Grantham University Week 1 WBS Project Background and Description Paper Provide a brief explanation of your project and provide a sample WBS for the projec

Grantham University Week 1 WBS Project Background and Description Paper Provide a brief explanation of your project and provide a sample WBS for the project you selected in week one. Running head: PROJECT PROPOSAL
Project Proposal
Clayton J Cromwell Sr.
Grantham University
Project Proposal
Project Background and Description
The project selected for this assignment is the Planet Fitness project in Deland, Florida,
United States of America. It seeks to create a suitable workout environment for people to feel
accepted and appreciated. Because of increased fitness trends across all age groups, many of the
fitness areas within the Florida region were booming (Planet Fitness, 2018). However, as these
fitness places became more deluxe and filled with modern technologies, there pricing became
significantly unreasonable for many of the individuals seeking workout facilities. For this reason,
Planet Fitness was conceived and submitted for approval. The project was substantially designed
in efforts to create a facility that would be cost-effective and cheap for all to afford while
focusing on the needs of people.
Brief Description
The facility is designed with the aim of satisfying the needs of the community, across
Florida and its environs. Its intention included offering a more friendly, supportive, and
hospitable environment for most of the first-time fitness customers. Due to the facility’s low-cost
pricing strategy, it provides its community an opportunity, especially for the non-fitness doers to
slowly be integrated into the healthy fitness lifestyle (Planet Fitness, 2018).
Project Objectives
One of the facility’s objectives includes collecting information on non-fitness doers and
gym goers in the community to improve its service delivery. It also aims at integrating its brand
into the facility. It similarly aimed at completing the construction of the facility within a period
of one year (Planet Fitness, 2018). Equally, it intends to obtain final approval while finalizing on
its land selection for the facility.
Project Scope
The fitness facility’s aim includes targeting, evaluating, as well as satisfying specific
wellness needs of the Deland areas and its environs, including visitors into this area (Planet
Fitness, 2018). In efforts to ensure the success of this project, it is broken down into distinct parts
so that it is easier for the team to track its progress. While these parts ensure that there are no
delays, it also ensures that the community which it serves can benefit.
Project Requirements
For the project to record a success story, it needs positive feedback and involvement from
the community members. It will also require enough community members to enroll in efforts to
break even. Besides, the project also requires compliance with franchisee requirements.
Project Assumptions
A few assumptions become applicable, especially upon project approval and partnering
with all the relevant parties. One of the assumptions is that the project will contribute and evolve
into assisting to enhance the quality of life for the members of its community. The second
assumption is that it will have the support as well as resources required to thrive. The third
assumption is that the project will also have the support of its sponsors and stakeholders (Planet
Fitness, 2018). The last assumption is that the project deliverables must be submitted by the due
deadlines by the team and signed off by the project sponsor (s).
Project Constraints
One of the major constraints includes following the company’s franchisee agreement.
Moreover, the second constraint is that the project must be completed within the stipulated
deadlines and budget, and that there are no additional financing available. Lastly, the project
must have the company’s brand elements, which should be strictly implemented into the facility.
Scope Definition
The project will include several fitness and health packages, including the following:

Clean and stylish hassle-free health club

Brand name cardio and strength equipment

Friendly and comfortable place for exercise

Personal training

Spacious fitness areas

Free weight areas and spin-cycle group exercises

Treadmills and rowers

Showers and locker rooms

Specialized training

Functional training machines
However, the project would not some packages, including the following:

Hard-core and look-at-me attitudes


Free weights

8 area locations
High-Level Requirements
Once approve and completed, the project intends to satisfy and meet the business needs
of the people of Deland community. However, in efforts to meet these needs, there are many
requirements that must be met as part of the successful implementation of the facility. In this
regard, the following high-level requirements will be accomplished.

Community research and analysis in efforts to ensure that the facility meets the needs of
its community.

Additional resources availability which will help in boosting and ensure the highest
quality facility.

Cardio based layouts for the facility equipment; therefore, ensuring effective use of tools
for all skill levels.

The facility’s trademark features, which will be necessary in ensuring comfort within the
facility for participants.
High-Level Timetable/Schedule
The following are the project milestones and timelines that have been created for the purpose of
the facility’s project in Deland area.
Project Starts: Initial Research
Layout as well as development
Site Selection
Plan and Site Approval
Finalize plans and Acquisition of land
Building starts for the facility
Planet Fitness product incorporation
Project conclusion: Facility Opens
Planet Fitness. (2018). Company overview. Retrieved from
Planet Fitness. (2018). Location description. Retrieved from

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