Pros and Cons of Primary Prevention

Annotated bibliographies

Overview: Annotated bibliographies provide you with the opportunity to cite, summarize, evaluate, and compare and contrast resources by adding your critique and insights in the paper. You will cite each resource in APA style, write a description that summarizes the central theme and scope of the resource, selected resources must be scholarly articles that reflect the topics outlined in the assignment. Course resources and Wikipedia may not be used. The articles do not need to be empirical studies but must be from primary sources.

Instructions: Each article should be added as a separate submission. For each article, include the following:


Select one scholarly article that identifies and explains the Pros and Cons of Primary and Secondary Prevention.

· A brief summary of the resource

· An evaluation of the resource, including the author’s background, document source, and intended audience

· An analysis of the article, including its relevance to the topic

· Proper citation in APA format

· Correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary

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