Digital Publishing and Back up Data DQ l Sprint ☺ 4% 11:36 AM Informative Speech Assignment Guidelines: 80 Points 1. The goal of

Digital Publishing and Back up Data DQ l Sprint
☺ 4%
11:36 AM
Informative Speech Assignment Guidelines: 80 Points
1. The goal of the informative speech is to increase audience awareness and understanding of a specific global
issue. You will be discussing how people view, experience, and handle the issue.
2. First, you must choose a topic from the list provided and send it to Mrs. Wallace (via email or in class) for
approval by the deadline date provided. If emailing, please send three choices in case your first choice has
already been approved for another student. You will use this topic for both your informative and persuasive
speeches, so choose a topic that interests you. STUDENTS CANNOT PRESENT THE SAME TOPIC!!!
3. The format will include an introduction, body, conclusion, and list of references. A minimum of one (1) visual
aid is required and will be evaluated on its design and integration into the speech. Remember, one of your
visual aids must be PowerPoint. The format must be labelled and look exactly like the example provided
including all headings.
4. In addition, at least one source must be cited during each of your main points – no less than 3 sources – in
support of your points. This means that they must be verbalized (ex. according to…, as stated in…, said by…..,
and not just referenced at the end. Integrate your sources!!! Remember, this speech requires you to tell the
audience what you learned through research, not your personal opinion or things you heard from non-
experts. You must have at least 3 different references listed at the end of your preparation outline using the
5. Your informative speech will be 5 – 7 minutes in length, delivered extemporaneously (with notes), and you
will hand in a typed-full sentence preparation outline and a delivery outline/speaking notes. YOU MUST
6. You must dress professionally in business casual clothing (no jeans, flip flops, or hats). If you do
not have business casual clothing, talk to me BEFORE the day your speech is scheduled. This speech
is worth 80 points toward your final grade, and the outline is worth 20 points.
7. If you are taking this class online, the speech must be video recorded and uploaded to Media Share. The video
must show and audience of at least 4 adults at the beginning and end of the speech. During the speech, the
audio must be loud enough to hear and the video must show you from the waist up with a clear view of your
face. You will lose points or receive a zero if these guidelines are not met. Once you upload your speech, log-
out and back in to make sure your speech uploaded correctly in its entirety. If only the first minute uploaded,
that is all you will receive credit for on your grade.
8. Lastly, all speeches are mandatory and required to pass the class. You will only be able to make up
missed speech if you have documentation that the situation was urgent and you could not attend class (ex.
Doctor’s note, car repair receipt…). If you submit your speech late then you will lose one point per day on
the grade unless you contacted me before the deadline.
5 – 7 timed minutes – 80 points
General purpose: to inform
Speech method: extemporaneous (using brief speaking notes or delivery outline). You SHOULD NOT
use the preparation outline) DO NOT READ YOUR OUTLINE!!!!
Required: Full-Sentence Typed Preparation outline with reference list in APA format, speaking notes
or delivery outline, 3 different sources, at least 1 visual aid (one must PowerPoint)
You will
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☺ 4%
11:37 AM
If this item does not open automatically you can open
Sample Speaking Notes here
Student Name 1
Attention Getter: How many of you in here take a 10 to 20 minute shower every
Relevance to Audience: According to Ethiopian Water Facts an American in 5 mins
use more than slum whole day
Credibility Material: Through research, water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia is
one of the lowest in the world. Interested me diminutive water in Lee and
Dougherty County.
Preview: Today I am going to inform you about:
A. Ethiopia’s lack of water supply
B. Water sanitation
C. About some of the illnesses and diseases that are developed from their
water issues.
(Transition: First I am going to tell you about Ethiopia’s poor water supply.)
1. (MP 1) According to the International Development Partnerships, the
average Ethiopian survives on just 15 liters for all of their daily needs,
compared to an American who uses 80 to 100 gallons of water per day.
A. (SP 1)Ethiopia has 12 river basins, annual runoff volume 122 billion gallons
of water.
1. large variations in rainfall and lack of storage, water is usually not
2. Ethiopia always in a drought.
3. not enough water to bathe with regularly.
l Sprint
11:37 AM
☺ 4%
SAMPLE Informative Preparation Outline
Your outline should be formatted exactly like this!
Speech Topic: The Benefits of Practicing Yoga
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about three major benefits of yoga
Central Idea/Thesis: Yoga classes are very popular today at health and wellness centers. More
and more people are practicing this ancient form of exercise and are reaping the benefits of yoga,
particularly the major benefits of improved physical and mental health, and the convenience that
comes with the practice of yoga.
Attention Getter: The downward facing dog; The sun salutation; The reverse warrior. These
strange phrases are actually the names of popular yoga poses or postures, and all can help you
achieve better health.
Credibility Statement: I first started practicing yoga fifteen years ago. At first, yoga class was
just a way to meet people and lose weight. I enjoyed the mental and physical benefits so much,
that I eventually became certified as a yoga instructor. My classes meet four times a week, and I
am certified to teach both Power Chi and Hatha Yoga.
Relevancy Statement: Almost everyone can benefit from better balance, increased flexibility,
reduced stress and a stronger core. Yoga has been found to achieve all those results and more.
Individuals of all ages, genders, backgrounds and fitness levels can practice yoga and reap the
Preview of Speech: Today I will offer you three reasons to consider the practice of yoga.
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