BUS503 Module 4 Trident The Cycle of Change Model 5-6 pages Assignment, you will use the Cycle of Change Model to evaluate the organizational transformatio

BUS503 Module 4 Trident The Cycle of Change Model 5-6 pages Assignment, you will use the Cycle of Change Model to evaluate the organizational transformation process of a familiar company: Caterpillar, Inc. Read the following case study about Caterpillar’s organizational transformation. As you read through the case, be sure that you carefully consider how the various steps in the Cycle of Change Model were employed by Caterpillar as it undertook its massive—yet immensely successful—organizational transformation. Essentially, Caterpillar “wrote the book” as to how major organizational change should be successfully accomplished. Neilson, G. L., & Pasternack, B. A. (2005). The cat that came back. Strategy+Business. Retrieved from https://www.strategy-business.com/article/05304?gko=56862 After reading the Caterpillar change case study, respond to the following in a well-written 5- to 6-page paper: Apply the Cycle of Change Model to the Caterpillar case study, that is, Direct the change: Minimally, describe the process by which Caterpillar determined the nature and scope of the change needed. Did the organization explicitly state what the expected outcome(s) of the transformation would be? How well was the change articulated? Drive the change: How was the company’s new vision made known? What was the process for “driving” and energizing people involved with and responsible for the organizational transformation? Deliver the change: Describe the process by which Caterpillar delivered the change (project management, e.g.). Prepare for the change: Discuss Caterpillar’s change management process; how were the company’s people and culture prepared for such a massive transformation? . How was the change propagated throughout the organization? What benefits/ value did Caterpillar realize from the organizational transformation process? Were the outcomes consistent with the benefits that were contemplated at the outset of the planning process? With the understanding that Caterpillar’s transformation was tremendously successful, provide your impressions concerning the extent to which Caterpillar adhered to the Cycle of Change Model. Related to Item #2, what did Caterpillar do particularly well in terms of following the Cycle of Change Model sequence? Conclude your paper by providing recommendations as to what Caterpillar might have done differently to improve the organizational transformation. The following sources may also be helpful to you in the completion of the Case assignment, as it provides very current background on Caterpillar. Hymen, J. (2017, July 18). 3 reasons to be bullish on Caterpillar (CAT) ahead of earnings. Nasdaq. Retrieved from http://www.nasdaq.com/article/3-reasons-to-be-bullish-on-caterpillar-cat-ahead-of-earnings-cm817686 Caterpillar ranks #47 on Fortune’s “Most Admired Companies” list, and is ranked #59 on the 2017 Fortune 500 list: Caterpillar. (2017). Fortune. Retrieved from http://fortune.com/worlds-most-admired-companies/caterpillar/Attached is the grading rubric I need an ‘A” a tip will be awardinlg accordingly

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