Peer review critique letter This is just the prompt. You’ll submit peer review at the actual Vignette (Draft #2) and Style Memo (Draft #1) (Links to an ext

Peer review critique letter This is just the prompt. You’ll submit peer review at the actual Vignette (Draft #2) and Style Memo (Draft #1) (Links to an external site.)assignment as an attachment to your partner’s submission (as usual). You can also find this same prompt by scrolling down to the bottom of the prompt for Vignette (Draft #2) and Style Memo (Draft #1).

Peer Review Instructions: For this peer review session, I’d like us to take on a slightly more personal tone. Therefore, instead of answering a questionnaire about your partner’s vignette, you’re going to write them a personalized letter.

Critique letters are common practice in creative writing circles. When I was a writer in graduate school here at UCI, I wrote no fewer than two a week, sometimes three, and usually about stories that were 20-30 pages long. Letter-writing is also just a great skill to have, as, whether you plan to apply for graduate school or enter the job market after you graduate from UCI, you’ll be writing lots of letters: letters of admission, letters of interest to potential employers. Since text-messaging has gotten a hold of us, sometimes, our more long form letter-writing skills are forgotten. So use this as your first practice letter-writing opportunity this quarter. There will be more.

How to format your letter: Letter-formatting is easy, but it’s also easy to forget. There are lots of rules when it comes to writing a business letter (see here (Links to an external site.) for some tips); however, when writing a personal letter (like we’re doing in this assignment), not all of those rules apply. Therefore, when you format your critique letter to your partner, make sure you include the following: the date, a salutation (Dear so and so), a polished and correctly capitalized and punctuated body, and a closing. In personal letters, closings can be anything from “Your Friend,” to “Sincerely,” depending on the level of formality you’d like you invoke, ie: if this is someone you know well, a more casual closing is probably okay. But if you’re not sure, best to go with the more formal “Sincerely.”

How to give your letter to your partner: Easy. Type up and save your letter as a Microsoft word document. When you enter peer review, click to Upload a File. Here, you may upload your letter straight to the comments box. This is much easier than typing or copy/pasting a full letter into the comments box.

What to include in your letter:

First: Margin Notes. Before beginning your letter, read your peer partner’s vignette on Canvas at least TWICE, making good notes for them in the margins noting anywhere their writing is unclear or confusing, or anywhere the writing seems to veer from its stylistic or thematic goal. Give them praise where deserved.
Second: The letter. Write your partner a half-page minimum SINGLE-SPACED letter providing your personalized, critical response to their vignette AND to their style memo. As previously stated, this letter is called a critique letter. For the Vignette, focus on the author’s use of details (first and foremost), use of duality (Does the writer seem to understand the concept? Are they illustrating that understanding here?), and clarity (Does the writing “flow” well? Is it easy to read?). For the Style Memo, does the author use ample concrete evidence (i.e., quotations) from BOTH their vignette and from Steinbeck? Do they analyze the evidence fully in their own words (i.e., not summarizing what it says, but explaining how it creates effects)? Is it compelling and convincing? Is it well organized?
Do give the author deserved praise, but do not spend your entire letter on only positive aspects. The goal here is to be respectfully honest and to practice acknowledging problems in your partner’s writing so that you may become better at acknowledging them in your own.

Due SUNDAY at 11:59pm (PST) Wang5
“There is heaven in the sky, and there is Hangzhou in the land.” My hometown,
Hangzhou, is a piece of ink stone that sank under the river, is an old-style umbrella
hanging under the roof, is a broken bridge under the snow, is a piece of golden leave
captain. It is a skyscraper, an old temple, a man looks down from french windows, a
crowded subway carriage, a beautiful dream, and a hill filled with competition.
As many Chinese modern cities, Hangzhou is big enough to live 9,468,000
people. There are countless skyscrapers which like iron forest. It is easy for you to
feel the greatness of human’s work when you sit down wherever in the city. There are
large amount people working day and night, go to work at 8 AM’s subway, and go
back at 9 PM’s, just like the blood of the city. But it is hard to be the blood. There are
too much people. Only winners can stay in the heaven. It is a hill for people that lost
the competition. Everything is too expensive, leave is the only option for loser. It is a
faction of realizing dreams. No pay, no gain, and in Hangzhou, you gain more. There
are opportunities. After paying sweets, it is easy to realize the dreams. Hangzhou is
beautiful, which is one of the most famous travel city all over the world. It is a city
whose center is a big lake, where Busy CBD located with peaceful lake water.
Someone called it “Yunmeng” which means the dream of cloud. It is an important
station for migrant bird. Wild goose visit there every spring and full, visit the lake
politely, left large amount of beautiful photos. Duck always shows up in the lake,
hanging freely. They don’t need to hunting for themselves, tourists can cover all they
need. It is amazing that we know form the book that the duck eat fish, but the lazy
guys swimming in the west lake eat everything, even the popcorn, and chips. There
are old style structures and paintings saying a dynasty’s live and death. There are
words written by ancient people. It is their hobby to grave their poem which they
proud of on the stones around the famous place. Thus, it is interesting to see the words
like “I died there, with my dynasty”, “It is not my fault, but the king said it is my fault,
it is my fault” “1600 year, I, the king of Song dynasty, sit this city as capital” “the
moon tonight is so great.—1700 some famous people’s name” “I agree with you, it is
my honor to see your work.—-1800 some famous people’s name”. Walking around
the city, you can hear to ancient people’s talk, see the legend of dynasty. The lake is
silent, but it talks.
Hangzhou is ugly. Like most of the northern cities in China, air pollution makes
the haze cover the sunshine all winter. Nowaday’s Hangzhou is like 18th’s London, a
flog city. This kind of flog is sometimes called a kind of special beauty, but after
knowing that the the percentage of lung cancer, tuberculosis people are almost twice
to third of American, no one will consider it beauty. The summer there is too hot. A
temperature as high as 37 degree can make every steps the hardest one. You can never
know when will it rain. The south-east season wind brings plenty water vapour,which
causes everyone carry an umbrella when going out at that season. One years ago, I
was still a member of 9,468,000 citizens, a young student luckily lived around the
west lake, a member of city’s blood, a competitor fighting for university entrance
exam, a boy suffering from competing with 200,000 classmates for 8,000 university’s
It was a normal morning in 2018. I was a high school student studying at
Hangzhou No.14 high school. Knocked up by 6:00’s clock, I used all my strength to
woke up. As usual, I gained only five hours’ sleep. There were so much homework to
do, and I failed to finish it as usual. The sky is gray. It is the sunrise time, and I could
not figure it out where is the sun, because the only difference of sunrise was that sky
was a little bit brighter than 10 minutes ago. The morning fog was as heavy as usual.
Or scientifically, it was haze, which was generated by the air pollution. Further, even
the rare sunny day, it is hard for people there to see sunshine, because it is the center
of the city, also the bottom of the iron forest. Tried as fast as I can, I dressed myself.
My parent rented this apartment for me. Though the apartment, which cost 80,000
yuan a year, is not affordable to most of China’s family, it is small and old. There are
only around 70 m^2, and might be older that my grandpa.
It was peaceful at this time. Opened the door, there is only the sound of my breath.
|It is a common city’s commuting style. People gather together at day time, and leave
at late evening, left an empty CBD. Checked I forgot nothing, I hurried downstairs.
I walked down from 7th floor. There was not elevator, which was complained my
many old people. It was just because the elevator was too expensive when the
company started building the apartment. To be honest, these apartments are old
enough to demolition, but when government decided to do so, the housing price
became so high, no company can afford to pay for the owners and build the new
house. I opened the security door at the bottom of the building. The old rusty iron
door groaning under the strain, broke up the silence, and awoke some birds, maybe
some cats. The bush shaked for a while. And the world returned silent.
I walked into the main road, like small stream get to the river. There were some
passengers. Big city never lake hard working people. I chose a way which is a little bit
further than the shortest way, because there are views that worthy enough for me to
waste my valuable sleeping time. It is the lake, whose boundary was hidden in the
frog. It is the heaven which is too hard for me to describe. Like ink and wash. It is the
boundary of modern and history. It is a place that best explained the China— a
country who is ancient, and move fast in the modern world. There are diamonds,
which was the reflection of the small wave. The stone slab continuing with some
strange angles, goes in to the flog. There are wooden dock, which serve the tourists.
Natives never use these boats, because it is too stupid to use the boat that expensive.
But at that time, the slab is the best view. Everything looks isolated, static and
one-sided, like a picture, like a metaphysical world outlook. The only thing moving is
the wave.
There were not that much people as day time, and nobody want to break the quite.
Everybody was doing their own things. It was also common in the city. Hangzhou
looks like a big city, but most people are lonely. Everyone goes in parallel lines. I do
not know, maybe most people don’t know how to talk a “new people”. There are too
much ways to be considered impolite. The easiest way is keep in silent. Smile and
keep the city’s peaceful and warm.

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