BCJ2501 Columbia Southern Unit IV Role of Probation Officer Discussion BCJ 2201 Unit IV THIS IS DUE IN 2 DAYS I have to comment on my classmates discussio

BCJ2501 Columbia Southern Unit IV Role of Probation Officer Discussion BCJ 2201 Unit IV THIS IS DUE IN 2 DAYS

I have to comment on my classmates discussion board question this is what they wrote

I believe the role of the probation officer will be need even more than before. As any form of rehabilitation you will constantly need to follow up and continue with the proper coaching to continue in the right path. I know from my small town upbringing that a probation officer was one that policed the kids in his care and the ones who were not in his care. Yes ( I was in his care for a short time ) and almost thirty-five years later I still make the effort to say Hi to him when we are at the same events. The probation officer’s job is one that is never done with todays youth and the way they face the challenges of our times. I hope the right people choose to become probation officers for all the right reasons and make todays youth become better adults.


Discussion Board Question:

What is meant by the term due process as it relates to juvenile delinquents and the juvenile justice system? Should juveniles be provided the same due process rights as adults? Provide your rationale and/or reasoning to support your opinion.

And I have to answer to my clasmates Discussion Board Question This is What They Wrote:

To me, due process when it comes to juveniles and the juvenile justice system mean that the juvenile is read his or her rights. It is then ensured that they understand their rights before questioning. Next they are given the opportunity to remain silent, and if they choose to speak have counsel with them when being questioned. I definitely believe that juveniles should be provided the same due process as adults, in fact I feel even more so. This is because of the mental capacity for reasoning in juveniles. Juveniles do not have the same reasoning and understanding that an adult would, so they definitely need due process to ensure the proceedings are done accurately or fairly. The last thing you would want is for the process to not be done correctly, and the juvenile end up walking on a technicality because the process was not followed like it should have been


I have to comment on my clasmates Discussion Board Question this is what they wrote:

I think economic conditions do at times cause people to commit crimes. If times are bad and people lose their income, they may choose to turn to crime to get what they need or want. If they turn to crime, they may feel that if they steal stuff then they could sell it to get money to then buy what they need or want.

I feel that economic deprivation could too possibly at times lead to crime. People will not feel as if they could keep up with the Jones’s if their suffering from economic deprivation, so they may turn to crime to get what they feel they need. While I don’t think this is a common occurrence, I think it comes up at times. I don’t feel as if all people who are suffering from any of these conditions will turn to crime for gain. I think most people will find other ways to achieve the economic that they feel the need to survive. I feel that most people would just rather work through the rough times then to have a record for the rest of their life or jail time. After all, if you have a record it is going to most likely make things harder economically for you because you may not be able to get a job or assistance if you needed to. So, most people I think will have the common sense to just hang in their and things will get better.

BCJ 2501 Unit V Discussion Board Question: THIS IS DUE IN 6 DASY

Identify at least two ways that gender significantly organizes elements of social life. Then, explain how these could contribute to the likelihood of criminal behavior.

Unit V Scholarly Activity unit V THIS IS DUE IN 6 DAYS


For this scholarly activity, you will explain the link between crime patterns, trends, and theory. Referencing Chapters 7 and 8, you will focus on social criminological theories and their relation to crime rates.

Select two theories (one from Chapter 7 and one from Chapter 8), and include responses to the following points in your scholarly activity:

Explain the theories (one to two paragraphs for each theory). In your explanation, include how these would either raise or lower the crime rate and your rationale as to why.
Explain how peer groups, families, and social organizations positively or negatively affect your theory.
Explain your thoughts on the theories as far as their applicability to explain crime. Do you think these are relevant? Why, or why not? Is there anything missing that would make them explain crime better?

Your scholarly activity must be a minimum of two pages in length. Outside sources are not a requirement; however, if you choose to use outside sources, they must be cited and referenced.

Unit V Case Study unit v BCJ 2201 THIS IS DUE IN 6 DAYS

In this assignment, you will discuss the three major cases that affected the due process of juveniles and further served to balance the juvenile justice system. You are strongly encouraged to utilize the required reading listed in this unit for this assignment. Please be sure to provide the following components:

Include an overview of each of the following cases of Kent v. United States, In re Gault, and In re Winship (at least three paragraphs/one for each of the cases).
Include how each case affected due process (at least three paragraphs/one for each of the cases).

Your completed assignment must be a minimum of one full page in length and should be completed using the form located here.

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