ECON181 Eulogy Practice My Traits & Accomplishment I upload a ppt, after you read the ppt you can start the essay, the topic you can choose by your self. T

ECON181 Eulogy Practice My Traits & Accomplishment I upload a ppt, after you read the ppt you can start the essay, the topic you can choose by your self. This is the requirment–Note that a eulogy is not an obituary! •In line with the class exercise – Write your own eulogy. –Be brave, be bold ! –Describe how you see this course helping you (or hope this course will help you) to achieve these accomplishments •Format –2-3 pages at 12 pt. font, 1.5 spacing (750-1000 words) –Bring to class Thursday (1/24) –Think of this as just a short, fun, project, which will allow me to get a sense of your writing ability and what you hope to get out of this course •If you have any concerns about your writing skills, please come see me – we can make you an awesome writer by the end of the semester. •See “Writing a good expository essay” posted on MyCourses Women in Entrepreneurship
Topic 1: Introduction to
Prof. Kenneth McLeod
January 22, 2019
• Announcements
• Course goals (in the context of college goals)
• Economic foundations
– What is entrepreneurship?
– Why entrepreneurship?
– Why women in entrepreneurship?
• Break-out activity
• Individual pitches
– Background and interests
• Homework
• One of the most important things you can do as a
college student is to meet with each of your faculty,
so they know you as more than a name in their
– Provide recommendations in future
– Provide college guidance
– Provide career mentorship
• My office hours are Noon-2 p.m. on Mon & Tues
– My office is in the Engineering Building – Room EB- K14
• Please try to stop by at least once during the semester
• If office hours conflict – email me to set up a time.
What is College?
• Three, generally accepted, aspects of a college
– Obtaining credentials to increase employability
• Some argue this is 80% of the benefit of college
– Particularly if you only focus on lifetime income
– Enhancement of your work/job skills
• 10%-30% of the benefit of college
– Learning how to flourish in life
• Historically, the primary focus of college
• 10%-50% of the benefits of college
– Depending on how you approach college
Educational Credentials
Average Annual Income ($1000)
US Census Bureau 2012
High School
< 12 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Education Income jumps after receiving HS, BA/BS, and MA/MS degrees Income does not increase significantly with increasing education Employer rewarded attributes college can provide Learning to Flourish • What do we mean by flourishing? – Engagement: You are fully engaged in your life, look forward to each day. – Meaning: You feel your efforts are making a positive contribution to society. – Agency: You feel you can influence, or have some reasonable level of control, over your life/environment. Most Employees are not Engaged Over 65% of U.S. employees are either disengaged at work (50%) or actively disengaged (15%) at work Why are >65% disengaged?
• 1930 – the economist John Maynard Keynes writes
the essay “Economic Possibilities For Our
– Keynes predicted that by the time his grandchildren were
grown up (1970s), increases in productivity would mean
people would need to work just 15 hours a week to
obtain everything they need.
• Alternatively, only a third of the population would need to work
– Keynes was correct about productivity
• Agricultural employment – From 25% to
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