ENGL 101 The pleasures of eating Essay I have wrote an essay but it so longe essay “it has more paragraphs than i want”i need to fix the essay with (quotat

ENGL 101 The pleasures of eating Essay I have wrote an essay but it so longe essay “it has more paragraphs than i want”i need to fix the essay with (quotation , citation, Work-cited, 5 paragraph essay and 3 body paragraph)it is 5 paragraph essay Surname 1
The pleasures of eating
Eating responsibly would be a solution to the declining rural life and American farming.
According to the article, eating is an agricultural act, which ends the annual drama which begins
with planting. Most of the food eaters are however not aware of their contribution to this process.
The eaters simply consider themselves as simply consumers, and therefore they make purchases
without much persuasion or much questioning. The city people have a great role to play in
ensuring that American farming does not continue to decline. Most of them only know that food
comes from the farms but they do not know what it takes to grow the food and bring it to the
grocery shelf.
Food industrialists have made it their aim to persuade the consumers that their food is
better than the food direct from the farm. They have always found a way to process and deliver
food to the consumers’ table at a cost that the consumers care less about. An industrial consumer
is a passive eater who knows nothing about eating is an agricultural act. These consumers are not
aware of the food history, its connection to the land how it gets to them. All they do is to pick
foodstuff from the store without knowledge of its safety, quality, freshness and its ingredients.
Just like all politics, food involves some kind of freedom. To achieve this freedom, we need to
have ensured that our food is not controlled by any other person hence to live a free life, we need
to eat responsibly.
Surname 2
Eating is no longer interesting because people are always busy rushing through their
activities. they rush to eat, they rush to work and rush through their recreation. Food
advertisements by industrialists make food look very exaggerated. If one was to depend on these
advertisements for information, it would be hardly possible to understand that food is labored for
and that it is gotten from the soil. Advertisements make food industrial rather than agricultural
hence making it a commercial transaction between the producer and the eater. The food industry
hides a lot from the consumer because if the consumer knew the conditions that the food he is
consuming were in, then he could not but the processed food. The food industry, just like all
other industries does not prioritize the quality of food and its health quality, instead, they
prioritize the money and the quantity of the produce. Since the food economy is obsessed with
volume, they take extreme measures to ensure a steady flow even if it means compromising
health and quality standards.
All is however not lost since there are things that can be done to be more involved in the
agricultural process. Some of these ways include; preparing your own food, producing food as
much as you can, knowing the origin of the food and promoting local farms, knowing the
constituents of the food you are consuming, learning what is involved in farming and learning
the history of food. The pleasure of eating is extensive and it comes with knowing that the food
you ate came from fresh soil, and from animals that lived freely, those that fed on natural pasture
and frank from the clean waters in the streams. It also comes in knowing that the fruits and
vegetables you eat come from plants growing in the open but not those grown with chemicals
and in crowed activities.
The author has extensively used rhetorical strategies to persuade the readers and ensure
that the information is understood. Some of these appeals include logos, pathos, and ethos. It is
Surname 3
clear that the author creates an ethos in his article, by first introducing himself as a lecturer and a
one who is passionate about agriculture and ensuring that people play a role in preventing its
decline in America. He also speaks of his contribution in ensuring that he plays a role in ensuring
that he is part of the agricultural process. He shows credibility and trust to the readers by using
the right language, tone, and vocabulary and by using examples that the readers can associate
Pathos is clearly evident in the article since the author has extensively used an emotional
appeal to persuade the readers. To begin with, the author puts the readers in a position that makes
them personally involved in the article. He calls them the consumers and this make the article
personal and attached to the readers. The author used imagery, to create a mental picture to the
readers on how they have often ignored the things that matter due to their eating habits. He also
creates a picture of how animals and plants suffer for the consumers to enjoy and how the food
industrialists have taken advantage of their ignorance. He uses an emotional tone; his vocabulary
is emotional and his description of things and events is also emotional.
The author also uses logos, making the article logical and reasonable. He uses theoretical
and abstract language and his choice of words is reasonable. He also cites articles from other
authors and clearly gives the sources of all his information. The author also uses credible sources
which he has listed in the list or references. In the article, he has inserted a poem from one of the
authors who reason just like him, William Carlos William. Through logos, the author convinces
the audience that the article is reasonable and logical.
The article is rich in grammar and vocabulary and the author has used a wide range of
literary devices to express himself. Imagery has been used a lot as the author creates an image of
the agricultural process, how the food economy is and what it takes for food to be produced in
Surname 4
the industry, as he uses the case of the lady eating a bugger. In some cases, the author uses
hyperbole, especially to create humor. The author uses symbolism, where he uses food as politics
and the pleasure of eating as freedom. Allusion and similes are partly used in the article but the
plot is well indicated and followed hence the events and the points flow systematically. In my
opinion, the author has successfully convinced the readers about real pleasure in eating. He has
convinced them about their position on agriculture process and what they can do to in order to
have pleasure while eating while actively participating in the agriculture process.

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