Parental Influence on Children

MHW-632: Parenting Influence Worksheet

As a mental health worker, it is essential to identify the determinants of parenting and the impact of those determinants on children’s outcomes. This assignment will help you learn this concept.

Citing two to four scholarly sources, answer the following:

Topic 3: Parental Influence on Children’s Trajectories
Explain what is meant by nature and nurture in regards to parenting. (50-75 words)


Explain what is meant by parent-child attachment. (50-75 words)


Describe one example of each:
Secure attachment style:


Preoccupied attachment style:


Dismissing attachment style:


Fearful attachment style:


Parenting Styles
Explain what is meant by parental establishment of trajectories. (50-75 words)


Describe some of the trajectories that were present in your home as a child. How did these influence your development? (75-100 words)


Explain how parental decision-making promotes and establishes trajectories. (100-150 words)


List four of the determinants listed in the textbook:





Select two of the four listed. Explain how they interrelate. ( 50-75 words)





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