Relationships impacting our ability

Final Paper: FIll up the Joy Gap: Due Sunday, Week 8: 100 Points

1. Ask 3-5 people about joy bonds and fear bonds. (attachments)  Be sure to include research on attachment styles and/or social emotional learning.  Describe what strategies these persons use to build adaptive strategies with each type of bond.  Next critique these strategies by finding at least 3 research articles to explain or support your critique. After summarizing the findings from the research papers you’ve found, compare and contrast them with your own survey results.

2. Next take time to weave in how CULTURE and SPIRITUALITY play a role in relationships. Feel free to compare and contrast how Culture and Spirituality teach about LOVE.  How does this fit with your own viewpoints or not?

3. How do these concepts relate to a shared life purpose or a shared meaning in the relationship?

4. How do these relationships impact our ability to leave a legacy?

5. What can persons do to help treasure the relationship? Support your answer

Write 5 page paper, APA style





Readings and Research


Read Chapter 14 in Intimate Relationships by Miller, R.S.



accepting influence

cultural podcast

Hampton U handout

Intimate Marriage org

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