EN361 Grantham Wk 7 Teamwork and Research Methods Reflection Paper Reflection JournalThis will be the last journal entry you will make in this course. Look

EN361 Grantham Wk 7 Teamwork and Research Methods Reflection Paper Reflection JournalThis will be the last journal entry you will make in this course. Look back over your previous entries. What questions do you still have? What questions did you manage to answer throughout your experiences in this course? What steps have you identified to help you continue to improve your writing and research even after this course is over?Your response should be narrative in style, be honest, and it should be from 150 – 250 words in length.I will attach last 4 journals to assist if needed Reflection Journal
It is indispensable to regulate the audience you are composing proposal towards. For
example, the writings capitalized to a graduate are divergent as likened to primary and secondary
individuals. In general, the nature of language capitalized in writing proposals should be related
with the target audience or group of individuals. Consequently, it paramount to understand our
readers because it will determine how well they will perceive the message. Furthermore, through
understanding of the readers, there is the prospect that the message will be transferred in an
effective manner.
Moreover, the quintessence of understanding the readers have the likelihood of applying
to my personal, professional as well as academic writing. This will be capitalized in that there
will be the integration of vital information while writing and be in a position of underlying the
probable intentions of writing. Therefore, as writer, it is essential to ensure that there is selection
of words depending on the type of readers being addressed. This will ensure that the message is
relied in an operative manner.
W4 Reflection Journal
Reflecting back on the first four weeks of the course, I have found interesting is that, for one to
write a comprehensive and detailed paper, adequate research is inevitable. The most interesting
thing that I have learned from the research I have taken is that the environment and social
interactions provides a lot of information for a research topic (Johnson-Sheehan, 2005). I,
therefore, plan to use more archived resources to enhance my writing. I believe that detailed
content proves that one knows what he/she is writing about.
What I found particularly useful is that when preparing to conduct a research, teamwork is
essential. Collaborating with others in group discussions enhances reasoning and problemsolving skills. This, has also, enhanced my will to work with others because that is one challenge
that I have always encountered since every individual has different perspectives which contribute
to conflict. I, therefore, look forward to using more collaborative efforts in my other writing
tasks that will require combined efforts. I believe that this will in future help me in conducting
teamwork activities in my profession.
Johnson-Sheehan, R. (2005). Technical communication today. Pearson/Longman.
Reflection Journal
Research remains critical both in academic work as well as professional work. In regards to the
discussion on this week assignment, there is indispensable understanding of research through
comprehending how feasibility study is practicability as well as targeting on assessment.
Therefore, through a feasibility study, it helps the researcher in deciding whether to take a
proposal or not regarding on its cost and value (Clifton & Fyffe, 2007). Moreover, through the
discussion of the week assignment, I am in a position of understanding the nature of the research
through ascertaining the scope of research, current analysis, the requirement of the research,
approach to be undertaken, evaluation on basis of cost-benefit as well as its review.
Hence, through a feasibility study of the research, augmented areas of study are understood.
Furthermore, through this discussion, there is the understanding of the prominence of conducting
a feasibility study in focusing on the project as well as outlining alternatives. Everything seems
clear since, through feasibility study, it helps in decision-making and circumventing any
unfavorable effects of the project.
Clifton, D. S., & Fyffe, D. E. (2007). Project feasibility analysis: a guide to profitable new
ventures. John Wiley & Sons.
After participating in the discussion and actually working on an assignment
that has integrated visual presentation, I have come to understand the importance of
visual presentation. The Rockville Inpatient Hospital in South Birmingham has been
able to realize that the satisfaction rate of their patients through the incorporation of
data and tables. According to Van Emden & Becker (2016), figures provide accurate
and useful information that can be used as a reference for future changes and
directions that the firm might decide to make. Analysis data also helps to understand
the trend of the firm. As a reader, it is easier to understand the direction through
which a firm like the Rockville Inpatient Hospital is headed. The information can help
a reader make decisive decisions regarding the steps and strategies that they can take
towards the hospital. As a writer, the visual presentations included act as a reference
point by which the firm can look upon to make concrete changes wherever necessary.
A great example is the table provided that shows the levels of satisfaction regarding
providing estimates on time by the Rockville Inpatient Hospital are low. By
understanding so, the hospital can be able to do something about their problem.
Van Emden, J., & Becker, L. (2016). Presentation skills for students. Palgrave.

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