EN361 Grantham Wk 6 Rockville Inpatient Hospital Analytical Report Paper Representing Data Visually This week, you are tasked to build visual representati

EN361 Grantham Wk 6 Rockville Inpatient Hospital Analytical Report Paper Representing Data Visually

This week, you are tasked to build visual representations of the data you have collected throughout your research. Visual representations of data allow us to share information more efficiently and, often, more effectively.

Using the data you gathered/created in your Analytical Report in week five, create three to four graphic representations of that data. This can be done using charts, graphs, tables, and so on. Feel free to be creative.

Grading Criteria Assignments

Maximum Points

Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria


Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts


Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts


Uses proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling and APA structure.




I will attache week 5 assignment to assist Introduction
A feasibility study targets an evaluation or assessment of practicability (Lorenzoni &
Bovenzi, 2017). That is it helps to determine how well an existing business venture fairs or a
proposal would fair. It is also used to gauge the suitability of remedial activities towards a
problematic area. It is used in decision making especially when deciding whether to take up a
proposal or not. It, therefore, looks into two main regions cost and value. That is the cost of
execution and implementation versus the net worth of performance of the plan. A feasibility
report, therefore, refers to the statistics and data collected from a feasibility study leading to an
overall decision. Certain elements need to be covered by a feasibility study report. The Rockville
Inpatient Hospital in South Birmingham is looking to implement a Sales Project Proposal Plan.
In that light, a feasibility study was carried out to determine the practicability of the proposal or
whether it would serve the directed purpose. This paper is a feasibility report on a study done on
the Sales Project proposal as presented. It will be a reflective analysis using the elements of a
feasibility study.
Project Scope
This element calls merely for a brief overview of what the project proposal is envisioned
to achieve. The scope of this sales project proposal revolves around efficiency and effectiveness
in service delivery. The goal set out by the Hospital is to not only to provide products and
services to South Birmingham communes but to ensure that the service and products are quality.
This objective is achieved through addressing the sales department as they are the providers.
This goal proposed is centered on the target audiences of drug addicts and the poor in society.
The services include ophthalmological services, radio and chemotherapies, and treatment of
severe and chronic illness. The said services are coupled with others directed at psychological
and psychiatric health. The scope of the project refers to the provision of such services in the
most efficiently and effectively way.
Current Analysis
The current situation at the hospital only reflects simple efforts in existence toward this
goal. There is a sales department training program in place. Training has been made a
prerequisite to ensure that the people dealing in the sales department are well versed with their
duties and responsibilities. The training program not only provides expertise but also instills
ethics towards efficient and effective service delivery.
This element covers the technical and organizational prerequisites that the proposal’s
execution would demand. The technical specifications would require an increase in finances
towards an efficient supply of the necessary products. One of the other professional elements is
already covered through the training program. There would also be the need for an
organizational change to connect the necessary target departments to the sales department.
The approach to be taken would involve some strategies. One would be the involvement
of the HR department which ensures qualified, and well-trained staff is providing the necessary
services. Then there is the involvement of customers which involves the use of methods such as
questionnaires to garner customer views and suggestions. Then there is also a need to establish
good healthcare IT system for faster and better service delivery (Gao & Luo, 2015).
Evaluation is the cost-benefit analysis part of the report. The backbone of the healthcare
system is customer satisfaction which translates to increased revenue and public image coupled
with support from other organizations (Chalikias & Tsotsolas, 2016). Customer satisfaction is the
benefit that the proposal would provide. The costs to be incurred in numerical monetary terms
include training expenses of $1000 per person and a minimum startup technological cost of
The review brings all the elements that have been factored in and accounts them to come
up with a final decision. The provision of adequate and efficient services is a much-needed
transition. The approach has been well laid out. The benefits to both the society and the hospital
seem to outweigh the costs. Its implementation deems to be a necessary venture to explore.
A feasibility study is a useful decision-making tool. Much like the SWOT analysis, it aids
in determining the cost and value that comes with a particular venture in contemplation. It is,
therefore imperative to look into the feasibility of a project before venturing into it to avoid any
detrimental effects.
Chalikias, M., Drosos, D., Skordoulis, M., & Tsotsolas, N. (2016). Determinants of customer
satisfaction in healthcare industry: the case of the Hellenic Red Cross. International
Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing, 7(4), 311-321.
Gao, Y., Li, H., & Luo, Y. (2015). An empirical study of wearable technology acceptance in
healthcare. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 115(9), 1704-1723.
Lorenzoni, R., Lisi, C., Lorenzoni, G., Tessandori, L., & Bovenzi, F. (2017). Endovascular
treatment of iliac and common femoral arteries disease by the transracial access: A
prospective, feasibility study. Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine.

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