47 Quiz Questions need to answer 47 quiz questionsneed to answer 47 quiz questions Part 1 1. Describe the four phases of the system development life cycle?

47 Quiz Questions need to answer 47 quiz questionsneed to answer 47 quiz questions Part 1
1. Describe the four phases of the system development life cycle?
2. What is a needs assessment. How does that relate to business requirements and specifications?
3. Describe a cost/benefit analysis.
4. Describe 3 different methods for acquiring a new EHR system.
5. Describe a project steering committee. Who should be invited to be a member?
6. How might you use a strategic planning session for a new employer interested in purchasing a new
EHR system?
7. What certification should an new EHR system have?
8. What is a focus group and how might it be useful when purchasing a new EHR system?
9. What is project buy-in? Why is it important and how is it obtained?
10. Describe 10 steps in the system acquisition process.
11. Describe three different project management tools and explain why each might be preferred.
12. Discuss 5 things that can go wrong in the system acquistion process.
13. What should be included in negotiations about legacy data?
14. What should be included in negotiations if you may want to replace the EHR in the future?
15. Why is a discussion of the institutions system architecture important when considering a new EHR
16. What is an important risk that results when a system is unreliable (page173).
17. What is an agile system and why is it important?
Part 2
1. What percentage of information system installations are successful? Why do you suppose that is true?
2. What is the function of system champions?
3. Why is establishing accountabiilty important to the success of a system implementation?
4. What would an employee engage in system sabotage?
5. Why is it important for the system implementation team to understand the organizations strategic
6. Consider the differences between business objectives, business requirements, specifications, and
7. How does one prevent scope creep?
8. What are SMART goals? Why use them?
9. How is success defined in system implementation?
10. What roles and functions does the business sponsor take and perform?
11. Differentiate among the business owner, project manager, and IT manager.
12. What is included in a project plan?
13. What is BPM and iBPM?
14. Why is it critical to understand the organizations work flows and business processes?
15. Show a sample GANTT chart or project timeline for your completion of this course.
16. What can we learn from the Guide to Reducing Unintended Consequences of Electronic Health
17. What is a change order? Why is it important to develop a comprehensive and specific scope of work?
18. Can EHR systems be purchased and used ‘off the shelf’?
19. Describe 3 concerns with training?
20. What is a major risk of spending a lot of resources training trainers?
21. Describe the data conversion process.
22. Is communication an ad hoc process in system implementation? Why or why not?
23. How do EHR systems effect the relationship between provider and patient?
24. Describe the change management process.
25. Why must top leaders support and share the vision of the iimplementation.
26. Describe the qualities of a good change management leader.
27. Why should you ‘not underestimate user resistance’?
28. Should all users be trained in the same way? Why or why not?
29. Discuss the role of feedback in system implementation
30. Discuss system life cycle, system maintenance, and support.

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