Case Analysis: The Hotel from Hell Response The group assigned to conduct the case analysis on this particular case will upload their analysis here (File C

Case Analysis: The Hotel from Hell Response The group assigned to conduct the case analysis on this particular case will upload their analysis here (File Case Analysis G1). Other groups (File My response for G1) will have an opportunity to comment on the analysis, ask questions, and/or make suggestions about how this analysis(File Case Analysis G1) could be improved.

Read the (File Case Analysis G1)

My classmate have done a small paragraph on the analysis(File My response for G1).

You can choose whatever comment, ask questions, and/or make suggestions to add on it which is around 20-50 words.

You need to match up what my classmates already wrote.

Don’t delete the paragraph that my classmate done! Case Analysis: The Hotel from Hell
The Restwell Hotel has many issues with communication between employees and
managers, recording company information, and scheduling. These issues lead to customers not
being satisfied with their experience at the hotel. The hotel could benefit from saving all
discounts and information at a location that all employees could access, setting up a
communication system for the employees, and schedule meetings at convenient times for all
One of the common issues found at the hotel was a communication barrier between the
day manager and the afternoon and evening shift staff. I would consider Paul as a frontline
manager because he is supposed to operate, create new content, and come up with new ideas that
help with the overall growth for the company. (lacked interpersonal and communication skills)
Some ways this issue could have been fixed is by opening up the lines for communication in
multiple ways so that the entire staff is fully informed about all the things that are going on
within the company. A great resource that could be used is finding the appropriate software that
would allow all the employees to communicate with each other. A company email account for
each employee would be a great way for them to communicate. By communicating over email
they could also cut down on the number of meetings they would have to have. When a new
discount was made available to customers, an email could be sent out to all employees to notify
them of the offer.
Another issue they had was finding an efficient system that allowed them to properly
record all of their sales and discounts. This would allow all of the employees to be aware of the
current discounts and special programs available for hotel customers. (technical skills) By the
employees not knowing what the sales and discounts are, they are not able to give fast and
quality service to customers. Customers were getting frustrated waiting for the employees to find
the information on the discount or promotion they were interested in. Having to sift through
various papers and possibly make a phone call in the midst of tending to a customer was
unprofessional and a very slow process. Disorganization plays a big part of this companies day to
day problems and they should form a filing system that helps organize all of the paperwork and
the current customer’s information that they take on. Having a server where all the companies’
information could be stored would solve a lot of their problems. Having employees access the
information they need on a computer instead of going through piles of papers on a desk would be
much more efficient. The information could be stored in an organized manner in different files
for discounts, promotions, and information for day to day operations. They could also have
archived files for old promotions. In can be costly to purchase and set up a server for employees
to access. They would need computers, desks, a server, and possibly a company to set it up for
them. A cheaper alternative would be to store the information in a file cabinet. This wouldn’t be
as nice as accessing it on a computer, but it is still better than searching through papers on a
Another issue faced by the hotel was scheduling of company meetings. Meetings were
often held at times that didn’t fit the schedules of night shift employees. Meetings were often
held for information that could have easily been sent out in an email. A solution would be to ask
employees what times would be convenient for their schedule. It may also be necessary to have
two separate meetings for a topic, one for day shift employees, and one for night shift
employees. They could also use a company email system to send out less important information
that wouldn’t require a meeting. Face to face meetings would be good for relaying information
where accuracy is important, and for performance reviews or feedback. Email would be better
for notify employees of events or upcoming promotions. Face to face meetings are much more
personal and can get information across more accurately and with the right tone. Sometimes the
tone of an email can be misread.
In summing up this analysis, a company email account would be beneficial to
communication for all employees. Creating some type of a file storage system that can be
accessed by everyone would improve the efficiency and customer satisfaction of the hotel.
Working with employees to accommodate meeting times with their schedules, or set up multiple
meetings for a topic would help improve employee relations with the hotel.
Providing an email for every employee to facilitate information is a great idea. Most
email programs also include a calendar. This might be an easier way to schedule
meetings and also find promotions. By using the calendar this way, meetings can be
scheduled and the different promotions can be logged so employees can view the
promotions that are currently active and their duration.

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