BUSN319 DeVry University Marketing Plan for Subtopics Attached is the Product Proposal for the Service we’re providing for the Marketing Plan. Writing of a

BUSN319 DeVry University Marketing Plan for Subtopics Attached is the Product Proposal for the Service we’re providing for the Marketing Plan. Writing of a minimal of 2 pages on the subtopic listed below and it’s sections.

Market-Product Focus (Edwin)

a. Marketing and Product Objectives

b. Target Markets

c. Points of Difference

d. Positioning Running head: MARKETING PLAN
Topic Proposal
Edwin Acevedo, Sheree Bowens, Andre McCurtis, Joshua Thomas, & Torrey Wingate
Group 3
DeVry University
Background and Ownership
Mighty Tykes Learning Center was developed by a group of friends that all have
children. They came to the conclusion that affordable, good, and safe daycare centers are nonexistence in the South Fulton County area of Atlanta, Georgia. The friends were having a
conversation on day about the numerous stories that are in the news on almost a daily basis about
young children that are abused while attending a day care center. There conversation also
included information how children are going to day cares and not learning basic things that
should be taught to them. Basically these centers are only providing babysitting services to these
parents that think their child is in good hands while they’re at work. None of the services that are
being advertised are actually being provided. After doing some intensive research it was
concluded that the cheaper centers are the ones that are having these issues. One of the main
reasons for these actions could be they are not putting the time and effort into doing proper
background checks on the staff they are hiring. That’s when the friends decided they would
develop a childcare center that would be affordable for parents and at the same time providing a
safe environment where their children will also develop their minds so they will be able to move
on to higher education when it’s time. The staff will be one that cares about the children as if
they were their very own. Mighty Tykes Learning Center will start as a smaller center that can
only hold up to 25 children. After providing excellent service, getting a good repetition, and
some great advertisement they would like to expand to make there maximum number of children
Company Description
Our brand-new state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in Atlanta, Georgia near Highway
285 as well as on the public transportation line. The safety and welfare of your child is our top
priority. Our facility provides continuous video monitoring, biometric fingerprint and code
process for school entry. There will always be a friendly face available to assist when children
are first arriving to the facility. It’s mandatory for all employees to undergo a rigorous
background checks and are CPR and First Aid certified. There will be ongoing mandatory
training and professional development to the staff they participate in ongoing training and
professional development. Mighty Tykes Early Learning Center will ensure that they are always
up to date with all state licenses and certifications. We project healthy revenues by the end of the
first year and expect to nearly triple that by the end of Year 3. We would like to grow into 4
campuses within the next 6 years. Our goal is to maintain a healthy foundation for children and
their families with a commitment to excellence in our business practices.
Mission Statement
The owners are dedicated to ensuring that the children will always be placed in the best
hands. When children are away from home they need to feel as if they are in a safe, loving and
secure environment at all times, will still expanding their little brains. They will always hold true
to their mission statement “Mighty Tykes Early Learning Center we strive to provide high
quality, safe, fun, and nurturing environment so your child can feel like they are at home, ensuing
their minds are able to develop in a social, physical, and emotional manner.”
Marketing Analysis
Mighty Tykes Learning Center aims to accommodations all types of families. It’s
understood that not all families will need all the facilities that are available but it’s important to
have them available to them. By having different types of programs for the parents to choose
means we are giving variety and that’s what consumers like. Most consumers like being able to
have a choose between multiple things, so they don’t feel like they are locked into certain things.
By giving them choose we are ahead of the competition not only by that but also by the extended
services that are being offered to the children that attend the facility. Some of the main ways to
reach out to our customers will be through communication, social media, and building awareness
in the community. When doing this it will be shown to the parents our curriculum is above the
rest, we will always approach them with the greatest respect, and we will prove our process is
above the rest.

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