The Fallacy of Science and Math are not for Women This is the response that I received from some of the women reading the speech… I attached what you did

The Fallacy of Science and Math are not for Women This is the response that I received from some of the women reading the speech… I attached what you did before and the topics that are now listed for this speech. Also this speech has to be around 4 minutes. Can you change the paper to fit one of the topics?

You have lots of facts and also quotes included, but think it would be better if you were able to personalize your speech more.

Think sentence with ‘No Higher Honor” should be better worded to get point across.

You should probably update part about number of women in Congress.

Check on words typed (ie 1st paragraph 4th line from bottom “dipper”? and last page, middle of page, before “Hillary”— no “man” has ever been president) for what you mean to read/say.

Conclusion should be more positive instead of “tear each other down” and “have lost out to men”. Could probably put a period after “struggle.” then delete the next sentence and go onto “It is time… ” followed by (for example) :” Through education and support for one another, women, can have their voices count.” Speech: Pulling Together Towards a Prosperous Future
Good morning everyone! I am glad to join you in the discussion of a theme very close to
my heart; women empowerment. During an occasion like this, I am compelled to borrow the
immortal words of Melinda Gates to the effect that, “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a
strong woman.” Women play an essential role in the society, although not many people,
including women themselves, have appreciated this fact. Traditionally, women have been
confined to household duties, which have in effect hindered them from getting exposed to the
world and exploiting its boundless opportunities. While much of the blame had been laid on the
structure of the society that promoted male dominance, I must be cautious to align myself with
this line of thought, although there some sense in it. In my experience in this world, I have
learned that a woman is another woman’s greatest enemy. If you doubt that, wait until you hear
this. In 2016, according to CNN exit polls, Hillary Clinton had 43% of women white voters
voting for her while President Trump had the support of 52% of women voters. How did Trump
beat Clinton in this segment of voters? Indeed, I am not persuaded that Trump had better
policies, neither have I accepted that Trump was more appealing to white women that Clinton.
The issue concerns dipper social and psychological barrier among women. There is a popular
thought that a lot of women would trust men to run their affairs than women. At a time when
there is a desire for women to rise and occupy some of the central positions in the society, it is
incredibly essential for women to have a paradigm shift in their perception of other women.
There is no doubt that the society has advanced so much that space is much freer for all
people to compete and achieve their goals regardless of their gender. In America, women have
been climbing through positions of power either in the private sector or business. That is a proof
enough that women, with enough support, can achieve much in the society. But first, women
must start pulling each other up rather than working hard to pull each other down. Women are
stronger together than when they are divided. The voices of women are likely to be heard only
when there is unison of voices, even if there are differences in opinion.
Just like a divided house that cannot stand, women, are likely to be left behind in all
spheres of life if there is no unity of purpose. In all societies that have experienced development
in affairs of women, women have always stood by each other and pushed to attain common
goals. One of how women must show their unity and resolve to grow together is through
education. Education is one of the ways through which women may attain empowerment.
Knowledge is the key through which all of us may get a place to serve in various capacities in
the country. To the advantage of women, the education systems in this country do not
discriminate against people on gender grounds. Young women in this country need support from
older women to seek the highest standards of education that they can achieve. Education, notably
higher education in America is incredibly expensive, and most young women may not afford.
However, with sufficient support from other women in the society, it is difficult to see how the
young ladies who are seeking quality education can fail to achieve their desires.
America is full of women who have achieved what other women can only dream of in
their lives. The achieving ladies need to be an inspiration to others on the journey to success.
Admittedly, some prominent women in America have written books that have stood out as
sources of great inspiration not only to women but the American public in general. For example,
in ‘No Higher honor’ Condoleezza Rice, the President Bush administration has belabored to
share with the public what it is, what it means to rise to the top. To be the global face of
America, you need to be unique. And, yet, Ms. Rice made it. Why can’t other women make it?
There is no reason. Through this book, Rice has been an inspiration to many girls who might
have thought that there is no way they could scale such heights of success.
Why are women always going at each other? Are the confrontation and juvenile like
adversary working against women? That is a fundamental fact that most women have failed to
recognize. Hatred, unwarranted confrontation and bile only beget equivalent results. Politics is a
vehicle that women may use to attain desirable positions in the society. Records from the World
Bank suggest that women comprise 50.6% of the American population. However, in the 115th
Congress, the population of women representatives is only 19.4%. This is a clear manifestation
that women are underrepresented in the country’s top policy-making organs. Sadly, no man has
ever been a president, Hillary Clinton was the closest to this seat, but she missed out in very
bizarre circumstances. Women must always be willing and ready to offer support to other
women who are seeking positions of power. Besides, a lot more women need to come forward
and offer themselves to lead. With this strategy, there is no way in which women can fail to have
the desired influence in the society.
In conclusion, an examination of the place and situation of women in America reveals
that American women are in a consistent struggle to tear each other down. Women have failed to
stand by each other, and in the process, they have lost out to men. It is time for women to start
building relationships and developing positive mentalities that will allow them to develop.
Through education and support for one another in political processes, there is no way in which
women can fail to have their voices count in the country. As Hilary Clinton says, “When there
are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit. So let’s keep going — let’s keep going until every one of the
161 million women and girls across America has the opportunity she deserves to have.”
prepare a f our (4) minute speech f rom one of the f ollowing topics:
1. What do you see as the greatest advancement women in the United States have made over
the last 100 years? Explain the reasons f or your answer and how/why this advancement has impac ted
2. What can women today learn f rom the passion and purpose that the suf f ragettes had f or
women’s rights? Are any of the takeaways/lessons f rom the suf f ragette movement applicable today and
3. Choose a woman or girl born within the last 100 years who you believe lives or has lived with
passion and purpose. Explain why you believe this and tell us about the history of this girl or woman and
why you chose to celebrate her?
4. Choose a topic or activity that relates to women that you are passionate about and tell why you
are passionate about the topic or activity. Give a history of your interest and passion in that topic or
5. Who has been the greatest inf luence in your lif e and why? Describe how that person lives or
lived with passion and purpose.
6. How can we encourage younger women who are interested in STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering & Math) to embrace it with passion and purpose? What can we do as a society and what if
anything can BPW/PA do as an organization to assist younger women who express an interest in these
f ields?
7. Is equal pay f or equal work a passion of yours? If so why?
8. Does the lack of quality, af fordable child care act as a barrier f or women to obtain equal pay f or
equal work? What can be done about this issue?
9. Do you believe involvement in sports plays a role in the development of younger women into
leaders who live their lives with passion and purpose? In 2018, we celebrate 46 years of Title IX. How
important is Title IX today and why?
10. The U.S. is one of the only industrialized nations in the world that doesn’t mandate paid
Maternity Leave, and approximately only 11 percent of private-sector American employees have access
to such leave. Do you believe that the lack of paid Maternity Leave acts as a barrier to a woman’s gend er
pay equality and her advancement in the workplace? If so, what if any suggestions do you have?

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