BUA202 Accounting Class quiz and homework Hello friend,I am currently taking an online course that I need help with. What I need done is the homework and q

BUA202 Accounting Class quiz and homework Hello friend,I am currently taking an online course that I need help with. What I need done is the homework and quiz that is due really soon. This course is online, and you will be provided with the access to it. There is a syllabus and textbook that will be provided to you. PLEASE, ONLY BID IF YOU ARE GOOD AT ACCOUNTING!Attached are images that provide guidance on how to navigate the website, as well as what the homework looks like. System Notloos
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Read 1984 and do bookreport by 9/14
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Read Silent Spring by 2/5
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BUA 337 [1530-1645) Production & Operations Mgt (SP 2019)
> BUA 337 Homework for Tuesday
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BUA201-0001: Prin of Financial Acct (Spring 2018)
BUA202-0002: Prin of Managerial Acct (Fall 2018)
BUA202-0990: Prin of Managerial Acct (Spring 2019)
> Chapter 3: System Design: Job Order Costing
Accounting help lab
BUA220-0003: Legal Environment of Bus (Fall 2018)
BUA235 (COMBINED): Info Systems & Tech for Bus (Spring 2018)
BUA325-0001: Prin of Mgt & Organization (Fall 2018)
BUA202-0990: Prin of
Managerial Acct (Spring
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Chapter 3: System Design: Job Order Costing
Posted by: Wayne Ingalls
Posted to: BUA202-0990:
Prin of Managerial Acct
(Spring 2019)
Posted on: Thursday, January 31, 2019 8:38:01 AM EST
Course Content
Discussion Forums
Home work for next week which is due February 10. Next week we begin the managerial accounting portion of the course. Chapter 3 in the Garrison text will be
the first area of study. You will need the Garrison text which is available in the book store. The access card is not needed but you will need the custom text. Don’t
attempt to do this course without the textbook. In order to cover the material adequately I needed to assign several lengthly homework problems especially
problem 3 which is the most important. This chapter is very important since it lays the foundation for much of what we do in the remainder of the course. Be sure to
allot extra time for this chapter and start early in the week. Remember the accounting lab is available from Monday to Thursdays should you need extra help or want
to check your work before submitting for grading. Also the discussion forum is available to post any questions that you may have. Again, start the work early in the
week. Remember to save your entire Excel workbook as a PDF file and submit both the Excel file and PDF for to Blackboard for grading. Very important!
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Accounting help lab
Posted on: Tuesday, January 29, 2019 6:43:43 PM EST
Posted by: Wayne Ingalls
Posted to: BUA202-0990:
Prin of Managerial Acct
(Spring 2019)
There will be an accounting lab From Monday to Thursday 4-6pm in room 218 DPC on Monday to Thursday. You are not required to attend the accounting lab but this is a good resource if you are
having difficulties with the homework, want to check your work or needs explanations of some of the
Chapter AC2 Quiz
Posted by: Wayne Ingalls
Posted to: BUA202-0990:
Prin of Managerial Acct
(Spring 2019)
Posted on: Thursday, January 24, 2019 11:27:23 AM EST
The quiz for AC2 is available. All quizzes for all chapter become available early on Thursdays. The deadline for completion of all quizzes is Sunday 11:59PM. The
quiz will automatically close at this time. However, do not wait until late on Sunday to submit the homework assignment or complete the quiz. It is best to finish the
work at least a day ahead of the deadline in case you experience problems with your computer etc. Late submissions of homework assignments, quizzes and exams
will receive zero grades.
Submitting homework
Posted by: Wayne Ingalls
Posted to: BUA202-0990:
Course Content
Course Content
BUA202-0990: Prin of
Managerial Acct (Spring
Copyright Statement
Course Evaluations
The materials on this course are only for the use of students enrolled in this course for purposes associated with this course and may not be retained or further disseminated.
Course Content
Syllabus Spring 2019: Please read carefully
Discussion Forums
Start Course Here: Accounting Cycle Chapter 2
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Accounting Cycle Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Systems Design: Job-Order Costing
Chapter 2 Part I: Managerial Accounting and Cost Concepts
Chapter 2 Part II: Cost Behavior: Analysis and Use
Chapter 5: Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships
Prin of Managerial
Acct (Spring 2019)
Course Evaluations
Suggested Schedule for week ended February 3, 2019 Please note homework, quiz and discussion links will appear below at the start of each week.
Monday-Read the electronic text Chapter 3 (see the link below for electronic textbook) Tuesday-View the Video Lecture (Required) Wednesday & Thursday-Work on Homework-Visit Accounting lab if necessary. Thursday to Sunday Take the quiz and submit homework well before 11:59 P.M. on Sunday. Should you
submit the homework or quiz just before the deadline you do so at your own peril.
Course Content
Requirements for Chapter 3 Accounting Cycle
The link for the homework assignment and discussion forum will appear on January 27, 2019.
The link for the quiz will appear on January 31, 2019. Both links will disappear on February 3, 2019 at 11:59 PM.
Discussion Forums
Requirements for this chapter:
Read the Electronic text material Accounting Cycle chapter 3 (click on the link below).
My Grades
View the video lecture for this Chapter: See the link below.
Prepare problem: 1 using the attached Excel sheet.
Finish and submit the online quiz by 11:59 PM on or before February 3, 2019: See the link below.
Preparation and submission of Homework assignment:
Use the Excel template attached below as follows:
Download template file and rename use your last name, first initial and assignment name.
For example: Ingalls WCHAC3.Do this exactly as describe to ensure the grading is efficient, prompt and accurate.
Save the file after renaming.
Complete the attached Excel template and save, also save the Excel file as a PDF file and return both files by January 27, 2019 11:59 PM. Always upload the PDF file first. An announcement will detail how to save the Excel file as a PDF file.
Use the assignment tool within Blackboard to submit your work for grading (Do not use emails).
Some assignments will have more than one problem required. Therefore, click on the tabs at the bottom of the Excel sheet to view each problem assigned. Very important to receive credit for each required problem assigned!
Please use the discussion forum for all technical questions instead of the message and email functions. If you believe you know the answer to questions posted by other students and would like to help it is OK to reply to the posting. I monitor the questions and responses daily for accuracy.
Electronic Text Material Accounting Cycle Chapter 3
Required Video Lecture
BUA202 Adjustment for Financial Reporting
Watch later Share
Some assets are not fully used up in a
single fiscal period.
A car may last five vears, but its value as a
resource declines time and usage.
Maine Business School
Homework Chapter 3 Accounting Cycle
Accounting Cycle Chapter 3 Quiz
Problem 1
Note: Assume the accounting (fiscal) year ends on December 31st.
Situation one
A one-year insurance policy was purchased on August 1 for $1,800 and the
followng entry was made at that time”
Prepaid Insurance
Show the adjusting entry at December 31 in the General Journal Sheet that follows.
Situation two
Supplies were purchased for cash on May 2, 2017, for & 7,500. Show how this purchase
would be recorded. Then show the adjusting entry that would be necessary, assuming that
$2,500 of the supplies remained at the end of the year. Use the General Journal Sheet
that follows.
Situation three
This is the
Assume that a company acquired a building on January 1, 2017, at a cost of $2,000,000.
The building had an estimated life of 40 years and an estimated salvage value of $400,000.
What adjusting entry is needed on December 31, 2017, to record the depreciation for the
entire year 2017? Record your entry on the General Journal that follows.
Situation four
On September 1, 2017, Professional Bowler Journal, Inc. received a total of $480,000 as
payment in advance for one-year subscriptions to a monthly magazine. A liability account
was credited to record this cash receipt. By the end of the year, one third of the magazines
paid for in advance had been delivered. Give the entries to record the receipt of the
subscription fees and to adjust the accounts at December 31, assuming annual financial
statements are prepared at year-end. Use the General Journal that follows.
Situation five
A firm borrowed $20,000 on November 1. By December 31, $400 of interest had been
incurred. Prepare the adjusting entry required on December 31. Use the General Journal
that follows.

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