MGT599 WK5 Kenry Beverage Operations & Technology Please respond to the following this week: 1. How would your NAB business work in term of operations (pr

MGT599 WK5 Kenry Beverage Operations & Technology Please respond to the following this week:

1. How would your NAB business work in term of operations (production, inventory control, distribution, customer service, research and development, etc.)?

2. What technology would you use in your company’s operations?

How to address the discussion question:

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You will have to include all the equipment, technology and personnel listed in your NAB Company Portfolio. The information is located under Note#2 in the portfolio
You must use the information from the NAB Portfolio first and then you can add to it.
Check out Chapter 11: Operations and Chapter 12: Technology to learn more.
You will use this week’s information in Assignment 3- operations and technology plan.
Consider the areas below as you address these questions. Condense the key information in two solid paragraphs focusing on the specific information pertaining to your NAB Company.


Describe the day-to-day functions of your company. How will you run your business? Consider the following areas:

1. Facilities

2. Production process: how will you produce the product

3. Inventory control- how much inventory you will have

4. Distribution- how will you distribute the product

5. Customer service- how will you handle customers and returns

6. Research and Development- how will you improve the product and how will you continue to search for new combinations/ flavors

Check the NAB portfolio to see what equipment you already have. You must include this in your response. Check out Chapter 11- operations for information, worksheets, and a sample plan for ideas.


1. What technology do you use at your company (hardware, software, telecommunications)?

2. What do you use technology for and how? (database management, inventory system, phones, cloud)

2. Think about technology in the production process, or operations overall

3. Think about technology in other areas of business (administration, R&D)

Check the NAB portfolio to see what technology you already have. You must include this in your response and then you can add to it.

Check Chapter 12-technology plan for information and page 222 for an illustration of all the areas you can use technology. Week 4 Discussion- Marketing Strategy
Kenry Beverage Company has three main competitors in Washington, DC. Juicy Lucy juice bar,
Oasis Jimma Juice Bar and Juice Vitality. These three companies are offering fresh fruit juices
and other non-alcoholic beverages. They also target a similar audience and have a wide range of
products. They use marketing strategies such as providing free samples to customers to help
them find the drink that suits them best. However, our unique element will be that our
ingredients will be sourced locally and we will provide an exceptional product by the preference
of the customer. We will also be deploying new juice recipes in the market. Our products will be
of quality, and our customer service delivery will be exemplary to satisfy our customers fully.
These elements will help us in positioning ourselves as we try to penetrate the competitive
market. To counter the intense competition and thrive over the established brands, we will ensure
that we provide quality products. We will also ensure that our products are developed as time
goes on to come up with a unique product for our consumers.
Value of our product to our customers
Our product is not only meant to bring profit to the business but to help people with diabetes and
high blood pressure cope with their illness. Most foods in America can be considered junk and
therefore are harmful to the group of people battling with diabetes and high blood pressure. In
addition, Kenry Beverage Company wanted to bring sanity to the food industry in America since
most of the foods and beverages are processed or imported. By offering fresh juices, we will not
only bring value to ourselves but also for the communities we live in. Cucumber is an excellent
ingredient that helps to control and prevent diabetes. It contains Cucurbita ficifolia which is
beneficial in reducing spikes in sugar (LD, 2018). Melons help the body flush out toxins which
in turn improves the digestive health of a person. This is the reason why our main product is
made up of these two ingredients. Our drink is not only beneficial to those fighting the diseases
but the ones trying to keep fit too. Our company will come up with more recipe that helps our
target audience cope with these lifestyle diseases.
Marketing strategies
Our strategies are meant to make our product known to the market and the benefits it offers. We
will pass our message on the benefits of our product to our potential customers who will, in turn,
bring returns to our company and help it to grow. Once we have advertised our product well
enough, it will be easier to penetrate the competitive market of non-alcoholic beverages. Our
marketing strategies will also help to reach out to various target markets.
Use of social media
We will use social media as a tool for our messages to reach our clients. We will maximize tools
such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Through social media, we will build a credible
reputation for our company. It is the platform where clients get to interact with the management
and voice out their concerns concerning our products. We will also use the platform to attract
potential clients for our products by giving detailed information about our products and services
and answer all raised questions. Through social media, we will direct more traffic to our website
through which we will increase our visibility and attract investors too (Tuten, 2014).
Strategic location
We will locate the business in a logical and accessible area. We will look for busy places where
clients can easily reach our shop to get the beverages. Areas such as shopping centers, sports
centers and gyms are some of the sites where we target to place our stores. We intend that
customers should experience our services without having to struggle to find our location.
Through a strategic location, we will also create different target markets which will, in turn,
increase our cash flow, and in the long run, we will establish ourselves in the market. As our
customer base increases, we will increase our staff for effective delivery as we don’t want our
customers lining up for very long to get our products (Blackburn, 2013).
Online marketing
The internet will help us to keep in touch with people in remote areas or other areas though they
are busy. Online advertising will help us deliver our message to a broader audience. It will also
assist in getting brand awareness within a short period. Our focus will not only be o online
marketing but also on other traditional methods of marketing such print media and billboard
advertising. Once we communicate our message, we will enjoy the returns of our business
(Stephen, 2016).
With the right strategies, we will do our young business known to the public and eventually
establish ourselves in the market where will promote health not only to our community but also
to the state as well. Kenry Beverage Company’s goal is to see a healthier nation which will be
made possible through supporting the introduction of healthy foods and drinks in the market.
Blackburn, R. A. (2013). Small business performance: business, strategy, and owner-manager
characteristics. Journal of small business and enterprise development, 8-27.
LD, M. W. (2018, January 5). How to get the health benefits of cucumber. Retrieved from
Medical News Today:
Stephen, A. T. (2016). The role of digital and social media marketing in consumer behavior.
Current Opinion in Psychology, 17-21.
Tuten, T. L. (2014). Social media marketing. Sage.
I love your marketing strategy. Very many businesses use social media platforms such as
Twitter and Facebook to generate new leads and to engage their customers. On social media, an
increase in customer reach can be measured by your increase in content views and the number of
fans you have on each platform.
The name of my beverage company will be Kenry Smoothies Company. Kenry Smoothies will
be a company that will focus on creating a wide range of fruit and yogurt smoothies that are fun
and fresh and will not interfere with any healthy eating plan. The main product from Kenry
smoothies will be a smoothie that will be made from cucumber, mint, and melon. I settled for
this drink because it has a refreshing experience, especially in hot seasons.
Nonetheless, this drink was meant for people who are cautious in maintaining their skin as well
as those who have health issues such as diabetes. There have been rising cases of lifestyle
diseases for instance diabetes, and this also made me come up with such a smoothie since it’s a
drink that can address all sort of groups, not just the healthy ones. Moreover, the juice will be
beneficial in those people who desire to lose weight as cucumber serves well as an ingredient of
weight loss. Cucumber also helps to prevent blood pressure and is very beneficial in boosting
one’s bone health. Cucumber and melon also have anticancer properties that lower the risk of
cancers for a healthier body. Despite the drink having a refreshing experience, it will be full of
health benefits too. Who would not want such a drink?
Mission Statement
Kenry Smoothies mission statement will be “a healthy drink for a healthier nation.” As a
company, we do not just to bring a refreshing drink to our consumers but also offer a drink with
health benefits for them. Diabetic people will undoubtedly get a drink which can refresh them
without fearing for their health. The drink will also be beneficial to citizens struggling to lose
weight as well as those with high blood pressure.
The rationale for its components
When it comes to issues concerning human health, cucumber is not a new term. It
possesses hydration qualities that help to deal with skin matters and assists a lot in weight loss, a
fight very many people are struggling with. Despite preventing cancer, it also lowers the blood
pressure. On the other hand, melon enhances easy and smooth bowel movement. Moreover, it is
very beneficial to a person with kidney diseases. Its high possession of carotenoids lowers the
chances of cancer and especially lung cancer. Mint is essential too as it helps to relieve
indigestion as well as reduce bad breath.
Butler, N. (2017, August 16). Benefits of Cucumber Water: Stay Hydrated and Healthy.
Retrieved from Healthline:
Week 2 Discussion- Opportunities and Threats
Kenry Beverages is a company based in New York, Unites States. Being a new company in the
market, Kenry Beverages has the potential to grow due to the opportunities available. Those
opportunities include the positive economic trends that are being experienced in America, raising
health concerns in the country and lower barriers of entry. However, some risk factors need to be
carefully analyzed for the company to be able to penetrate the market. The main risk involved is
the high competition in the market.
Consumers have changed their market due to the growing per capita income which has impacted
the non-alcoholic beverage market positively. Consumers can now spend more on secondary
needs and just not on basic needs only. That means that there is a ready market out there for the
products of Kenry Beverages. The rise in consumer spending has majorly contributed to the
global growth of the non-alcoholic beverages market. Studies show that most of the Americans
have increased their spending on food and especially eating out (Sullivan, 2017).
There have been growing health concerns which lead to the appreciation of our product in the
market due to the health benefits it brings along. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high
blood pressure have been on the rise which has caused consumers across all age groups in
America to become health conscious. Due to this reason, people are avoiding drinks with
processed sugars and opting for natural sugars which is healthier (Richardson, 2016). That,
therefore, makes our product fit for those avoiding lifestyle diseases as well as those battling
with the same. These health concerns also create a weight loss market. Weight loss is a fight
every person struggles with, and this gives hope for our company to thrive in a very concentrated
There are lower barriers of entry to the market since the company requires lower capital to start
compared to other big companies. This then makes it easy for our company to be introduced to
the market and flourish. The presence of limited barriers reduces the problems for our
developing firm in entering the market or as it continues to find its way in the non-alcoholic
beverage market. Consumer welfare does not suffer when barriers do not delay entry (Manuel,
The most significant risk facing our company is competition. There are already many established
companies causing the non-alcoholic beverage market to be concentrated. Moreover, the
available food chains are also offering a similar product which creates more competition (Heng,
2018). In addition to the high competition, there are numerous barriers to entry that have made it
difficult for small companies to grow in this market. For instance, investors are skeptical about
investing in start-ups, and they prefer risking their money in already established brands. That
may cause inadequate funding for the company which will also affect distribution patterns and
marketing strategies as well. The firm may not reach a wide audience and create awareness for
their product.
Heng, Y. H. (2018). The Competition of Beverage Products in Current Market: A Composite
Demand Analysis. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 47(1), 118-131.
Manuel, E. (2007). The Analysis of Five Competitive Forces of Non-Alcoholic Beverage
Industry and E-Commerce Industry Cases at the Global Level. SSRN Electronic Journal.
doi: 10.2139/ssrn.969450
Richardson, B. (2016). Sugar Shift: Six Ideas for a Healthier and Fairer Food System. Food
Research Collaboration, London.
Sullivan, B. (2017, December 13). This is what Americans are spending their money on.
Retrieved from Market Watch:
Week 3 Discussion- Target Market and Sales Force
The non-alcoholic beverage market is a complex market due to the stiff competition experienced.
Kenry smoothies’ company ideal customers are the health conscious individuals who are cautious
about their health as well as the patients suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and
hypertension and require a drink that they can comfortably take without it causing it more harm
to their bodies. The age brackets that are profoundly affected by diabetes is from 45-64 years
(Cherney, 2018). However, there are still many cases of diabetes reported between the ages of
18-44. The age bracket of 45-64 will serve as our most significant customers since their earnings
are at peak since most of them have full-time jobs (Mislinski, 2018). We plan on making the
highest number of sales during the summer season due to the refreshing nature of the drink. We
will target malls and small hotels in the urban areas in New York. The beverage also creates
awareness on the benefit of taking drinks with natural sugars rather than those with processed
sugars. This beverage, however, is not limited to the sickly or those struggling with weight but a
much wider audience due to its refreshing and tasty nature. Its benefits when it comes to the skin
cannot be disputed hence the reason why the target audience is a wide one.
Since the beverage has a broad target audience, our marketing strategy will highlight on the
benefits of choosing our drink not only to people struggling with diabetes, high blood pressure or
weight loss but also to the health-conscious individuals who desire to keep their bodies fit. We
will first focus on developing our brand nationally before we can expand to an international
level. We will also promote our sales by creating awareness of the disadvantages of using drinks
with processed sugars and the dangers they pose to the health of the people. Through this
strategy, we will be able to make more people appreciate our drink. We as a company are
interested in improving the health of not only our target market but also of our entire nation. We
will also provide a suitable payment option either by cash or credit cards to attract more
The best salespeople for this beverage should be focused, optimistic and responsible people that
will enable the company in attaining its goals. Employees of such a company that is young in the
market should be persistent. They should possess empathy where they can identify themselves
with customers for them to feel loved and respected. This will help to retain customers as well as
increase the consumer base. Kenry Beverages Company will require a team that is confident not
only in themselves but also in the product they are marketing and selling in the market. It is not a
secret that sales can be quite challenging especially in a competitive market. Our team should
have the tenacity to keep on going until we penetrate the complex market. They should have
excellent communication skills which will help in letting our target audience know about the
benefits of our product (Tabasum, 2015). This will be beneficial in establishing our product in
the market. The team should be thorough in making customers understand the value of our
existence as a company.
Cherney, K. (2018, July 6). Age of Onset for Type 2 Diabetes: Know Your Risk. Retrieved
from Healthline:
Jill Mislinski. (2018, October 19). Median Household Incomes by Age Bracket: 1967-2017.
Retrieved from Advisor Perspectives:
Tabasum, F. I. (2015). Impact of Salesmen Personality on Customer Perception and Sales.
Global Journal of Management And Business Research.
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