Perspectives on the interaction of personality

Hopefully, the reading this week provided you with a variety of new perspectives in how you might look at many of the current events we hear about in the news (terrorist threats, cultural differences, acts of kindness and charity, acts of violence, etc.). Here is your opportunity to dive deeper into one of those events.

Your assignment: Write a 1-2 page paper reflecting on a current event in the media (an event that occurred sometime within the past months) demonstrating elements of this week’s reading. (Examples that easily come to mind include a story on cultural conflict or an example of two previously opposing groups working with one another.) Analyze the event based on concepts from your reading. How might a further understanding of the concepts from this week provide deeper insights into the Hot Topic? Excellent papers will fully meet the criteria below:

· Identify a specific “Hot Topic” describing the event, providing a citation/link to the news story inspiring the paper.

· Analyze the event through the various perspectives on the interaction of personality and culture; religion; love, etc.

· Provide perspective and insights to further understand the issues using psychological principles as the primary foundation of the analysis.

· Cite specific sources, research, concepts, etc. from the readings of Week Seven.

· Contain a well-developed introduction, body, and conclusion as the structure of the paper.

· Are grammatically and mechanically sound, as well as, free of spelling errors; apply content from the reading; cites sources using APA style.

As you craft this paper, please be sure to minimize any personal editorializing surrounding the issue. The goal of the assignment is to view the current event from the perspective of personality influences and their interactions with the various concepts from this week.

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