Precognitive performance in pediatric HIV

  • Please respond to this post with the citation for the article that you have chosen for your presentation. Additionally, attach the full-text PDF of the article. Your professor will let you know if your choice is acceptable or not.
  • Below are some example articles. Note that these are examples and should not be used for this assignment as you are expected to find one on your own.
  • *Remember- Original research reports typically contain sections with subtitles such as “Abstract”, “Introduction”, “Methods”, “Results”, “Discussion” and “References”. If an article is not formatted in this fashion, it probably is not suitable for the assignment.

Example articles:

  • Cerliani, L., Mennes, M., Thomas, R. M., Di Martino, A., Thioux, M., & Keysers, C. (2015).Increased functional connectivity between subcortical and cortical resting-state networks in autism spectrum disorder. JAMA psychiatry, 72(8), 767-777.
  • Mormino, E. C., Betensky, R. A., Hedden, T., Schultz, A. P., Ward, A., Huijbers, W., … & Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. (2014). Amyloid and APOE ε4 interact to influence short-term decline in preclinical Alzheimer disease. Neurology, 82(20), 1760-1767.
  • Yadav, S. K., Gupta, R. K., Garg, R. K., Venkatesh, V., Gupta, P. K., Singh, A. K., … & Marincola, F. M. (2017). Altered structural brain changes and neurocognitive performance in pediatric HIV. NeuroImage: Clinical, 14, 316-322.

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