Project – Supply Chains and Distribution Channels Great news! Your concept passed initial testing and went on to more rigorous, quantitative testing. The r

Project – Supply Chains and Distribution Channels Great news! Your concept passed initial testing and went on to more rigorous, quantitative testing. The results there were promising and you’ve decided to launch the new product! Now, you need to identify potential suppliers and distribution partners.

For this assignment, create a 5-6 page paper that contains the following information:

In 1-2 pages, create a list of at least three potential suppliers and describe what they would do for your company (preferably using real-life suppliers, but you may use fictitious names if you can’t locate an existing company that supplies that material).

In 1-2 pages, create a list of at least three potential channel partners and describe what they would do for your company (wholesalers, retailers, etc.).

Using the companies listed in your supplier list, create a diagram of suppliers that traces your offering back to its raw materials.

Using the companies listed in your channel partner list, create a flowchart that shows at least three potential pathways to get your product to the consumer.

Include a ½-page write-up that discusses the value that each supplier and channel partner contributes to the development and distribution of your offering.

Proofread your final assignment for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. For more information about APA, please visit the Online Library, which is available through the Resources tab.

I provided a attachment on the product I am marketing . Running head: NIKE LUCKY CHARMS SNEAKERS
Nike Lucky Charms Sneakers
Lisa Soto
Christopher Zombas
Principles of Marketing
Rasmussen College
Nike Lucky Charms Sneakers
Concept Statement
Introducing Nike Lucky Charm Sneakers Product
Product Description
Nike Lucky Charms provide great design and colorful shoes for people of different ages.
With the shoes, performance does not come at the expense of style as well. Nike footwear assist
forestall foot accidents. It is one of the most vital motives for the reputation of Nike shoes.
These shoes have features that protect your feet while you are participating in any sports. Shoes
minimize the probability of catastrophic foot injuries.
Value Preposition
The product delivers quality to consumers who buy it for different reasons. The product
is mostly used by sportsmen and women. In this group of people, the product is made of a tough
material that protects the feet from any injuries especially when playing. The inside part is made
of soft cotton that ensures the feet are confortable when playing or walking. The sole is made of
tough rubber that offers grip to the ground and protects the wearer from accidental slides when
playing. Other uses of the product and who are not players benefit from its ability to protect the
feet as well as conformability when playing. It also offers elegance and great design to the
wearer. It offers a fashion statement to the wearer which means that the product can be used in
other occasions apart from
Reasons to Believe
Luck Charm Snickers is another great product from Nike. Nike is a company that has
been in business for many years providing quality apparel and sport wear. It is one of the reasons
why most sportspeople prefer using the product because of the quality and the benefits that it
offers. Apart from quality the product, Lucky Sneakers have also been tested for their ability to
protect the wearer from accidents. Passing the test and really proving to protect is another major
to believe in the product. The design of the product is unique and does not resemble any in the
market. The quality, benefit, and uniqueness of the product are some reasons to believe in the
Suggested Retail Price
The suggested retail price of the sneakers is $120
Image/Product Shot (Nike, 2019).
Summary that Explains rationale for each Component in the Concept Statement
The first component in the concept statement is product description. In the description of
the product, several key words like design, accident free and sports have been used. Design has
been used to paint a picture of the product to the customer or the prospective buyer. Many people
want to understand how a product looks like before they can purchase and this is the main reason
why design has been used (Payne, Frow, & Eggert, 2017). Accident free during sports shows the
benefits of using the product. Apart from being affordable, it is also beneficial to the user. The
snickers are identified with sports men and women who play different games like basketball that
requires them to use their feet. To these sports people, one of the most important parts of their
bodies is the feet. To protect them, they need good sports like the Lucky Snickers being offered
by Nike. The benefits put forth in the value preposition are aimed at showing the consumer on
the importance of having the product. Value proposition has utilized on the key benefits that
customers will achieve from the product. It shows what more the customer of a product can get
for the money they use on it. It therefore shows what should be expected after purchasing the
product. The rationale for including quality, prior products from the company, and the benefits is
to reaffirm the potential customers on the ability of the firm to deliver on its promises
(Harmeling, et al. 2017). The reasons to believe used do not only make unproved promises but
also provides reference of other items that have satisfied the needs of the users in the past and as
promised by the entity. The statements provide facts about the performance of the company as
well. The suggested retail price of 120 dollar is fair and it has been used to attract people from
different backgrounds. The picture that has been used is that of a pair of Lucky Sneakers from
the front view. It has been used to show what the product looks in terms of design, color, and
other perspectives. With the picture, it is possible for one to make a decision of whether to
purchase or not considering the prices.
Two Ways of Doing Market Research to Identify Target Audience
Targeting is important for business as it allows for the building of a store that is right for
the potential customers. One of the ways of doing market research to identify the target audience
that will be employed is surveys. Market survey and survey of customers will be employed. The
process will seek to identify the geographic, social-graphic, demographic, behavioral, and
psychographic nature of the customers (Payne, Frow, & Eggert, 2017). By learning these things
about the individuals, it will be easy to identify the target audience and channel marketing plan
towards of the company. Existing customers of the company will therefore be used in the market
research to identify the market research. Use of Google Analytics is also another way of doing
market research to identify the target audience. The traffic statistics that Google Analytics
provides helps in providing key information about the characteristics of the consumers or the
target individuals. High-performing traffic senders make up the target audience that the company
should focus on. The survey will be conducted on customers who come to buy the product in
different shops. Several questions will be asked that are in regards to their age, location, needs,
marital status, and occupation among others. It will help in identifying the type of customers the
entity is dealing with. Google Analytics will provide data of all individuals viewing the product
in different company sites (Harmeling, et al. 2017). Information regarding their age, location,
and occupation will be important. The two methods were chosen because they are easy and
cheap to employ and that they can provide reliable data that can be used in identifying the target
Persona that represents the Target Market
Nike Lucky Charms has segmented an age and gender group that is it has such a product
that serves males and females between the ages of 13-50. The targeted audiences include people
with sports or athletic oriented and active lifestyles (interest in fitness and exercised for
recreation). Nike has segmentation to serve its target customers all over the world. This product
has a major market in the USA and it will continue to try to cater markets in other countries. The
product will sell in different countries like China, Japan, Brazil, etc. Its targeting strategies will
include sponsorship of its products through sports teams or celebrities. One target strategies to
use involves learning how to enhance athletic lifestyle or fantasy in consumers mind, appealing
style and attitude, Learn how to positions itself as premium brand with well-designed products
and appealing quality level and valuable products.
SWOT Analysis of the Product
Some of the strengths that the product has in the market include being a unique product,
customer loyalty, strong brand name, and economies of scale. The uniqueness of the product
helps in differentiating it from its competitors (Zhang, 2018). It also has a strong brand name that
is associated with Nike. Nike enjoys customer loyalty from its wide range of products so does
Lucky Charms.
The product is considered to be of wealthy people and athletes only. It is up to the
company to draft a marketing strategy that will allow the product to receive customers from
different segments of the population (Zhang, 2018). It is through the effort that it will help deal
with the negative criticism regarding the product.
Existence of fragmented markets offers the product an opportunity to grow. It offers the
product a chance to expend and increase its market share globally. Lack of cost advantages of the
small markets compared to the large markets offers an advantage to a big product like Lucky
Some of the threats that are faced by the product in the market include competition from
other companies who have tried to launch a similar product. The existence of mature markets
makes it difficult for Lucky Charms to remain successful until it is able to increase its market
share. It is also possible for consumers to change their tastes quickly depending on their needs
and wants and that can pose a threat to the product.
Harmeling, C. M., Moffett, J. W., Arnold, M. J., & Carlson, B. D. (2017). Toward a theory of
customer engagement marketing. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 45(3),
Payne, A., Frow, P., & Eggert, A. (2017). The customer value proposition: evolution,
development, and application in marketing. Journal of the Academy of Marketing
Science, 45(4), 467-489.
Zhang, J. (2018, August). Strategy of Sports Brand Network Marketing on the Basis of Brand
Image Promotion. In 2018 International Conference on Management, Economics,
Education and Social Sciences (MEESS 2018). Atlantis Press.

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