Critical Thinking – My Worldview Short Answer Assignment Answer the Questions briefly (Short Answer). Step #3: Start exploring your worldview 1. Review the

Critical Thinking – My Worldview Short Answer Assignment Answer the Questions briefly (Short Answer). Step #3: Start exploring your worldview
1. Review the “Articulating Your Worldview” chart.
2. Fill in the chart below:
My Worldview

Describe your home life. How has your family shaped your values and beliefs?

How have your friends contributed to how you view ideas and issues?

What is your political ideology? Who/what has most influenced you form your
political views?

Review the “Articulating Your Worldview” chart. What do you believe? How
has this belief shaped your worldview?

Think about how you were educated and the ways in which it influenced you in
your abilities to think critically.
Geographic Location
• What role do you think America should play in the world?
2 Co. 10:5; Col. 2:8;
worldviews are vain and
deceitful. Christian view
is reasonable
God exits, is intelligent,
powerful, loving, just.
Died for sins.
Qur’an and
Also, a
religion and is
assumed to be
Allah, one
God, creator,
master of
Humans decide standards
and values
Only matter exists. Know
only through scientific
process and senses.
No God. Scientific
process made God
obsolete. Only matter.
Man is matter.
Whatever advances communism
is good and whatever stands in
the way is evil. Thus, kill the
Materialism. THESIS is the way
it is. ANTITHESIS is the opposite
of the way it is. SYNTESIS is the
way it becomes as a result of the
Marx was atheist. Combat
Religion. Atheism needs to
overthrows existing social
God is absolute &
unchanging. He hates
evil and loves good. God
revealed his character.
created by
Allah, but
Genesis is
Man is not
fallen. Adam
forgiven and
left no trace of
sin in man
World government is next
in evolution’s process.
This is the road to Utopia.
Goal: World Peace
All things are divine. God
is within us and things.
We discover this.
Objective reality is
rejected. Reality is
constructed by what a
human thinks or believes.
No universal truth or
Local community
determines moral truth.
No “grand narrative” so
each community of people
identify ethics.
Not atheists like sec. hum.
Like Nietzsche: “God is
dead” or unbelievable
Rejects order and design
of history so patterned
evolution is replaced with
chance and random leaps
God is in everything.
Everything is spiritual
When this is realized the
physical will not exist.
Enlightened mind controls
Follow inner universal
god-consciousness to
determine your right or
wrong. Only evil is to say
there is moral absolutes.
Man evolving from
disharmony to harmony.
Evolution guides man
from material world to
spiritual beings, godhood
Society, environment stifle
the god within us. Man
must realize he is perfect,
his impulses and intuitive
urges are good.
Evil in man is due to
traditional society
(especially in the West).
Rebel against traditional
values: fathers, families,
state, free enterprise,
Sovereignty is taken from state
and given to the working class.
Law originate with property
owners. Get rid of property and
there will be no need for law.
Government exists
because some are
unaware of god in them.
One world government
will lead to spiritual unity
Each person decides
what is right Need for law
will fade away as we grow
into god-consciousness.
Goal is to alleviate all
human suffering through
government’s economic
Empower women,
minorities, homosexual.
Get rid of white males and
Western culture
We are many selves
created from language,
geography, family,
education so we are a
social construction.
Even playing field by
focusing on the cultural
fringe: poor, oppressed,
homosexual. Demonize
privileged like white
males, businesses.
Western understanding &
justice is the root of
problem. Get rid of white
male view. Less
objectivity, focus on
subjectivity, minorities
Working class rises up to seize
production & politics to form a
world rule by working class until
the state is no longer needed
Traditional economic
models stress material, so
hinders enlightenment.
Spiritual harmony will
cause material needs to
flow towards you.
Facts are inaccessible
since writers of history
record their views. We rewrite it w/ our own ‘truth*
Economics determine all
institutions. Society based on
production. Improved slavery to
feudalism to capitalism to
socialism to abolish private
property for a communistic world
order. All needs met.
History is THESIS+
work. History is a result of
biological & economic evolution
Moving toward godconsciousness into unified
enlightenment. Christians,
etc. hinder this process
Everyone is both the laborer and
the owner of production. No
need for government, church or
family since empowered men are
responsible to act right
Depend on evolution and
spontaneous generation.
Clashes and leaps=change
Everything a man does is:
1-from physical makeup
2-influence of environment
Man is limited to this, but Marx
expects man to revolt?
Only the creationist
perspective can account
for design, laws, order.
Science tells us about
God’s universe.
Emphasize spiritual.
Understand fallen, sinful
nature. Recognize need
for salvation. Face guilt
and repent
religion, state
are not
Global Islamic
theocracy set
up under rule
of Allah’s laws
Man capable of planning
perfect economy. Strict
central control of world
economy. Interventionist.
Natural selection.
Mutations provide
variations. Evolution slow.
If evolution is false there
is no Secular Humanism
Monism (only body). Man
is good. Achieve mental
health by meeting
physical and material
needs. Behaviorism.
Civilization, culture are
evil and make man evil.
Family is the worst.
Government education is
most desirable method for
abolishing old institutions
State has sovereign
power to determine law
since they are highest
power. Crime is fault of
social order not criminal.
Truth” is merely legal.
Based on
unity, care of
poor, free will,
No supernatural influence
or purpose. Without
design history moves from
simple to complex
Law based not
in God’s
character but
on God’s
determined law
System must check
mans injustice and make
man responsible to
produce. Free Enterprise
Allah oversees
& leads history
to ultimately
express his will
Natural and revealed.
Based on God’s
character. Government
controls sinful man. Ail
have unalienable rights,
made in God’s image
God ordained the state,
but it is limited, never
totalitarian. Never
removes freedom,
religion or family.
The individual & the
social order are
important to God:
Marriage, family, state
Movement through
history from creation,
fall, redemption,

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