Supply Chains and Distribution Channels Great news! Your concept passed initial testing and went on to more rigorous, quantitative testing. The results the

Supply Chains and Distribution Channels Great news! Your concept passed initial testing and went on to more rigorous, quantitative testing. The results there were promising and you’ve decided to launch the new product! Now, you need to identify potential suppliers and distribution partners.

For this assignment, create a 5-6 page paper that contains the following information:

In 1-2 pages, create a list of at least three potential suppliers and describe what they would do for your company (preferably using real-life suppliers, but you may use fictitious names if you can’t locate an existing company that supplies that material).

In 1-2 pages, create a list of at least three potential channel partners and describe what they would do for your company (wholesalers, retailers, etc.).

Using the companies listed in your supplier list, create a diagram of suppliers that traces your offering back to its raw materials.

Using the companies listed in your channel partner list, create a flowchart that shows at least three potential pathways to get your product to the consumer.

Include a ½-page write-up that discusses the value that each supplier and channel partner contributes to the development and distribution of your offering.

Proofread your final assignment for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. For more information about APA, Running head: INTRODUCING AUQUABABIES PRODUCT
Introducing Auquababies Product
Desmond K. Fulton
Rasmussen College
Author Note
This paper is being submitted on January 20, 2019 for Connie Xecominos Principles of
Marketing course.
Product Description
Auquababies is a type of baby toy with various forms of animal shapes. The above toys
are made from fabric that is soft and gentle on the body of a child. As a result of the soft
material, the bay can play while the parent takes on bathing them using the same toy while they
play with it. Auquababies toys are a new line of product and vary from the common toys which
are typically made from plastic hence regularly wear out when exposed to water. Auquababies
can soak in water for long periods and are designed to hold the soap at the same time. The fabric
used to make these toys is quite long lasting which helps them retain their new look even after
being used for long.
Value Proposition
According to research, the majority of children do not like bathing since they consider it
is playing time. Bath time is usually dreaded in most homes with babies and considered a great
challenge by the majority of parents. Most toddlers enjoy playing in the water while bathing, but
it becomes a problem as the baby gets older. The problem usually escalates to the point where a
child will refuse to bathe causing the parent to force them which end up with too much crying
from the baby (Osterwalder & Papadakos, 2014). As a result, auquababies has been designed to
help curb the problem of crying while bathing among babies. These are toys which make it fun
for children as they shower while playing and also takes off the burden from parents.
Auquababies can be used as toys and also bathing tools by parents.
Making children comfortable as well as happy is usually a grave predicament for parents
especially first-time parents and mostly the single parents. Auquababies toys will prove quite
resourceful since royalty has been considered and accorded. The auquababies toys have
numerous benefits which can be derived from them including peace at home as well as cleaner
children and toys. Being gentle with babies and caring for them is the most appropriate and
suitable way to handle them and assists in reducing stress when with them. In light of the above
proposition, auquababies toys help in bonding between parents and babies since they have an
easy time when bathing and playing thus stress reduction. Auquababies help to merge playing
with bathing which is equally crucial to a child.
Reason to Believe
Unlike other baby toys in the market which are dependent on market prices in cost
determination, auquababies are different since they deliver functional as well as the emotional
advantage to the buyers. Realistic merits provide functional utility to customers, and on the other
hand, emotional advantage makes the users feel good while using the product (Dodds, 2003).
The soft fabric of the toys is practical proof that they are bathing items while the toy nature in the
form of animals is quite fascinating to children hence they tend to play with them.
Suggested Retail Price
Cost of production along with overall market value is quite significant in product value
with regard to price setting for auquababies toys. The suggested retail price for auquababies toys
is thus approximately $15.
During manufacturing and planning of the auquababies toys, the fabric was a factor that
was deemed quite crucial. I wanted to please both parent and children with this product hence
had to be keen on the materials to choose. The soft and long-lasting fabric was to help with
keeping the baby at ease and comfortable as they are bathed. The additional function of the
bathing item was significant in distracting the baby during the event that they most dread. The
suggested retail price was chosen basing on the existing market price. The price was to be
starting price without much focus on the cost of production to attract some significant market for
the product and maybe later increased in the case where the buyers have realized the importance
of the product and do not mind purchasing at the higher prices (Wiid & Diggines, 2010). The
suggested price was to act as a distracter and prevent the buyers from not choosing this product
basing on price difference with the existing toys, yet they have not tried using the product. The
value proposition was critical during analysis. The key benefit of auquababies being used as a
toy and tool for bathing was significant since the majority of parents would give it a thought an
attempt at having an easy time with their babies during bathing. Time for bathing is usually a
pressing problem for a vast population of parents hence it will help in marketing the product if
this benefit was highlighted. The advantage of the toy helping in bonding between parents and
babies was also key since a high number of parents especially first time would deem good
bonding with their children as a priority (Wiid & Diggines, 2010). If the toys would aid
increasing bonding and making their babies more comfortable around them, first-time male
single parents mostly would not kind of giving it a try hence high sales. Lastly, the reasons to
believe are key since they provide a comparative and additional benefit with other companies of
similar products thus it is practical.
Market Research
Market research is resourceful in providing an overview of the kind of products in the
market as well as new products which may bring high profits. With regard to auquababies, I will
conduct market research through online means in addition to through questionnaires. The focus
will be placed on determining the particular need for information concerning the market.
Detailed analysis will be taken into practice with the aim of setting right the needs. Secondly, the
outcomes of the previous step will be prioritized. Researching all kinds of information that are of
interest is quite impossible hence the need to concentrate on specific important information
which will provide the most suitable payback (Wiid & Diggines, 2010). A review of research
alternatives that are less expensive will be conducted to minimize unwarranted costs that may be
incurred in the process. I will then approximate the cost due to performing the research with all
consideration of expenditure on the internet. In the case where I consider hiring a researcher
otherwise consultant, it is essential to put all considerations in place and priorities right to
achieve the goals of the business as well as avoid unnecessary expenditures.
I will undertake secondary research. I will first analyze data and information that is already
published regarding new markets. I will identify competitors, identify benchmarks along with
target segments. My segments are those that can be placed in my targeted demographic which
those that have a particular lifestyle exhibit a specific behavioral pattern and have a
predetermined age. I chose this type of research since it provides information on previous
experiences in similar markets thus I can plan effectively.
Name: Stephen
Goals and Challenges: To understand the dynamic
Age: 28
Gender: Male
predict future demands
Values and fears: Innovative and good leadership skills
Salary: $ 5000
Lack of coordination and good
Location: US
Education: Master’s Degree
Family and Life: Single with one child
Job Title: Digital Marketing
Marketing message: Ultimate social media tool for
SWOT Analysis

Limited risk of starting the line of product

Highly visible website

Possesses several multiple functions

Helps to connect parents and babies

It is cost friendly for all levels of incomes

Ability to conduct sale of products online

Has high barriers in case of entry

It is produced in various forms that excite babies

Competitors can set similar prices quite quickly

It is limited to children of a certain age bracket

They can be easily destroyed due to their softness

Ability to develop and expand in case of future changes and customer suggestions

Development of relationship with wholesale distribution

Expansion of the online market to other far areas

Ability to develop and open more stores upon realizing high profits and product

Affiliate relations with vendors and marketers of similar products

Ability to sale line of product or merge with higher brands

Emerging markets in some nations with macroeconomic conditions

Cost cutting after the product has settled in the market and gained good ground

Companies with a higher reputation in the market and lower prices

Increase in the price inputs which cause an upward pricing

Digital garning which captures the majority of parents and babies who are proliferated
with smartphones
Dodds, B. (2003). Managing customer value: Essentials of product quality, customer service, and
price decisions. Lanham, MD: University Press of America.
Osterwalder, A., & Papadakos, T. (2014). Get started with … Value proposition design: How to
create products and services customers want. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
Wiid, J., & Diggines, C. (2010). Marketing research. Juta and Company ltd.

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