PSY101 Ashford Week 5 Albert Einstein Specific Characteristics Paper The summative assignment for this course is a Final Paper, which is due in Week 5. Wee

PSY101 Ashford Week 5 Albert Einstein Specific Characteristics Paper The summative assignment for this course is a Final Paper, which is due in Week 5. Week 3 DB #2
Select a famous person (or fictional character) who you believe epitomizes successful
intelligence as outlined in the textbook and assigned readings.
I chose Albert Einstein, he never did well in school or testing but did very well in mathematics.
Choose and describe specific characteristics or behaviors of this person that support your
selection with regard to analytical, creative, and practical abilities.
One specific characteristic of Einstein was his logical with mathematical intelligence
because of how well he did in mathematics. I also believe he had musical knowledge because he
liked to play the violin (, 2016).
Relate whether the theory of multiple intelligences might better characterize your selected
This is proven in the chapter in a nutshell about people who are strong in mathematical
skills may be lacking in other areas. Einstein family influence how he learned (Gardner, 2006),
His father, was an engineer and his mother encouraged him to develop his musical talents
(, 2016). I believe hereditary and environments such as economic status play a factor
in intelligence. Economics status would put you in different situations, for learning opportunities
to be many or less. I say this because parents that work a lot and never home, their child may not
have anyone to push them to do better in school, then, on the other hand, a child whom family
economics status affords a parent to stay home, their learning opportunity is more significant.
Predict whether this person would do well on a standard intelligence test, based on what
you have read. Give examples of alternate means of measuring intelligence.
I believe Einstein will do poorly on a standard intelligence test because Einstein hated
school and failed all the other test except his mathematics test and was able to outsmart the
teacher with his mathematical problems (, 2016). The environment and hereditary
would factor in these standardized test because if he were only exposed to math and music at
home, he would only know math and music, leading him to do poorly on other areas of the
intelligence test. Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test is a great alternate test. A person is given a
word and asked to select a picture, from a group of four, which best defines the word or perhaps
The Raven’ Progressive Matrices is another alternate, which is when a person is shown a matrix
of patterns, with one pattern missing, and he/she must work out the rules governing the patterns
and consequently, the item which best fills the missing pattern.
Gardner, H. E. ( 2006). Multiple Intelligences : New Horizons in Theory and Practice.
Basic Books.
LeFrancois, G. (2016). Psychology: The human puzzle (2nd ed.). [Electronic version].
Retrieved from (2016). Retrieved from history channel:

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