FIR3303 Columbia Southern Fire Prevention SOP Office Records Essay Unit VII Essay Standard Operating Guideline Paper  Background Information: You have ju

FIR3303 Columbia Southern Fire Prevention SOP Office Records Essay Unit VII Essay

Standard Operating Guideline Paper 

Background Information: You have just been promoted to the rank of lieutenant (or bureau manager if serving in the private sector) and have been appointed to the Fire Prevention Bureau/Office as the new supervisor/leader. Your predecessor held the position for many years and had his or her own way of keeping, storing, and maintaining fire prevention records. You soon discover that records are in total disarray and very few records are properly stored, nor have the volumes of the records been properly maintained and protected from the environment in which they were stored. FIR 3303, Introduction to Fire Prevention 9 

You have a bureau crew of four other employees who have had little involvement in the handling of records and you plan to change that. 

Task: The purpose of this essay is for you to apply the concepts and information you have learned in this unit about the position of a Fire Prevention Officer/Manager. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to use your skills, expertise, and experience to enrich your response when compiling data that will be used for risk reduction within the community. You will compose a standard operating guideline (SOG) that should address the following components: 

? provide an introduction into what this SOP is designed to accomplish along with the Mission Statement for this Division. 

? proper recording of bureau/office inspections, incidents, testing, re-testing, and re-inspections; 

? proper storage of all records gathered by the bureau/office; and 

? proper maintenance of all stored records for the required amount of time as set-forth by local, state, and/or federal rules and regulations. 

You should be clear, concise, and ensure that the SOG addresses each of the three bulleted components given above. The final SOG packet must contain a minimum of one full page for each of the three components listed above; no component can have more than two full pages of text. 

Keep in mind that your SOG narratives must be straight-to-the-point. Avoid long rambling narrations as these tend to distract attention and often lead to confusion and misunderstanding of purpose and functionality. 

Remember, you are the head of this newly formed bureau and you want to impress your leadership with your knowledge, academic ability, and occupational experience. Be innovative and creative; however, be sure to utilize a variety of sources that must include your textbook. Your final paper will become your SOG to be used and referred to in your day-to-day operations. 

To better help you in the formatting and completion of this assignment, please click here to see a template which can be used to help you in composing your SOG. 

Your sources must be cited, and referenced in APA format. Failure to use appropriate resources, or resources that are available in CSU’s Online Library, can lead to deductions. 

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below. STANDARD OPERATING GUIDELINE
SOG #0001
Columbia Southern University Fire-Rescue Department
Standard Operating Guideline
Effective Date:
The date the SOG takes effect
Date Revised

Statement of Policy

This should state the objective of the SOG itself.
Objective should be stated in a manner that makes it clear when the objective has
or has not been met, based on quantifiable criteria.
This statement should clarify the policy of the department regarding this subject.
This subsection covers the responsibilities of those affected by the SOG.
This subsection should identify the “how to” of meeting the objective(s) stated.
Each level of the MS Word document outline should be more specific.

4.2.1. The outline is intended to provide the user with sufficient detail to meet the
objective of the SOG.
3/4” The various levels of detail will rarely exceed five.

3/4” After the fifth level of detail in the outline, as these
tend to be lists, etc.

Two levels of bullets can be utilized.

This is the final level in the auto-numbered
SOG #0001
List any reference material that provides additional information.
Provide examples of information referenced in the SOG text, if necessary. An
example would include a form that may be utilized with the policy.

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