Source of data for health behaviors

Utilize the required readings for this module and access (2-3 pages) addressing the following items in particular:

  1. Describe the County Health Rankings.
  2. At the County Health Ranking’s Web page, click on the “search by county, state, or topic” area.
    1. Search for “Cook, IL” information.
    2. Identify Cook County, Illinois’ ranking under “Health Behaviors”.
    3. Identify percentages of 4 health behaviors listed under Cook County, Illinois.
    4. Search for your Local County and State or region where you currently live.
    5. Briefly summarize findings about your local county and state’s or region’s health outcomes (example: to length of life, quality of life, and health behaviors).
  3. In your own words, define “risk factors” and provide examples of risk factors for health behaviors you identified in #2 above. Be sure to cite a reference even though you used your own words.
  4. Research and identify another source of data for health behaviors (e.g., national database or tracking system).

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