ENG112 How Music Can Help College Students Required the example at least 2 songs this paper and use the lyrics to put inside the people to connect with exa

ENG112 How Music Can Help College Students Required the example at least 2 songs this paper and use the lyrics to put inside the people to connect with example Lived Literacies: Popular Music in Higher Education
We began this semester discussing how our popular music literacies affect how we know what we know, what
we know, and how memory creates images and ideas about life in America.
In paper #1, each of you will have the opportunity to explore and communicate some of the ways that your
music literacies can help you make the transition to writing in higher education. In paper #1, each of you are
invited to explore some aspect of your own popular music literacy history to identify the ways it can be
revised and transferred into your life as a writer and/or reader and/or researcher in higher education. Here
are some of examples of types of literacy you might explore:

reading music: e.g., understanding things about rhythm, tone, interpretation and performance that
can assist you as a writer

how listening to music everyday and memorizing songs can enhance your academic writing

how thinking/singing/talking/reading in verse allows for expression of things that don’t get
expressed in prose and other forms of texts

exploring how verse forms help you make new connections between in-school and out-of-school

analyzing how the moves and emotions of other popular songwriters and/or performers help us
understand and deal with audience/readers

explain how knowing more than one genre of popular music helps you deal with the various genres
of writing you encounter in undergraduate education in America
As our discussions about popular songs’ lyrics and music illustrate, there are a number of different ways to
focus your paper: working from a significant song(s) or album and its impact on your writing; tracing certain
verse forms and their influences on in-school and/or out-of-school reading and/or writing, exploring popular
people in music and their lyrics as a way to understand what it means to build historical context from
individual events/lives, etc. You can choose any one or any combination of these focusing methods, use one
you discovered outside of our readings, or create your own. As you make these decisions, remember that your
music literacy history should do more than tell a story or strive for self-expression. Your purpose is to help
others with that type of literacy to engage it successfully as they start their college/university educations. This
means that you must explore the connections between that type of literacy meeting literacy expectations in
higher education. Understanding the significance of what you learn is a common expectation for students in
higher education; this assignment will help trace your learning in effective ways.
Like each assignment this semester, your paper must include a visual; for this paper your visual will be a cover
page that prepares your audience to enter into your text as an engaged reader. You will also want to think
about the visual and audio representations of songs that you want included in this paper. Remember, this
particular assignment calls for an essay in a fairly traditional academic style. You will have opportunities later
in the semester to create other kinds of texts. We will spend a significant amount of time discussing
invention, arrangement, revision, style, and delivery (RAIDS) activities for this assignment. Due dates and
other requirements such as length and form expectations will be discussed in class.

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