design focuses on individuals within organizations, while organizational behavior analyzes the

whole organization as a unit.
Organization design is concerned with cognitive and emotional differences among people within
organizations, while organizational behavior is concerned with the differences in structure and behavior at
the organization level of analysis.
Organization design is concerned with lower management, while organizational behavior is concerned with
top- and middle-management.
Organization design might be considered the sociology of organizations, while organizational behavior is the
psychology of organizations.
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Question 91 pts
A _____ has discretion and responsibility, allowing a person to use his or her judgment and ability to
achieve an outcome or meet a goal.
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Question 101 pts
A _____ is a narrowly defined piece of work assigned to a person.
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Question 111 pts
A _____ represents a result or end point toward which organizational efforts are directed.
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Question 121 pts
_____ means that all the organization’s energies and resources are directed toward a focused, unifying,
and compelling overall goal.
Strategic intent
The resource-based approach
Coalitional management
The stakeholder approach
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Question 131 pts
Which of the following describes an organization’s shared values and beliefs and its reason for being?
The mission
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Question 141 pts
_____ refers to what sets an organization apart from others and provides it with a distinctive edge for
meeting customer or client needs in the marketplace.
Operational plan
A social construct
The mission statement
Competitive advantage
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Question 151 pts
A company’s _____ refers to something an organization does especially well in comparison to its
strategic intent
mission statement
core competence
balanced scorecard
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Question 161 pts
_____ pertains to the training, promotion, safety, and growth of individuals working in an organization.
Market share
Industrial expansion
Employee development
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Question 171 pts
A _____ is a plan for interacting with the competitive environment to achieve organizational goals.
vision statement
mission statement
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Question 181 pts
In the context of Porter’s strategy model, a(n) ____ can reduce rivalry with competitors and fight off the
threat of substitute products because customers are loyal to a company’s brand.
low-cost leadership strategy
consolidative strategy
integration strategy
differentiation strategy
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Question 191 pts
In Miles and Snow’s strategy typology, the prospector strategy:
attempts to maintain a stable business environment by finding a middle ground between stability and
most closely resembles Porter’s low-cost leadership strategy.
responds to environmental threats in an ad hoc fashion without revealing a clear strategy.
seeks innovation or risk taking and is therefore best suited to a dynamic environment.
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Question 201 pts
Organizational effectiveness is a _____, meaning that it is created and defined by an individual or group
rather than existing independently in the external world.
strategic intent
core competence
competitive advantage
social construct
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Question 211 pts
Which of the following approaches is most likely to be used when one is measuring work climate, group
loyalty, and worker-management communication as measures of effectiveness?
Quality control approach
External process approach
Internal process approach
Stakeholder approach
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Question 221 pts
The _____ tries to balance a concern with various parts of an organization rather than focusing on one
internal process model
rational goal model
open systems model
competing values model
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Question 231 pts
In the context of the competing values model, a combination of external focus and flexible structure
leads to a(n) _____ where management’s primary goals are growth and resource acquisition.
rational goal emphasis
open systems emphasis
internal process emphasis
human relations emphasis
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Question 241 pts
In the context of the competing values model, the primary outcome of the ____ is a stable
organizational setting that maintains itself in an orderly way.
rational goal emphasis
open systems emphasis
internal process emphasis
human relations emphasis
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Question 251 pts
The resource-based approach to effectiveness emphasizes the:
sales targets of an organization.
output of an organization.
achievement of profitability.
input into an organization.
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Question 261 pts
Which of the following is not a key component in the definition of organization structure?
Organization structure includes the design systems to ensure effective communication, coordination, and
integration of effort across departments.
Organization structure identifies the tasks, functions, and processes for each department and position within
the organization.
Organization structure identifies the grouping together of individuals into departments and of departments
into the total organization.
Organization structure designates formal reporting relationships, including the number of levels in the
hierarchy and the span of control of managers and supervisors.
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Question 271 pts
Which of the following is true of effective information sharing in an organization?
Information should be shared vertically, but not horizontally.
Vertical linkages are designed primarily for coordination and collaboration.
The structure should fit the information requirements of the organization.
It is not possible to give people a lot of information.
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Question 281 pts
_____ means that decision authority is located near the top of the organization.
Joint collaboration
Horizontal linkage
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Question 291 pts
With _____, decision authority is pushed downward to lower organization levels.
full-time integration
task forces
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Question 301 pts
_____ are used to coordinate activities between the top and bottom of an organization and are
designed primarily for control of the organization.
Vertical linkages
Functional groups
Horizontal linkages
Divisional groups
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Question 311 pts
Which of the following strategies includes periodic reports, written information, and computer-based
Rules and plans
Task forces
Vertical information systems
Hierarchical referral
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Question 321 pts
A liaison role exists when:
there is direct contact between managers affected by a problem.
there is an exchange of paperwork during a hiring process.
a temporary committee composed of representatives from each department affected by a problem is
a person located in one department has the responsibility for communicating and achieving coordination with
another department.
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Question 331 pts
Brian is the brand manager for Bake ‘n Bite Pastries. His job requires him to coordinate several aspects
of the brand, right from the design to the distribution of the product. Although he does not report to
any of the teams being coordinated, he still plays an active role in managing the product. In the context
of horizontal linkages, Brian is _____.
a liaison
a full-time integrator
the head of a task force
a team leader
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Question 341 pts
Which of the following is true of full-time integrators?
They have a lot of authority but little responsibility.
They communicate with and are responsible for one department.
They need excellent people skills.
They are usually a part of the team being coordinated.
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Question 351 pts
Which of the following is true of teams?
Teams tend to be the weakest horizontal linkage mechanism.
Teams are the first device in a variety of structural devices to achieve vertical linkage.
Teams provide a standard information source enabling employees to be coordinated without actually
communicating about every task.
Teams are often used in conjunction with a fulltime integrator.
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Question 361 pts
A(n) _____ is a group that is made up of organizationally or geographically dispersed members who are
linked primarily through advanced information and communications technologies.
vertical linkage
functional department
organizational committee
virtual team
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Question 371 pts
The highest level of horizontal coordination is:
relational coordination.
departmental grouping.
hierarchical referral.
functional grouping.
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Question 381 pts
_____ refers to frequent, timely, problem-solving communication carried out through relationships of
shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect.
Relational coordination
Departmental grouping
Hierarchical referral
Functional grouping
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Question 391 pts
The overall design of organization structure indicates all of the following except:
work activities.
reporting relationships.
departmental groupings.
information systems.
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Question 401 pts
_____ places together employees who perform similar functions or work processes or who bring similar
knowledge and skills to bear.
Functional grouping
Divisional grouping
Multifocused grouping
Horizontal grouping

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