COM101 A Horrifying Experience Hello, Could you please write me a Memorable Experience Speech?, Topics can be* Memorable trip, *Embarrassing moment ,,,,,,.

COM101 A Horrifying Experience Hello, Could you please write me a Memorable Experience Speech?, Topics can be* Memorable trip, *Embarrassing moment ,,,,,,. or whatever happen with you , I just want to present it to class.**Should follow the “Speech Outline Template” that I provided below. And I also provide examples.Thank you (Last Name & Page Number for Each Page) Smith 1
(Your Name)
(Instructors Name)
(Course Name)
(Date: day, month, year…example 11 April 2017)
(Title of Speech)
General Purpose: To inform.
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about ………………….
Attention Getter: For this assignment, begin with a statistic or quotation and include a proper
verbal source citation. For statistics, tell the audience where the statistic was published,
remember to briefly explain new or unknown sources, and include the date the research was
published. If the publication date is not provided, you still need to verbally cite a date.
Alternatively, you will cite either the “update date” which is when a website last updated or you
will cite you “date of access” which is when you were physically on the website. If you are
using a quotation and the author is unknown, briefly tell us who the author is. For example,
bestselling author, doctor, lawyer, researcher, poet…ect. If no author is provide or you are using
a common phrase, use a brief introduction such as; “It is often said,” “You may have heard the
Introduction of Topic: After your attention getter, smoothly transition to your topic and
immediately connect your attention getter to your topic. Meaning, if you use a statistic, for
example, don’t cite it then say, “Well what happened was.” Instead, cite your statistic and link it
to your topic. For example, “The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported on March
Minutes of Speaking Time: 1:30 minutes
(Last Name & Page Number for Each Page) Smith 2
17, 2017 that roughly 130 million people visit the emergency room each year. In 2011, I was
one of those people.
Share Experience: Type out your experience here. When speaking, this part of the speech will
consume the majority of your time. You are not expected to present every word that you type
here. Instead, you will summarize what you wrote in this section. When presenting, be
conversational with the audience. The same way you would tell this story to a friend, is the same
way you want to present it. Speaking is more casual than formal writing.
Lesson Learned: What did you learn from this experience. Your lesson learned can be basic.
Return to the Attention Getter: An audience knows a speaker has concluded by what they say
and how they say it. For the last sentence of your speech, change your delivery. A good strategy
is to slow down your rate on the last sentence then pause before the last word. In addition, use
language to provide a sense of finality. To accomplish this, refer back to your introduction or
use a similar attention getter strategy that was used in your introduction. Meaning, refer back to
a specific part of your attention getter; or if you began with a quotation use another quotation as
your ending.
(As a reminder, don’t forget to include the minutes of speaking time on each page of your
outline. The minutes of speaking time refers to how much time it will take you to cover the
material on this page during your speech. Generally, each page of an outline transfers to two
minutes of speaking. Given that most of the first page of this outline is the outline heading, the
first page would transfer to around 1:30 of speaking time. The entire second page is outline
content, as such, the minutes of speaking time would be 2:00 minutes).
Minutes of Speaking Time: 1:30 minutes
Guardado 1
Monica Guardado
Professor Benjamin Bates
Communication Studies 101
25 February 2014
Topic: My Fairytale
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the day my husband proposed
Attention Getter: “Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a
fairytale.” Author Katherine Kikivarakis-Laster wrote these words in her 2010 book, “He Chose
Me.” And for most of my life I didn’t believe these words to be true. ….
Introduction of Topic: Instead, I believed that my love life had become predictable that was
until I was proven wrong.
Share Experience: After 7 years of being together, my husband and I had become very
comfortable in our relationship. We had moved out, we had an 18 month old baby, and we were
expecting our second son. The thought of getting married had become unnecessary at this point.
Now, I am a huge cheesy romantic but he isn’t. He believes that if things are not broken, then
why fix them? It wasn’t until one day, that out of the blue, he decided to take me to the movies.
As we waited for the movie to begin, we came across a cartoonist. He suggested that we got a
portrait and so we did. After a few minutes, people started to gather around our artist. I noticed
that as the crowd grew, so did their smiles. I am completely anxious at this point because I am
imagining the worst. “This artist is making a complete fool out of me,” I thought. I couldn’t stop
smiling and I noticed my husband couldn’t either. Being the very confident man that he is, I
couldn’t help but notice that at that moment his smile reflected nervousness. When the artist
flipped the picture to show us what she had drawn, I became very confused. I noticed she had
drawn my husband holding what appeared to be a ring. I turned to look at him to find him on one
knee proposing. Of course I said yes!
Lesson Learned: That night I learned that the romance will be there when it is needed and that
I shouldn’t underestimate my husband.
Return to Attention Getter: Because in the middle of what I thought to be my ordinary life,
my love, gave me, my fairytale.
Minutes of Speaking Time: 1:30 minutes
Peterson 1
Isaac Peterson
Professor Benjamin Bates
Communication Studies
25 February 2014
Topic: My Dog Tootsie
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience I found my dog unresponsive
Attention Getter: Consider the drowning deaths of 4,000 children every year in swimming
pools across the US. Multiply by one hundred and you have a reasonable guess at the number of
dogs that drown each year in our backyard watering holes. copyright 19992013.
Introduction of Topic: It was by this means I lost my family dog.
Share Experience: It was a silent dark night. The crickets were out making a symphony of
clicking noises. I came home that night from my friend’s house to pick up my happy go lucky
dog. I swung open the front door calling out my dogs name in an anxious tone. Something
wasn’t right. I didn’t hear the normal tingle sound of her grape purple collar and my nerves
started to tighten up like a Black Mamba wrapped around my body. The blood was pumping
through my body and I got confused on where my dog could be. I decided to check my backyard
and tried to convince myself she was alright.
Minutes of Speaking Time: 1:30 minutes
Peterson 2
I walked into my backyard, now I was shouting my dogs name “Tootsie! Tootsie!” and
cold sweat crept from my neck down my back. I knew my dog was partly deaf but not this bad.
So I pulled up my flashlight app from my IPhone and went looking for her, I went to the side
yard to see if the gate was closed and if she was taking a nap. It turned out the gate was closed
and she wasn’t there either. I started to panic shouting desperately out to my dog and still no
noise. I proceeded to the other side of my yard past my pool and a dreaded thought crossed my
mind because my dog is blind and she was probably thirsty. There was a softball in my throat as
I quickly checked the Jacuzzi then the shallow end of the pool. Then my stomach turned to lead
and my heart dropped with it as I discovered floating black object in the deep end.
I ran to her hopelessly thinking it would make a difference but, it didn’t. I reached out to
her stiff, chilly, lifeless body and pulled her out of the ice cold water. I closed my eyes with her
in my lap and never ending tears rushed down my face because I knew this was the last time I
would ever hold my dog, Tootsie.
Lesson Learned: If you have anyone you love I ask that you cherish every moment with them
because you might not know when you may never see them again.
Return to the Attention Getter: On that night my dog became a statistic of the many dogs that
die each year to drowning.
Minutes of Speaking Time: 1:30 minutes

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