Sample Outline for Final Project

Sample Outline for the Final Project


The following outline is for a 12- to 16-page paper that includes the required elements of the Final Project. Each Roman numeral heading is a required element. Beneath the heading is a description of what to include for that required element.


For your Assignment, in 2–4 pages, develop a comprehensive outline of your Final Project.


· Make a list of the topics/concepts that you plan to include in your Final Project, and put these in order according to which topics you will present first. Keep in mind that you might make changes while doing so.

· Construct brief sentences to describe the topic/concept and include in-text reference citation(s) to identify the source(s) that you used for that topic/concept.


I. Introduction to the legal issue/topic


Identify a current or controversial issue that forensic psychology professionals face that has been recently influenced by legislation, case law, or national policies.


Briefly summarize (e.g., one paragraph) how the current or controversial issue affects forensic psychology professionals.


As an introduction to the rest of your paper, briefly summarize (e.g., one paragraph) the contents that you will be including in this paper.


II. History of the legal issue and related topics


Trace the evolution of legal issues based on legal and policy issues by identifying and explaining the legal and policy decisions that have contributed to the current legal status of the selected issue.


III. Impact of the legal issue/topic on forensic psychology professionals


Summarize relevant research in psychology that has informed the manner in which the forensic psychology professional conducts research or consultation related to the selected issue.


IV. Ethical dilemmas for forensic psychology professionals related to the legal issue/topic


Describe ethical dilemmas likely encountered by the forensic psychology professional while conducting research or consultation related to the selected issue and how these dilemmas can be resolved.


V. Best practices for forensic psychology professionals related to the legal issue/topic


Integrate research about legal laws and policies with scholarly research findings in order to propose recommended best-practice standards related to the selected issue.


VI. Best practices and contribution to social change


Explain how the recommended best-practice standards will contribute to social change.


VII. Conclusion


Summarize in 1–3 succinct paragraphs the most important points that you have included in this paper.

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