AirAsia Advertising Social Symbols Among People For the first one, just write a short paragraph, be specific and thoughtful. Can start with ” I agree or I

AirAsia Advertising Social Symbols Among People For the first one, just write a short paragraph, be specific and thoughtful. Can start with ” I agree or I disagree…” then explain the reason.The second one is not very important, just basic on the materials write any thing you want. Short Writing Assignment 1
Length: 1-2 pages
1. Brains storm a list of status symbols that are common in advertising today.
Explore why these are appealing (how they help sell the product) and to
whom they are appealing (who is the intended audience for each of them).
2. Pick one of the ads from the “Portfolio of Advertisements” in our textbook
and explore its elements, audience, etc. be sure to address what the ad
connotes as well as what it denotes.
Elements of Advertising
Ads and other images can be seen as visual texts. They all have a message
to get across, and they use visual and verbal elements to get this message
across. Sometimes it is the lack of an element which helps get the message
through as well. Here are some elements to consider as you analyze ads:
1. What colors do the advertisers use in the ad? What do these colors
connote? For example, the color red has several connotations in U.S.
culture (and others). It can be used to mean “danger”, but can also be
used to connote “love”. The connotation of a color is specific to each
culture. For example, the color white connotes purity in some cultures, and
death or mourning in others.
2. How is the ad lit? Is the product/model on a white background? Is it dark?
What do these connote? For example, dark can be mysterious, or scary,
or dangerous, but with candle-light it becomes romantic.
3. Who are the models in the ad? What do they look like? What do they
wear? What’s their body language suggesting? Are they looking at us, the
audience, or off to the side? How do the models help sell the
product/service of the ad?
4. Are the models set into a contextual background (like a beach, or an
office), or are they set against a blank white background? How does this
affect the story the ad is telling, and the message the advertisers are trying
to get across?
5. Are there words in the ad? What are they? What do they describe? Also
notice the font, size and color of the words. How does all of this help sell
the product/service in the ad?
All of these elements, individually and collectively, work to sell the
product/service and help in getting the advertisers’ message across.
Denotation can give us glimpse into what the popular sign actually means.
Taking things at face value can lead to a misunderstanding of its intent or
purpose. At times, it will deprive us of the full knowledge of why the sign
became so popular, why it was even created, and if it benefits us or not. Yet,
fully understanding what it denotates can promote curiosity and inquisition
which leads us to connotation.
Once we arrive at the connotation of the sign we can truly see it under a
microscopic view. The intricacies of why it was created and how it affects our
popular culture can no longer be hidden. It brings you to another world of
thinking and allows you to question its significance, purpose, and goal.
Therefore, denotation and connotation working together provide an improved
way of analyzing the signs that surround us in our popular culture.
This is one person’s opinion, and could you make
some comments of these words above, not too much,
one paragraph is enough.

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