BCJ2000 Columbia Southern Correctional System & Criminal Justice Discussion This is what my classmate wrote and I have To Respond to it for my BCJ 2000 Uni

BCJ2000 Columbia Southern Correctional System & Criminal Justice Discussion This is what my classmate wrote and I have To Respond to it for my BCJ 2000 Unit V I understand this is a very hot topic right now. In my opinion the use of probation, parole, and community corrections is sometimes effective in addressing the needs of the criminal justice system. I say only sometimes because I have seen times where an offender is released back into the community only to commit the same crime they were being punished for. I have also seen the other side of that where offenders are put away for what in my opinion is too lengthy of a sentence for the crime they committed. In my opinion, the punishment should match the crime. I feel as if we don’t as good of a job rehabilitating these individuals, this goes back to the staffing and budget issues plaguing our correctional system. I don’t think anyone has an appropriate solution, and I don’t think “throwing more money at It” will solve the problem, I think each State should take a step back and examine what works and what doesn’t work for their correctional system and come up with a plan to fix the issues and capitalize on the areas that are working. This is what was written for class BCJ 2000 Unit V I have to answer the question below I feel the American correctional system is failing. Take, for instance, that the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2018) declared that the fact that the incarceration rate in the US as of May 2018, was 655 to 100000 Americans. Then, consider that, a third of all convicts released eventually find their way back in prison, with over 60,000 being minor parole violators, and that even law enforcers and profilers are keen on suspects with previous records. The correctional system is, therefore, falling short of its job to punish, to persuade against committing a crime, and to rehabilitate criminals as tasked by the constitution. The questions are? But do you think that some of the people that are in the correctional system want to be helped?? I see a lot of people that keep wanting to go back to prison because they have a place to stay, a tv, a gym, and so on. Do we make it too comfortable for these people? Should we take away some of the things that the prisoners to make it harder on them. I am not saying that we should torture them, I am just making it so they dont want to go back? The correctional system can only do what they are equiped to do and not having the money to fix the problem will keep it in the state that it is in. Board Question for my class BCJ 2000 class Unit VI As you have learned, the American criminal justice system relies heavily on technology. One such technological tool that has become more prevalent in recent years is the use of body cameras for patrol officers. In your opinion, does the use of body cameras help or hinder our law enforcement officers if an incident should occur? Do you feel the use of body cameras influences the behavior, in either direction, of the patrol officer? Explain your reasoning. This is what was written for my BCJ 2000 class Unit IV and I have to respond to the question below I agree with you that determinate sentencing is the best method of sentencing considering its influence on the reduction of crime rates. The determinate method normally has specific imprisonment periods allocated to specific crimes. The most dangerous or serious crimes are allocated lengthy periods of imprisonment while the petty crimes are allocated significantly short imprisonment periods. There is also the provision of information to both the victim of the offense and the prisoner on the release date of the individual. In Virginia, the writer’s state of residence, the police are supposed to be notified on the release date of a convict. I also agree that the voluntary sentencing is least effective compared to other forms of sentencing. It enables the development of inconsistencies as it does not rely on the suggested sentencing policies. There are also inconsistencies in the prisons as it creates situations where individuals convicted of the same crime have different prison terms. The court system could also lose its credibility as the weight of sentences on prisoners would significantly differ for all lawbreakers. This is the question I have to answer thinking critically, do you think what is being done in Virginia, would work nationwide? What would be the positives and negatives? I have to answer this question for my BCJ 2001 Unit IV critically thinking, some of your alternatives make sense for major crimes. Helicopters need to be in the “air” and the direction of flight would have to be known for the strips. What about lesser type motor vehicles violations? This is what was written:Top of Form Automobile police pursuits are usually dangerous to both the police and the general public. Even though the police have the objective of capturing an escapee who is a lawbreaker, they also subject the public to a lot of danger. Statistics have shown that 50% of police pursuits have led to collusion within the initial 2 minutes. This is a significant number considering that the people could be harmed by these pursuits within such a small time period in the pursuit. Therefore, these pursuits are not worth the risk because the criminals being chased could still be captured using other alternative methods like electronic spiked strip, ultrasonic devices, using helicopters. This is what was written in BCJ class 2001 Unit IV and I have to answer the question below Your argument is compelling with statistics that we cannot deny. When dealing with such a sensitive issue, statistics are crucial to decision making. In this case, the lesser evil is pretty obvious. We cannot forego police pursuit in order to minimize the number of casualties as a result. Consider the fact that every day about 112000 speeding tickets are issued. That translates to similar chances of potential road accidents associated with speeding. And remember these statistics are collected under the nationwide knowledge of police vigilance. If the law enforces pull off pursuits, your worry of the potential increase in those numbers is understated. This is the question I have to answer the best a police officer can do will be to arrest with probable cause. This means the person may have committed the crime. What if he or she did not and someone is injured seriously during the chase? This is what my classmate wrote and I have to respond to it for BCJ 2001 Unit V Our police officers are well trained in detecting abnormal or criminal behavior and I agree with the justifications of the Terry Stop. I do encourage anyone who is subject to a Terry Stop without merit to report this behavior to the Police Department so that the effectiveness of the officers training can be observed and recorded. Board Question For BCJ 2001 class Unit VI What are some of the biggest issues facing minority groups in law enforcement today? Identify some minority groups working in law enforcement, and explain the challenges they face working in the field today. Do you feel that these challenges can be solved? Explain your answer. ASSESMNETQUESTIONS QUESTION 1 Discuss the various crime prevention programs for young people today. Your response should consist of at least 200 words. QUESTION 2 Discuss challenges faced by law enforcement officers in communities. Include in your discussion issues involving minorities. What are some efforts being made currently to help improve the relationship that the public has with law enforcement officers? Your response should consist of at least 200 words.

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